posted in OHC624 on Sep 24, 2020

youve been giving it away

you dont have too much to say

and even if you did it wouldnt count


because we've walked this road before

just like any other time

why dont you just turn that line away



flying with some other guy i said


i bet they're getting really high i said 



i bet it's better than heeeeeeeere


alalala solo


i know you've been trying

to get yourself away

i know you've been saying

why cant i staaaaayyy

stream of conscious

posted in OHC623 on Sep 17, 2020

Well the first time I saw you

You just looked right past me

Well then I thought to myself

What good could I be

If you don't see me

Well I guess ill just get on home to die



Well I wrote you a song

Hoping you would sing a long

But you didn't know the words

Somehow that was a surprise

I guess that I've learned

It's best to share your songs before you sing them


Oh oh oh


Well I went online and this is what I found

That just one verse is not enough for a song

I guess that means

I'll have to write some more lyrics


oh shush

posted in OHC614 on Jul 16, 2020

you dont need to talk no more cuz ive got things to say

you already had your chance you threw it all away


other lyrics but no time LOL BYE!!!!!!!!

bottle d

posted in OHC611 on Jun 25, 2020

In a place

You were before

In a time

I knew no more

You threw a note

Into the sea

Leaving time

For you and me


solo ad libbed ENJOY

The Firefly Waltz

posted in OHC603 on Apr 30, 2020

cute firefly boy goes to court a cute firefly girl at the cute firefly waltz only to be PUSHED OUT OF THE WAY BY A BIG FAT FIREFLY OH GOD NO but he has fun anyways

you are just a cat

posted in OHC590 on Jan 30, 2020

you are just a cat any way
and you dont know how to say a cat's okay
dont know how i never never noticed this before
maybe its because you never never scatch at the door
you are just a cat any way

the verse lyrics are stupid im not gonna put them here LOL

by the seashore

posted in 2HTS291 on Oct 27, 2019
I was going to write an entire mythology story thing inspired by the video but i only got through the first verse when i became completely sidetracked by a random chord idea i had and then the song spun out of control lol

i hope u like the lyrics "by the seashore" because thats like 99.9% of this song

it's been a long time, my dear

posted in OHC573 on Oct 03, 2019
It's been a long long time since I've seen your face round here, round here
It's been a long long time since I've seen your face my dear, my dear

Say how
You really missed me
But you dodged all my calls and I can't think of something you'd sayyy AYY AY

i'm on the wall

posted in 2HTS277 on Jul 21, 2019
i'm on the wall
im very small
you cant see me
it's far too crowded in the lourve

fun fact, no one can see the mona lisa and also it's very small, and this is a great reason to write 80s dance songs about it
you travel to the DISTNAT pAST where they play... wtf is this weird genre? i have no clue, ive never heard of it before. it must be ancient.

then you travel even FURTHER BACK! where will you end up? who knows! no literally i mean who knows because thats where the song ends. literally no one will ever know.


im sick i blame lack of coherency on that


posted in OHC505 on Jun 14, 2018
i was at the office today so no real entry from me but i ran onto the office piano and did an improv

the dark night sky

posted in OHC481 on Dec 28, 2017
the fireworks put you into a trANCE haha GET IT a tTRANCE ha HA HA HA HA HA

i really got sucked into thinking about how cold and dark and mysterious it was 

also i mixed this on the only available headphones which were beats so im like 99% sure i got the levels wrong

summer days

posted in OHC475 on Nov 16, 2017
did a synthwavey thing

also like normally i would be more careful about mixing and stuff but im sick and i just dont care

amazing surprises

posted in OHC472 on Oct 26, 2017
This relates to the theme.


this was a collab me vs lunacyecho and also featuring the rap talents of etherealwinds (who we didnt ask to be included but we did anyways ha ha ha)



posted in OHC457 on Jul 13, 2017
did u know? today's ohc is 3 consecutive numbers. this rare astrological phenomenon only happens once every 1000 years.

well this is somewhere anyway

posted in OHC434 on Feb 02, 2017
coming to you live from cambodia!

i mean srs i am traveling in cambodia right now. so it was kind of weird to see a theme that was about a foreign place lol. also i had to get up at 9am for this IT BETTER BE WORTH IT.

