Iron Remixer Challenge: Bleep' (RWS0302)


The Iron Remixer Challenge is a theme based on a particular instrument or effect, called the "secret ingredient." Remixers can use the secret ingredient as a "main ingredient" (lead), a "spice" (harmony, pad, arpeggio, or other accompaniment), or both, but should make an effort to take advantage of it and illustrate its use, i.e. to "best express the unique qualities of the theme ingredient."

This round's secret ingredient is ToneBytes Bleep'!

Bleep' is a VSTi synthesizer that simulates the sound of the Commodore SID chip. It has an interface that's simple to understand while retaining many powerful options.

Allez remix!


Start: on 2/27/15
Deadline: on 3/17/15
Voting: on 3/20/15

Entries (4)