Late Entry


posted in OHC714 on Jun 16, 2022

Softened light 

Lunar winds arise

Simple times away from here

Come to mind

Feel the warmth of

Solar light

Hear the shifting

Of the night 

The bracing colors of 

The worlds unseen

Appear to dance

In the serene


The figment shadow grave

The final blight 

The undefeated self defeater of minds


Hear These Tales Again

posted in OHC711 on May 26, 2022

Legends tell of stoic warriors

Armed with naught but pride

Ten feet tall with skin of leather

Teeth as sharp as knives

Standing firm against the chaos

With purpose in their eyes

Heralds of the golden ages

The hope of older times

Gather round and hear the tales (of the ancient warriors)

Heroic deeds and battles waged (aspire to greatness)

Gather round come near these flames (As the night chill sets in)

Hear these tales again

Past Worlds Shimmer

posted in OHC685 on Nov 25, 2021

Endless parched lands stretch before

These ancient sands disguise their prize

Faceless, ageless wraiths of men long passed

Deter us on our way 

Standing here

Amidst these forgotten sands as

Fragments of past worlds shimmer

In fragile chaos

Shouting winds

Retell the ancient tales as

Callous and brazen we march forth

To conquer what's dead

Let Us On Our Way

posted in OHC680 on Oct 21, 2021

Let us on our way

What mechanist created these tomes

They tell of an unsuspecting journeyman

Trapped inside

As pages turn and show us these tales

Our hands become frail against the parchment

We're pulled through time

Let us on our way

Turn these pages turn these pages turn until these pages

Turn these pages turn again

Ever Slowing Days

posted in OHC672 on Aug 26, 2021

Dusty skies and fallow ground

The water stale and murky

Sunlight barely breaks the shroud

Fading through these ever slowing days

We will fight here til the end of time

As the night slowly creeps before the sun

Heroism only lasts so long

In these ever slowing days

Late Entry


posted in OHC666 on Jul 15, 2021

Harrowing focus

The dismal array

Fanatic obsessions

Impart the canid foray

Shadowy figures

Ascend the pillars midday

With incantations

Bedecked in robes of gray

And in their wisdom

They shout to stem the plague

Offload their penance

To those among the fray

Forgotten children

Amongst the ashes play

To sing of rings and rosies

Pockets of decay


Ashes to the wind

Late Entry

Break the Lock

posted in OHC663 on Jun 24, 2021

Break the

Break the fragile lock

Set loose on this world

Pandora's box

Voices and shreds of fear

Float through the ether

Relics of distant years

Stand and defy

Defy the wicked the arrogant

Stand opposed to the shattered ones

Break the lock 

Late Entry

Dimensions Arise

posted in OHC659 on May 27, 2021

Take me back to the age of quiet dreams

Softened skies and the flash of crystal beams

What ways our minds retrain our eyes to find the ground

Find me here in fragments

Parallel dimensions arise

Late Entry

Crime of the Century

posted in OHC653 on Apr 15, 2021

(Paranoia at its finest)

Crime of the century gold among lintery

Second guess the second the spinning ends in heat

Hidden stage, cycle plays, fitted missing feet 

Did it come with plus one or independently

Can't trust the cloth to stay vibrant

Can't trust the socks to stay tied with

Their other half that was floating in the pileup

Is it nature or just a problem we've provided

High profit black market transfer with a steady inflow

Launder the goods clear the black marks, ready to go

Polyester, acrylic, the sent of missing and fitted

Awakens the senses give greatness a chance to come with it

Market the missing in action, spin petty theft into business

Resell the feet shells back to people who first found them missing

This your mind just playing tricks?

These your dry and laundered kicks?

These the times you wonder if

Maybe there's a cartel hiding in the mists

Late Entry

Cruise Along

posted in OHC652 on Apr 08, 2021

Brilliant flash of vapors burst

Neon night

The shadows shrink and grow and phase

Shifting light

Cruise along In this neon display

Breathe in the air feel the night fill your senses again

Late Entry

Desert of Song (Between the Buried and Me cover)

