Upcoming Trials

posted in PRC338 on Jan 02, 2017
Went for another original piece for the free round. I wanted to attempt other styles That I don't usually do or have not done in the past. So the style I attempted this time around is that from a cinematic score.

so it's essentially another experimental to try to get my feet wet into other styles, so hopefully it doesn't sound too terrible in comparison from ppl that actually know what theyre doing for cinematic scores. lol

Aspiring Determination

posted in PRC321 on May 02, 2016
just a mix with megalovania. Did another experiment route with this one and tried to give it a different feeling from a battle-like feel.

I wasn't paying attention of the due date so the last couple of measures suffered by being rushed and I feel it shows, so my bad on that part.

Dream Rider

posted in PRC314 on Jan 27, 2016
Went for both songs. I missed the 3:16 mark but I didn't want to shorten my ending to meet it as it felt unnatural, Maybe I'll get it down next time.

The Space Within

posted in PRC312 on Jan 01, 2016
Extremely experimental; such as Exaggerated effects and EQ-ing. I wanted to do something different and see where it took me. Hopefully it sounds interesting to ya'll.

On the Cliffside

posted in PRC309 on Nov 18, 2015
Wanted to force myself out of writers block after I found out this had an extra day extended. only worked on this today ( but I no-lifed it.lol) so it might show.

[Bonus] Shadow Pinball

posted in MnP43 on Oct 28, 2015
didn't want the song to end at just a minute so I decided to just treat it as a bonus to continue on the idea. went for different effects this time around so hopefully its not too jarring.

Path of Mistakes

posted in PRC301 on Jul 28, 2015
I chose to remix the Basement Loader from last ninja 2.

Really liked how this turned out. At first I thought the repetition was going to handicap my ideas but those ideas just grew the more I messed with it. Hope ya'll like it.

To the Stars

posted in PRC299 on Jun 26, 2015
I was going for a outer space kind of feel for this one. it took me awhile to implement the source since most of the time it sounded like it was in a farm.

Fury Of the Transformations

posted in RWS0306 on Jun 16, 2015
The source I have chosen to remix is Green's Boss theme ( seven Force) from the Gunstar Heroes for the Sega Genesis.


This one was a bit of a challenge since there are a lot of fast notes with some discordant measures that I wouldn't normally do, but I decided to take up on it anyways. Thanks to Geoffrey Taucer for the feedback, hopefully I was able to fix up some things from my wip.

Gimme my milk

posted in MnP34 on May 03, 2015
Couldn't really think of a title and got lazy about it. lol

submiting early cuz I know I won't be on my pc for a week when the deadline is up. So here it is and enjoy.

To The Beasts Lair

posted in PRC294 on Apr 12, 2015
Decided to attempt to make another story for this remix. I also used the gameplay footage for this soundtrack to help reference out the idea for my story.


0:00~0:32 = The lemmings are forming an army to invade the beasts lair but have just entered the forest.

0:33~0:58 = Tirelessly going through the forest, the lemmings are still prepared for the battle yet to come.

0:59~1:11 = The lemmings have finally reached the beasts lair and are cautiously treading the cave.

1:12~1:37 = The beast knew the lemmings were coming and have setted up traps that wiped out most of the army in one fell swoop. Morale of the surviving lemmings drastically went down to fright and panic.

1:38~1:50 = now alone, the lemmings that were still alive were forced to travel further down the cave by themselves. tensions are high

1:51~2:04 = Unfortunately, they have spotted the beast and decided to charge at it since hope for escaping was lost and to avenge for there fallen comrades.

2:05~2:17 = The small group and the beast are now fighting.

2:18~2:34 = the Lemmings are dying left and right against the beast until one lemming was left to fight.

2:35~End = The last lemming has struck the killing blow against the beast and has emerged victorious. However his wounds are too severe and has fallen to the floor. knowing his time is coming to an end, he smiles knowing that there village is now safe from the beast and dies. (The camera would then slowly fade to black as it pans out the battlefield)

Hopefully I was able to capture the story that I attempted and that everyone was able to see the vision I had for it. I know that there wasn't really a beast/bad guy in the game but the title and the music of the song was screaming to me to make one up.

Lonesome King

posted in PRC293 on Mar 29, 2015
might have been a cop out for making an orchestra piece since the original was just piano. I just like the overall feel that this piece brought to the table and didn't really want to change it up.

A road towards destiny

posted in RWS0302 on Mar 17, 2015
hey guys This is the source I have chosen for this round.

this one was took me a cool minute to figure something out, but a quick wip was able to get me started with the help of Esperado. bleep didn't cause me trouble since I love working with 8-bit stuff (most of the instruments used in this piece is done by bleep). Hope you guys like it!