also also i did this with only my laptop trackpad. it was hard and dumb


posted in OHC427 on Dec 15, 2016
inspired by

how do you make sounds louder i just copied the channel a few times lol wut

please forgive me for being late i was stuck in traffic rip

forgotten ent city

posted in 2HTS138 on Nov 20, 2016
the ents and us are so different ... tehre is such a large cultural gap... but as it turns out... we both understand... HOW TO DANCE OMG

(resub to fix a stupid render error)

(also imagine what this song would be like if i had a midi keyboard with more than 2 octaves on it -_-)

let me be

posted in OHC422 on Nov 10, 2016
wow this ended up sounding a lot like iron and wine. except iron and wine never had a square wave solo, their loss

- live guitar!
- live vocals!
- live square waves!

smoke weed every night

posted in OHC420 on Oct 27, 2016
i tried to do a psychedelic song... and there were a lot of solos... like... a lot ... this whole song is a solo (?) ... thats not true

also i sung lol its hard to even hit one note right. how do you guys do it?


posted in 2HTS132 on Oct 09, 2016
i spent like 98% of the time just writing like 3 melodies. then i spent like 5 minutes adding a drum track and baseline.

fractal zoom

posted in 2HTS127 on Sep 04, 2016
i had no idea at the beginning what this had to do with microcosms but then eventually i realized the song was a pretty good microcosm of my styles... which is a funny coincidence that happened to actually work out for the theme heh!

composers note: WHAT A MESS

forest dance

posted in OHC356 on Aug 06, 2015
hidden behind one of those trees... is a perSON!!! :O

and hidden behind that person.. IS A DISCO BALL!!!!!! :O :O :O


uh i tried to stick to the theme but then this happened? mixed in a cafe, plz excuse poor mixing

time slows down

posted in OHC347 on Jun 04, 2015


inspired by this guy but then it started going in a different direction

jungle adventure

posted in OHC337 on Mar 26, 2015
this is definitely a forest. i assure you. just don't mind that guy over behind the ivy dropping some mad grooves on that electric bass...

find my own path

posted in OHC333 on Feb 26, 2015
deserts are slightly groovy.



slow poison

posted in OHC329 on Jan 29, 2015
the toxin sets in slowly... it gives you time to think...

and in your final moments...

you realize...






posted in OHC324 on Dec 25, 2014
So I was already expecting to do bad with this because I've had this awful flu all week and, if that wasn't enough, my laptop completely broke, leaving all my music software gone. But eh I decided to grab this like 8 year old laptop (with an old copy of FL...9) and do a little something.

But I was such a noob that after like 45 min I went into sound preferences and somehow broke all sound output on FL and ALL SOUND ON MY ENTIRE LAPTOP. So I threw up my hands and rendered out what I had done so far. Which was nothing. I dont even know if the rendering worked because... no sound.

Worst OHC entry ever incoming.


posted in OHC318 on Nov 13, 2014
i wrote a song. then i got insanely savage and vengeful and synonyms thereof like that and DELETED THE WHOLE THING and wrote this in the last 15 minutes of compo.

can you heal the mind?

posted in OHC310 on Sep 18, 2014
my friend gave me some vocal stems so i decided to chop them up and use them for OHC :D

title taken from what it sounds like the vocals are saying


one of these days i'll get an idea BEFORE 40 minutes after the start of compo.


posted in OHC309 on Sep 11, 2014
finally managed to open that stupid treasure chest that has been taunting me for so long, only to find.....




sound design week again! man this is so much fun. i made all those instruments during OHC

save me

posted in OHC308 on Sep 04, 2014
so i was all ready to have the first part go into this dancy groovy solo section, but then i realized that the reason i was doing that was because i thought people would like it, not because it was actually what the music wanted to do. so i deleted the whole section and let the music do what it wanted to do instead





can't escape

posted in OHC306 on Aug 21, 2014
what's that melody? we must get closer, so we can hear it better


so somehow i made a dance music??? THAT WAS NOT WHAT I WAS EXPECTING

also forgive me for late, i got started about the same lateness becos work

i must fight

posted in OHC303 on Jul 31, 2014
when all seems at its worst, you find yourself distantly recalling a melody from times long past...

and you realize...


all for you

posted in OHC297 on Jun 19, 2014
this is one of my favorite ohc pieces.