posted in OHC650 on Mar 25, 2021

The radio's stopped tuning

The static is forbidden

The chords quit strumming

But we found our new home

It will rain - falls so slow

It will rain down here

The drums quit thumping

These tones are forbidden

The throat cant start singing

The scarecrow is watching

It will rain, falls so slow

It will rain down here

It will rain, falls so slow

It will rain down here

Here, were awake in the desert of song

The silence broken

Here, were awake in the

The silence is broken

Silence is broken

Silence is broken

Here we sing

Sing with the fear

Fear: the control tower

The new sun comes by the hour

Ghosts slowly disappear in the fog

Silence the suffering

Weve built back the age-old sound of song

Sound of song

Sound of song

Late Entry

Chaotic Peripheral

posted in OHC649 on Mar 18, 2021

Cluttered streets and

Blurs of motion

Vision dims from

Chaotic peripheral

Phase shift through endless mist

They walk around me

Displacement counterfeit

Blinded eyes see

See more than conscious lies


Displacement counterfeit

See more than eyes have bargained for

Late Entry

Edge of Night

posted in OHC648 on Mar 11, 2021

Swirling among the timestreams the light gives way

Cyclical currents tearing the real away

Feast your eyes on this brewing storm

Cyclical currents tearing the real away

Edge of night

Gravity wells disrupting

Horrid sight

Let loose on this final

Edge of night

Late Entry

Stones in Hand

posted in OHC647 on Mar 04, 2021

Twilight blacks the skies

The evening rains subside

The birdsongs slowly quiet

As dangers stand outside

The rustling leaves alight

Those dangerous packs at night

The homonids nearby

Have come to pick a fight

Hordes of vile infectious swine

Breach upon our lands

As defenders armed with stones in hand

Neanderthals we stand

Three Lycanthrope Moon

posted in OHC642 on Jan 28, 2021

Brothers, the time has come

The light is shining bright

Let our hunt begin anew

On this our destined night


Familiars of celestial light

Changed by tidal flame

The mystery once more reveals  

The beasts we are again


Pack ambition

Sing the lunar praise

Count off

One Two Three

Winter's Sun

posted in OHC635 on Dec 10, 2020

We've been waiting for so long

In stasis, just holding on to hope that

Winter's sun will come


To set in motion

The changing of the days

To rise above the barren earth

We'll see the sun again


posted in OHC634 on Dec 03, 2020

Excavating these comet-trail ice-water minefields

Carry life-giving prize-winning crime deals

By the carrier load

Sweet crystalline dreams


Cut and run when deputized come to wrest the ice floes

From desperate sky-folk

Just looking for a way mine hope turn high-float rock to liquid hope


Legends tell of a time before our skies closed

Putting death and fire in our hydro

When the rain turned violent we ran past the sky to find Crystalline


Now floating in the void we hide from the agency that laid claim to the trails and space we see.

We're renegades at sea, just looking for a bounty and the Crystalline

Bred For War

posted in OHC623 on Sep 17, 2020

Harsh light chrysalis

Injector pods prepped for toxic genesis

Breeding future minutemen

Somatic combatants bred for cosmic sentience


Pop, fizz, sizzle, drip

Amniotic fluid boils against the refrigerants

Lights sway, flicker, dim

As eyes without minds watch in restless innocence


Bred for war


Hive mind synchronous

Eyes at one time flicker, dilate, fill with consciousness

Light beams fill the sense

Alarms and echoes of tearing metal of battleship


Hull breach imminent

Prep for battle send in newborn armaments  

Download intelligence

To the symbionts born newly freed from wombs of synthesis


Bred for war


Evening Haze

posted in OHC603 on Apr 30, 2020

Swarms of light invade

Light up the end of day

Flit and float away

Swim through the evening haze


Summer evening, cool air from the breeze and

The sky seems to pulse and beat with the light from these creatures

Grab a jar to capture and keep them

Bioluminescence in the evening

Their incandescence seems freeing

To the mind enraptured with seeking

Magic in a world where grandeur seems fleeting


When wind stops blowing and the

And the stars stop glowing so bright

With our childhood growing on up

Get lost inside the evening haze

The Flow Descending

posted in OHC578 on Nov 07, 2019
The flow descending

Collected water and spillways
Through mists and harrowing pathways
The water collects the flow comes to rest

Where bridges span to connect the sides
Where couples come to repair divides
The water affects the sun goes to rest


posted in OHC547 on Apr 04, 2019
The circle never ends. The circle never stops consuming. The circle never stops being consumed. The circle never ends.


posted in OHC541 on Feb 21, 2019
The veil

Set this world ablaze
We are here to watch
Figures hide in flames
We are here to burn this down

The World Begins (with ending)

posted in OHC539 on Feb 07, 2019
(remix/variation of Out Of Control by Starla)

The way you play has gotten old
And I am strong

The way you feel out of control
And I have changed

Eyes shut and worlds are turning
In stillness momentum builds
These dreams that others give me
Give life to consciousness

Wake up, the world begins
Well find another way

Chariot of the Gods

posted in OHC538 on Jan 31, 2019
To any who hear
For those who know

The thunder roars
The skies ablaze
The engines hum
At end of days

Come from beyond the grave
Or from beyond starlight
In chariots of stars ablaze
Or orbiting satellites