A young warrior's fate

posted in PRC292 on Mar 16, 2015
I went with trying something experimental, like having a story to this piece that coexists with Majora's plan with the moon . The story goes like this.

In the first section (0:00~0:35), I tried to have this eerie feeling where all hope is lost and Link waits for his demise.

The second section (0:36~1:24) is when the moon has finally touched the earth and wreaking destruction everywhere.

The third section (1:25~ End) is just the player staring at Majora laughing as the screen fades to black.

[WIP]Chillin with the sky

posted in PRC291 on Mar 02, 2015
The only part of the song I can say that is close to being finished is the first 55 seconds. After that Its pretty much a basic midi rip that I decided to add so that the song isn't too short to listen to.

I was attempting to go for a chill song since I haven't done that in a while. so hopefully the first section feels that way for others.

Eternal Virus

posted in RWS0301 on Feb 24, 2015
Hey guys, I have chosen Sigma's theme from MMX & Copy Sigma from MMX8 as my RWS Theme since it is the first AND last time sigma has been seen since in the franchise. The Bright and shiny star that was with me is the one and only Jorito! :D

I'm not going to lie here, this remix was a pain in the ass for me. I was getting so dam frustrated with myself for not being able to come up with ideas until just a couple of days ago ( I literally have like 5 different versions to this remix, ugh).

Jorito pointing out some of my issues helped out a lot and I made adjustments to the best I could, so hopefully I can enjoy the fruits of my labor when this is done.

I hope everyone else had a better experienced then I did and good luck to everyone else!

[Bonus] Fake Memories

posted in PRC290 on Feb 07, 2015
I tried imagining a montage where zero can't decipher which thoughts are his and not someone else's memories. Meanwhile that is happening, everyone around him are dancing as if they're in a club or something.

everything is also going in slow motion because y the hell not, its a montage. XD

Scorched Lands

posted in PRC289 on Feb 02, 2015
I Couldn't really make up a different interpretation that I wanted to do, so I just turned this into an experiment with EQ-ing. There are Some parts I want to retouch on but with my schedule atm, I have to leave it as is.

The Final Stand

posted in PRC286 on Dec 24, 2014
hey guys. Thought this was a good opportunity to show off an original piece so here it is...I decided to Limit the song the same way old 8-bit consoles had to be done, which is to have no chords and only have up to 4 instruments. The only limit I didn't truly follow from the 8-Bit days is the quality.

Instruments are:
1) Lead Synth
1) Percussion/Drums
2) Synth Basses
( I decided to replace the middle/background to add in the bass)

Since this was like a final song for the year, I decided to try to make the song sound like it was the last stage before the final boss from a game.

~One last note~
It wouldn't truly be a classic VG music style if it couldn't loop forever, so I did. I have the ending of this song already pre-set up for the song to loop forever (the loop wouldn't start at 0:00... It would start at 0:27 or 1:41, wherever u want it to loop).

Hope you guys enjoy :D

Lets Dance Maj. Mucus

posted in PRC285 on Dec 07, 2014
Since you had to fight Major Mucus 3 times, I decided to make this song in 3 different sections like the rounds in the game.

First round = 0:00~1:01
second Round = 1:02~2:28
Third Round = 2:29~End

Hope ya'll like :D

The Adventure Begins

posted in PRC283 on Nov 10, 2014
The source material was very interesting (i must be missing out on some great music from this MSX stuff, cuz I never heard of it and the past couple of prc's that touched msx was great)...

Also I decided to change things up a bit for my piece instead of only using orchestra instruments this time around. Enjoy :D

Timid Knight

posted in MnP25 on Nov 10, 2014
seemed a lil slow on the tempo so I sped it up a lil, but this song was actually interesting to try to keep it in MnP form. I was actually stuck on this song for a cool minute. XD


posted in MnP23 on Sep 20, 2014
Sorry about it being really short, but this song was egging me to make up my own interpretations that it wouldn't fit to be an MnP.

If you wish to hear its full version

So if your going to vote for me, please only vote for the demo version. I wish to stay fair for everyone else. Other then that. I really enjoyed making this song. Enjoy!


posted in MnP22 on Sep 03, 2014
First song of many to upload.

Really enjoyed working on this song. only thing that sucked was that I was getting weird speaker/sound clipping issues Even when there really wasn't anything clipping ( lol what?)

Glad to say that the random issue was fixed and the song is clipping-free. Enjoy!
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