^ not a lie

i mixed this well



i've been listening to essentially nonstop chillout music so yeah.


derp 2

posted in OHC296 on Jun 12, 2014
I wrote this much.. and then my brain turned off and i couldn't write any more.


abandoning all of my styles

posted in OHC295 on Jun 05, 2014
starts out orchestral and then i just randomly threw more and more elements into the mix in an attempt to distance myself from the music i wrote in the past... i made a goal for myself that once i clicked on a sample i HAD to use it. also featuring 200bpm... for some reason.

i guess its still kinda johnfn-y... dont care :D


posted in OHC294 on May 29, 2014
reminiscing about things long ago and wishing you could change things.


trying to set goals for myself like no obnoxious buildups and more than 1 chord progression per song


posted in OHC293 on May 22, 2014
this is my 100th ohc and i wanted to do something epic... so i did.

... or maybe it's just long and boring... not sure yet

thank you <3

can't let go

posted in OHC286 on Apr 03, 2014
can't get that melody out of your head...


i spent the first 30 min or so doing 0% of this song. maybe i am losing my grip... :o

box of secrets

posted in OHC285 on Mar 27, 2014
Never trust old men who give you old mysterious boxes, and disappear along with all the evidence that they ever existed when you try to find them again.


that was FUN!

in the land of breakbeats and grooves

posted in OHC282 on Mar 06, 2014
featuring live acoustic guitar!


i released a mini album of 4 improved OHC songs from the last month + one new song. check it here

all proceeds will go to the "johnfn needs an guitar pickup" fund, which i'm sure you'll agree (after listening to this song) is a worthy cause

we are not alone

posted in OHC274 on Jan 09, 2014
i think that finding aliens would be a happy experience because we would no longer be alone.


composers note: blkajdsflkjsdflkj the hypercomplicated arrangement was a bad idea

undersea and lost

posted in OHC273 on Jan 02, 2014
i wanted to write a really intricate piece with a lot of details so then this happened. i'm really happy with it mostly because it sounds quite different than my standard stuff.

yay for FM!


posted in OHC271 on Dec 19, 2013
in the middle of your desert expedition you find an oasis. thank god too, or else this song would have been really boring.


Check out my ludum dare game!

missed connections

posted in OHC270 on Dec 12, 2013
I had an unmoveable conflict during OHC today. But I didn't want to miss OHC for the first time in about a year(!), so I snuck out and submitted this thing. It's a single take piano improv I did earlier today. I spent about 15 minutes on it - 5 minutes to play, and 10 minutes to fix a few minor issues.

I hope you like it!


I'm pretty sad I missed such an epic theme though!

first flight

posted in OHC269 on Dec 05, 2013
I choose flight.


composers note: my real choice of super power would be the ability to mix any song perfectly in an hour


posted in OHC268 on Nov 28, 2013
I tried to do something way out of my comfort zone and write dance music. Then I forgot that I have no clue how dance music sounds.

while i live i hope

posted in OHC267 on Nov 21, 2013
There is always something to hope for.


i started this song deciding to make a really unconventional song but then... it sorta just became conventional.


i started late please forgive me ;.;

past, present, future

posted in OHC266 on Nov 14, 2013
This is one of those themes that you can really go overboard with... so I did.

3 part song, first part represents past, then present, then future.

Started 10 minutes late so ended about the same lateness.

I spent almost all my time just composing new melodies lol. Wats mixing.


something beautiful

posted in OHC263 on Oct 24, 2013
for some reason i decided to synthesize ALL the synths in this song during ohc. started late, but still finished basically on time.

i feel good about this one. it has the best melody i've ever written in ohc. mixing is a little off but... eh


the silence between words

posted in OHC262 on Oct 17, 2013
I imagine that seeing a doppleganger would be a very dark, scary, mysterious experience, with lots of dissonance and stuff.

The "story" of this song follows the theme description almost to the letter. The confrontation comes at 3:00, and then after you banish him there's an outro that suggests things will never be the same.


Piano is the best instrument, why does anyone even bother writing other instruments other than piano. There is so much melodical space to explore.