All praise to thee, Oh Starla

posted in OHC508 on Jul 05, 2018
All praise to thee, Oh, Starla.
The bringer of the light
Without your lamp to guide our way
We stumble in the night

When late our entries fall
Your wrath we dread
But never failed have you to open
Submissions again

All faith in thee, dear Starla
That one day you'll return
To bring the compo back to life
Or elsewhere we must turn

Your presence missing still
Our hearts in pain
Til partybot has sung his song
Pray come again

The Rogue

posted in OHC502 on May 24, 2018
Breathing in night
Feeding on the life
Let the warmth control me
Let the virus take control
Breathing in night

The rogue
The violent
The one inside the skin
The form
The virus
Feasts from within


posted in OHC459 on Jul 27, 2017
We were echoes in the void
Til we found a way to become more than noise

Time ticked slowly on and on
Til our echoes merged, taking shape moving on

No more echoes in the air
We've come to find a way to gain our forms again
No more echoes in the air
Carry us home carry us home

Took Our Skies Away

posted in OHC450 on May 25, 2017
They didn't come in peace. They stole our skies. What do we do now?

Gentle breezes glide across the water
At the end of the day
What looks peaceful hides the true disaster
Boiling in the pale
They took our skies away
And fear is all we have that remains
Gentle breezes, quiet waters
They took our skies away

Quiet waters under skies of fire
Time is drawing night
Air turns acrid as waters boil to nothing
Before eternal night
They took our skies away
Neither we nor fear remain
Gentle breezes, quiet waters
They took our skies away

Illegal Aliens

posted in OHC344 on May 14, 2015
Harvest is pretty hard when it's just our family. Luckily, the illegals are always willing to lend a hand for some quick cash. If only their party-machine UFO's weren't such a nuisance...

Hey Kid

posted in OHC294 on May 29, 2014
Hey son, where are you going
With fuel on empty, end over end
Hey kid, why are you slowing
Don't you know gravity takes hold and orbits descend

Through clouds below and stars above
Our path it wanders lower still
Our path it wanders lower still

Hey son, forgive me for asking
So many questions as you fight our fate
Hey kid, I know you're gasping
For air as our ship falls free of space

Air, fire, horizons lost
Air, fire, try harder still

Through clouds below and stars above
Through engine failure and shifted blame
Through clouds below and stars above
Our path it wanders lower still
Our path it wanders lower still

Hey kid, thanks for trying.

Bring Back What's Mine

posted in OHC281 on Feb 27, 2014
You steal what's mine
All my treasures
I once had three parakeets
But now I have no bird friends

I'm tired of betrayal
I'm a poor soul in need
I once had three limosines
But now my garage is empty

Give back what you stole or face me down (I will face you down)
Fight me like a man I'll take you down (I will take you down)

Bring back what's mine I beg you

My food tastes bland
Since you stole my tongue
I once had three eyes of green
But now I can't even see

And my arms don't work
Without my shoulder blades
I once had three trampolines
But now I stand on ground

Rest Peace Life

posted in OHC280 on Feb 20, 2014
I can see sands of time
Covering our
long lost landscape still

The burdens of past mistakes
Hidden in
Dust piled up for years

I can hope for peace
For rest for life

As we turn eyes to skies
Long since lost
Hope will not end here

Life is not for the weak
Life is for
Those who persevere

I can hope for peace
For rest for life

We're Taking Charge

posted in OHC277 on Jan 30, 2014
As the sun goes down
The air stands still
As shadows ascend
We close in

Wealth and power
Are ours this hour
Our prize gleams
Within our grasp

We take what's ours

As the night gives way
To light of day
Our hands are filled
With tools of war

Pow'r and glory
For those who claim it
Our hands close around the spoils

We're taking charge

Raise Your Voice

posted in OHC276 on Jan 23, 2014
Raise your voice, the end will come
Raise your voice and wait for the end

Grab shields and swords
Hilts and blades
As victors we ride unto war
Grasp tight the reins
As battles commence
High time that we settled the score

For lives to come
For lives now lost
For living to join with the dead
The time has come
The time is now
When banners of victory ascend


posted in OHC266 on Nov 14, 2013
Nowhere but down...


We've reached heights unknown
We've reached heights untold

Skies come in
This is our end

Where do we go from here

Sun Breaks Through

posted in OHC265 on Nov 07, 2013
The most metal thing you've heard all night...


Memories are failing
My thoughts fade to black again
What lays behind me
When I have no past again

The sun breaks through the clouds
The rain dries away again
My memories knock but never appear
My path to now remains unclear
As I carry on
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