Lone Wolf

posted in MnP18 on Jul 02, 2014
Since everyone else did an electronic remix, I felt that a rock / metal remix was in order. I tried to keep reasonably faithful to the source but I couldn't resist throwing in a synth section and a guitar solo at the end due to the very strong 80's vibe that the source gives out. (that and the source was so damned good...I just couldn't stop...)

Snowing All Over the World

posted in PRC264 on Feb 15, 2014
The intention of this remix was to keep the vibe of the song but add some original sections to spice it up. I am not really what genre I would put it in...cheese rock maybe?

This is my first remix ever so every bit of feedback is very much appreciated. I had no idea how to write drums or mix a track before I did this so feedback in those areas is particularly welcome. When I get the time, I intend to extend it with another section with an original melody and probably another one that pulls some instruments out to let it groove. The sloppy guitar / organ work will also be redone :)

Thanks to Ichitootah for suggesting the source, it was so much fun to play around with.
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