I have no clue why that took me so long. It still has so many mistakes. :X

a distant memory

posted in OHC260 on Oct 03, 2013
tough theme!

the way that i interpreted it was that you were looking back on childhood through the lens of memory. so there is one theme which is pretty prominent - the first time you hear it, that's representative of the time that you spent at school. that theme is constantly being reinterpreted through the entire song, which represents how the passage of time effects how you remember your time at school.

i know this is pretty far from the theme, but... tough theme. so deal with it!


me, starting OHC at a reasonable time: "finally, i'm not starting 30 minutes late! this is ganna be great! im gonna blow everyone's mind!"

me, 30 minutes later: "i hate this idea, time to restart"

I hope you can excuse the many many many errors in this piece. Most of it is raw improvisation with only the barest of fixes :X


i have been doing a lot of piano work recently so... yah


posted in OHC259 on Sep 26, 2013
first thoughts: "hmm, isn't time is short the theme EVERY OHC"

second thoughts: "omg i had a lot of caffeine today"

this is maybe my first ever ohc where the song almost matched up to what i wanted it to be. i hope you enjoy :X

the secrets of the stars

posted in OHC257 on Sep 12, 2013
so today i've been moving around and i decided that while i was on the go i would drop into a cafe and do OHC. so it seemed pretty nice and quiet when i was scoping it out, but as soon as i sat down the owner started playing this insanely loud movie with drive by shootings every 5 minutes and giant semis kept driving by the door and people are shouting at each other and...

well, you get the idea.

basically i couldn't mix at ALL.


EDIT: someone was nice enough to extend the deadline for a long time, so i went somewhere quiet and quickly remixed it!!!!!!!

still sounds bad tho. i can't mix that fast xD

streaming live from johnfn's room

posted in OHC256 on Sep 05, 2013
the person putting on the show is me. featuring

* live singing!
processed enough so that you can't tell i don't know how to sing
* live guitar!
i don't know how to process live guitar so prepare for TONS OF ERRORS

no live piano unfortunately, i don't have my keyboard with me. :(

a moment alone

posted in OHC255 on Aug 29, 2013
My take on the theme is that you finally finished that thing you've been working towards for so long, and so you take a moment to relax.


another song ruined by TERRIBLE MIXING. when will i learn how to mix in an hour? I should have just removed those plonks, but they made the song sound so nice ;.;


Speaking of being pushed to the point of exhaustion, check out the game i made for ludum dare 27!

It has a pretty sweet soundtrack too ;-P

open fields, open trails

posted in OHC254 on Aug 22, 2013
you step outside and breathe in the fresh air. an unexplored path lies before you - where will it take you?


i'm very happy with this one.

by the way ludum dare is coming up this weekend! if you like making games, or if you've never made a game but you're interested, check it out!

free to groove

posted in OHC253 on Aug 15, 2013
the only disappointment i have with this song is that i intended to be more experimental with my OHC tracks, but this isn't particularly experimental. however i am otherwise very happy with it.


posted in OHC252 on Aug 08, 2013
much like a dream this song moves from mood to mood, idea to idea, dissociatively, and although it seems cohesive while you're listening, by the end you start wondering what just happened.


posted in OHC251 on Aug 01, 2013
something happens - perhaps you revisit an old place, perhaps you see something you haven't seen in a while, and an old memory is retriggered and you are transported back to when you were a child.

milestone inn

posted in OHC250 on Jul 25, 2013
you take a break from your epic journey at the milestone inn.


oh my god that took a long time to do. it's not perfect but i like it

the in between spaces

posted in OHC248 on Jul 11, 2013
tough theme.

my deep interpretation is: darkness is scary, and sad.

took a gamble on structure cause I can't really mix very well.

got started 20 minutes late on this one. however i was really inspired and nearly finished on time anyways, but then ableton crashed. haha.

thanks to Ramaniscence for reopening! I AM LOOKING AT YOU ARCANA.


posted in OHC247 on Jul 04, 2013
i wrote this song without a midi keyboard. there are advantages and disadvantages. i kinda like how it turned out though, although i ran out of time to mix it correctly.

another earth

posted in OHC246 on Jun 27, 2013
it is hypothesized that life on earth came from an asteroid that itself carried life.

what if there was another such asteroid? what would it sound like, as it crashed into another earth?


Mini Ludum Dare THIS WEEKEND, HOSTED BY ME!!!!!!! do it!!!!!! I even made a music theme. :D


Download the project file:

beach party

posted in OHC245 on Jun 20, 2013
Uploaded from my sisters droid in the middle of a lake with no WiFi anywhere. The thigs i do for ohc.

Gonna miss listening party obviously.


posted in OHC244 on Jun 13, 2013
i wrote this song while thinking about graduation, which is coming up in a few days. graduation is supposed to be this big deal and a lot of people i know are feeling satisfied with their 4 years at college, but i'm not - i kind of feel like something is missing.

so i wrote this song about that.


(started this song 20 minutes late due to running around for graduation requirements and stuff...)


I am running this month's mini ludum dare (!!!!!)

So you should totally participate :D And if you have any theme ideas let me know. I'm thinking of doing something audio based...duh


Download the project file:

lost lands

posted in OHC243 on Jun 06, 2013
be careful of the lost sanctuary; it is old and full of dangers, though great riches await those who endure it's trials...

had some struggles with matching the theme for some reason but eventually got some ideas.

download the project:

had to resubmit because the original had like 10 minutes of silence after it.

refusing to let go of my influences

posted in OHC242 on May 30, 2013
this is my 50th OHC

which isn't exactly a HUGE milestone compared to some people here, but for me it marks about a year of work, and a year of insane improvements

and to say thanks to all the amazing help i've gotten from the OHC i decided to write a song that referenced as many OHC artists as i possibly could. of course i couldn't possibly hope to get to everyone but i tried my best!

as usual, here's the link to my project file

light speed plus infinity

posted in OHC241 on May 23, 2013
first part: yay space travel!

second part:



"you are aware that the orion nebula is like... REALLY far away?"


"like... REALLY?"



gonna try to start a thing of posting my project files up here, if i can remember. here's this week:

on the precipice of another world

posted in OHC240 on May 16, 2013
i played around with an idea for 30 mins, then decided to trash it and start over.

in an alternate universe, perhaps you would have heard that one instead :O

concept for this one: stepping through a door into another world.

resubmitted to add limiter :X

lurking in the fog

posted in OHC239 on May 09, 2013
whats that lurking in the mists?

...can it be?

did DDRKirby(ISQ) and Trancient fuse into some epic endgame monster?

aw crap


nah, it just looks like a wannabe DDRKirby(ISQ)/Trancient monster

immortal foe

posted in OHC237 on Apr 25, 2013
man so this one was super fun but i mixed it so poorly! i'm sorry! i hope you can hear the cool song behind the terrible mix :D

also ludum dare is coming up - - check it out :D

some equatorial theme song

posted in OHC235 on Apr 11, 2013
way outside of my comfort zone. i shouldnt be doing stuff like this on OHC!

getting the melody right took SO long. and it's still WAY screwed up. i think the song should have been in 3/4 or something, that's how bad it is.


posted in OHC234 on Apr 04, 2013
tried to be a little more ambitious... kinda failed... this whole song is a mess... someone has to remind me to figure out the hardest parts of songs (melodies, solo) first!

a secret place

posted in OHC233 on Mar 28, 2013
i've been falling into patterns and doing the same things in all my songs. so i decided to do something totally not my style at all.

on patrol

posted in OHC229 on Feb 28, 2013
my first time using ableton, so everything is gonna suck for a few weeks.

my imagination for this piece was definitely a regiment of troops marching off to war.

the motif at the end of the song the sound of the fields after the war. was your pride worth it?

i need to learn to stick to the theme more. i did it this time and ended up really enjoying myself.

at the waltz

posted in OHC228 on Feb 21, 2013
... you see the one you love waltzing with that jerk you hate! and you have an epic battle! trying to kill the guy!

notes - dont think ive ever worked so intensely on an ohc entry before! it's still very sketch like, particularly at the end, but that's OHC for you :p


posted in OHC227 on Feb 14, 2013
pensive longing for the one you love followed by realization you should actually tell her what you feel instead of sitting around all day moping.

pretty pleased with this one, my only big problem is that the melody parts and the arranged parts are kind of separate

having problems rendering properly loud with fl studio/win, sounss fine when i make it (using aiso) but when i render i cant hear it (as loud) anymore >:o any ideas/tips?

lazy sunday

posted in OHC226 on Feb 07, 2013
all praise be to great starla for reopening.

earlier today i said to myself "in the past i haven't followed the theme.. this time, i'm going to follow it NO MATTER WHAT."

and then THIS happens.

whatev i followed it anyway. come at me

never surrender

posted in OHC224 on Jan 24, 2013
the person who should not give up is you

the thing you should not give up doing is listening to my song

the reason is that the 2nd half is much better than the first half

and if you're wondering why i kept the first half, it was only cuz it fit with the theme in this meta way.



posted in OHC223 on Jan 17, 2013
you start thinking about how sad the aurora borealis is.

does johnfn keep submitting the exact same song, hoping that ohc wont notice? details at 11!

answer: yes.


posted in OHC221 on Jan 03, 2013
sorry i missed last time. i actually wrote a song, just failed to upload it on time. dumb X(

this is my first OHC with a MIDI keyboard! hooray! really lets me explore a lot of melodic space... not so much time to choose instruments though :p

it's gonna take a while to get used to using it during OHC.


posted in OHC219 on Dec 20, 2012
technically speaking, christmas is at the end of the world. or at least the end of the year. wait, this doesn't make sense.

also, is this my worst ohc ever? DETAILS AT 11! (spoiler alert: yes)

The OHC Massacre

posted in OHC218 on Dec 13, 2012
in the first part kids are playing happily in the snow


in the 2nd part kids roll in and kill everyone

...but not forgotten

posted in OHC217 on Dec 06, 2012
He may be gone, but his ideas will live on.

Notes: wow, this is the first OHC i've done that i'm fairly pleased with! (cue everyone hating it during the listening party)


posted in OHC216 on Nov 29, 2012
While everyone else has decided to writ epic entries, I decided to chill out and write an easy going one.

And to continue with my unconventionalism, i decided to barf all over the mastering stage so it sounds like crap!!!!!!! intentional i say! INTENTIONAL

Walking back home

posted in OHC215 on Nov 22, 2012
walking back home. enjoying nature. the birds are a-flutter. opening your doo-





sorry this is basically a troll entry. started 40m late due to thanksgiving. it was fun anyways though for reasons you may see.

Nature, bugs, etc

posted in OHC214 on Nov 15, 2012
In the first scene, the bugs and you rejoice. Bugs are friends. You are friends with bugs. Bugs are nice. It is nice to be with bugs. Nature is nice.

In a deleted scene, you accidentally step on a bug.

In the last scene, the bugs hunt down and kill all of your family.

Don't mess with bugs.

Deeper and deeper

posted in OHC210 on Oct 18, 2012
You take a relaxing break by a nice waterfall. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice a cave behind the falling water. You look closer... it goes on for quite a while. you go deeper... and deeper... you start to find signs that not all may be right here.

RUSHED at the end, sorry. FL studio crashed on me twice in the last 10 minutes ;_;

Dream of The Shore

posted in OHC207 on Sep 27, 2012
What an appropriate entry, I was super sleepy today.

The first part is falling asleep. The second part is the dream.

First time with an 8 bar chord progression. That was really hard!

Also this is horribly mastered. But everyone knows that dreams are really reverby so whatever :D

One last thing: I've gone back to college, so I may miss some of these entries. You all remain in my heart.

The Haunted House

posted in OHC205 on Sep 13, 2012
"Welcome to the haunted house, where we chop up human..."


"vocal samples"


1. original title i know!


The Chiptune Factory

posted in OHC203 on Aug 30, 2012
"Sir! We must shut down the factory!"


"Yes! Sir, the chiptune levels issuing from the laboratory are just too high! The chiptune you're producing is too dangerous for public listening!"

notes: i came into this one about 20 minutes late, still had a lot of fun though!

Fall and Rise

posted in OHC201 on Aug 16, 2012
Initially I was going to make this 2 parts and have a fall into the pit and then the rise out. but then i only had enough time to do the rise. heheh.


posted in OHC200 on Aug 09, 2012


posted in OHC199 on Aug 02, 2012
Anticipation makes me so antsy. Why can't we all just chill out?


2. this is like my longest ohc ever.

3. yay i'm learning ... something?????

Seeing things

posted in OHC198 on Jul 26, 2012
I was thinking about how black lights let you see things that aren't usually visible... there is a vaguely creepy sense there.

I was away from the comp for about 40 min so I didn't write anything spectacular.


posted in OHC191 on Jun 07, 2012
This song is dedicated to my own death because I decided to write this song rather than studying for finals. Enjoy!
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OHC337 Mar 28, 2015
OHC336 Mar 20, 2015
OHC335 Mar 19, 2015
OHC333 Feb 26, 2015
OHC329 Jan 29, 2015
OHC328 Jan 22, 2015
OHC327 Jan 15, 2015
OHC326 Jan 08, 2015
OHC323 Dec 22, 2014
OHC321 Dec 11, 2014
OHC317 Nov 13, 2014
OHC316 Nov 06, 2014
OHC315 Oct 30, 2014
OHC313 Oct 16, 2014
OHC310 Sep 18, 2014
OHC309 Sep 18, 2014
OHC307 Sep 04, 2014
OHC306 Aug 28, 2014
OHC305 Aug 21, 2014
OHC304 Aug 14, 2014
2HTS18 Aug 10, 2014
OHC303 Jul 31, 2014
OHC302 Jul 31, 2014
OHC301 Jul 17, 2014
OHC300 Jul 12, 2014
OHC299 Jul 03, 2014
OHC298 Jul 03, 2014
OHC297 Jun 19, 2014
OHC295 Jun 07, 2014
OHC293 May 29, 2014
OHC292 May 22, 2014
OHC291 May 12, 2014
OHC290 May 01, 2014
OHC289 Apr 24, 2014
OHC288 Apr 17, 2014
OHC285 Mar 27, 2014
OHC284 Mar 20, 2014
OHC283 Mar 15, 2014
OHC282 Mar 10, 2014
OHC281 Feb 27, 2014
OHC280 Feb 23, 2014
OHC278 Feb 13, 2014
OHC277 Jan 30, 2014
OHC275 Jan 17, 2014
OHC274 Jan 09, 2014
OHC273 Jan 02, 2014
OHC272 Dec 27, 2013
OHC269 Dec 06, 2013
OHC268 Nov 28, 2013
OHC267 Nov 24, 2013
OHC266 Nov 17, 2013
OHC265 Nov 07, 2013
OHC262 Oct 24, 2013
OHC261 Oct 12, 2013
OHC260 Oct 07, 2013
OHC259 Sep 26, 2013
OHC258 Sep 19, 2013
OHC257 Sep 15, 2013
OHC256 Sep 05, 2013
OHC255 Aug 31, 2013
OHC254 Aug 22, 2013
OHC253 Aug 15, 2013
OHC252 Aug 15, 2013
OHC251 Aug 01, 2013
OHC250 Jul 25, 2013
OHC249 Jul 18, 2013
OHC248 Jul 11, 2013
OHC247 Jul 05, 2013
OHC246 Jun 28, 2013
OHC245 Jun 24, 2013
OHC244 Jun 13, 2013
OHC243 Jun 07, 2013
OHC242 May 30, 2013
OHC241 May 23, 2013
OHC240 May 16, 2013
OHC239 May 09, 2013
OHC238 May 03, 2013
OHC237 Apr 25, 2013
OHC236 Apr 18, 2013
OHC235 Apr 15, 2013
OHC234 Apr 04, 2013
OHC233 Mar 28, 2013
OHC232 Mar 21, 2013
OHC231 Mar 14, 2013
OHC230 Mar 08, 2013
OHC229 Feb 28, 2013
OHC228 Feb 22, 2013
OHC227 Feb 14, 2013
OHC226 Feb 08, 2013
OHC225 Jan 31, 2013
OHC224 Jan 24, 2013
OHC223 Jan 17, 2013
OHC222 Jan 10, 2013
OHC221 Jan 03, 2013
OHC219 Dec 27, 2012
OHC218 Dec 13, 2012
OHC217 Dec 06, 2012
OHC216 Nov 29, 2012
OHC214 Nov 15, 2012
OHC213 Nov 08, 2012
OHC212 Nov 01, 2012
OHC211 Oct 25, 2012
OHC210 Oct 18, 2012
OHC209 Oct 11, 2012
OHC208 Oct 04, 2012
OHC207 Sep 27, 2012
OHC206 Sep 20, 2012
OHC205 Sep 13, 2012
OHC204 Sep 06, 2012
OHC203 Aug 30, 2012
OHC201 Aug 17, 2012
OHC200 Aug 10, 2012
OHC199 Aug 03, 2012
OHC198 Aug 02, 2012
OHC189 May 31, 2012