What is this? 2010?...

posted in OHC380 on Jan 21, 2016
Yep gotta stay on the ball missed a good 1/2 of the compos..Thank god I paused Show and realized it. Hey Who's gonna be at MAGfest? I'll Be there, Hit me Up Say Hiya, I'll be wearing the Powerglove and Triforce Pendant and...just say "YoshiBlade?" Com'on Say hi :)

Hang in There

posted in RWS0306 on Jun 16, 2015
Oh wow, this is feeling like the S tier now. Ok so by the grace of KingTiger and his amazing patience with me I am able to present this Pilotwings 64 remix of "Hang Glider". If there was ever a round where I learned the ins an outs of Mastering it was probably this one.

And Finally a big thanks to KingTiger for his help on this...Truly he's is a King among Tigers

Turtle Soup

posted in RWS0305 on May 26, 2015
Ok so there's this movie, maybe you've heard of it, called The Matrix...well yeah this is a child of that soundtrack. I think they call this genre break beat, but I call it a little short, but hey that's ok, I still love the energy and power this boss theme has going for it! Big shout out to Esperado for being so understanding with my clumsy musicianship. Fun Fact: Esperado translate to Expected


posted in OHC345 on May 21, 2015
Fun fact! Sacred Cenote were sinkholes in Central America where the remains of the victims of human sacrifice were discarded...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sacred_Cenote

Not Till You Say Please Mike..

posted in MnP34 on May 06, 2015
Chocolate Chip cookies and milk...see? Cause Chip could mean the small morsels of chocolate in a cookie ( the partner to milk) or the chip like in the chip synthesizer I used to make this! See?!? Do ya? Do ya see the double meaning, like doubles chip?! WHOOPS! I did It again! Oh, boy I'm on a roll tonight!

Chromium Dome

posted in RWS0304 on May 04, 2015
May 5th ?...hmmm good day.... well this one is going live, tonight so I don't forget. So the Vanilla dome was surprisingly the hardest part to fit in, but I think it fits nicely, I will gladly endure any criticism if the VD is not absolutely apparent, but it's there, I can promise you that...Not sure what else to type here so, here were some thoughts going through my head while making this...Pinball Machine, Shinny polished metal ball bearing, clink-clank bing ring-ring Highscore! HighScore!!! timaeus loves transitions, more real sugar vanilla Pepsi, Hearing Chrome Gadget Zone in my sleep, why did I pick Vanilla Dome?, Real Sugar Vanilla Dome Pepsi...

Ok big thanks to timaeus for the help here and if he still talks to me after this, then he is truly a star in my book ;)

Headin To the Pleasure Dome

posted in OHC342 on Apr 30, 2015
First time here, I don't usually stray to far from the VideoGame Remix Compos, but here I am...headin to the Pleasure-Dome...Wow I gotta say kudos to all who can mix in 1hr, this was fun even if I didn't really finish anything!

But You're Still Hungry

posted in RWS0303 on Apr 05, 2015
(Scene the ruins of a future civilization, humanity is on the brink of collapse….an apocalyptic winter envelops everything)

Person 1
You can’t go to the Protodome, the council has forbidden…

Person 2
(interrupts) The council cares little, of the restoration of civilization…only to continue eking out a miserable existence.

Person 1
…We don’t need another dead body, we need a scientist!

Person 2
I’d rather die out there in search of the key to our survival, then die a little each day here, in this rat infested iron dump! If my calculations are correct …The ancient computer located inside the Protodome should still be operational…

Person 1
You don’t know whats in there! The scanners have been detecting all kinds of activity…strange activity…something’s going on in there….and you don’t know what! You don’t even know if those access codes will work!

Person 2
I know that if I stay here, I won’t last another 2 cycles…I know my belly aches every night…I know those machine restore my vitality, but I’m still left hungry…I know the sound of mutants howling in the night, I know it’s only a matter of time before those Robots break through and we’re sent to the Genodome…all of us! I know that my children shouldn’t have to live under a cold metal dome…never knowing what the sun or the moon or the SKY, Its been so long Ive nearly forgotten what it looks like…it wasn’t always this sick grey….it was the bluest blue you’d ever seen….

Person 1
………………and what if your wrong?

Person 2
If I’m wrong…then I die…then we die…then there was never any hope for humanity….but I won’t resign our fate, the fate of humanity, just yet…I don’t know whats on that computer, but it may hold the key to our survival…Tell my children I love them

Person 1
You’ll tell them yourself…Godspeed….

( a large metal door slides open into a grey snowstorm…the person steps out…gives one look back and marches on, into the uncertain terrain)

Get T-Rektx'd m8

posted in MnP32 on Mar 31, 2015
I put alotta thought into that title...but much like this mix...it may be well intentioned, but misses the mark a bit. The hardest part of this track was preserving the chill break down that occurs ~1/2 through the song...in so many words, I couldn't...(sigh)....Hey, either way I'm happy for the simple fact that, I haven't touched my guitar in a long time, before I picked it up to work on this song so thank you evktalo & hoboka for reuniting me with my.......ax-girlfriend........(crickets chirping).....

Tower of Giants!

posted in RWS0302 on Mar 16, 2015
Gario adds that little extra spice, that makes this remix extra nice.
Gario is a good guy, there's really nothing more to say, Thanks for the help Gario!

This is a remix of the Stone Tower, with the Oath to Order peppered in the mix, just to remind everyone that Zelda MM is a fine game. I'm submitting this one, for fear I may forget to and because I've squeezed in everything I hoped to..anything after might over salt the mix ( lotta soup imagery here) For the curious, the Chip64 was the source of C64 sound. Thank You for the listen everyone!

So I love the idea of beings so large they see tiny humans as not even worth the effort to trifle with. The Steps in the beginning, as the Towering Giant steps over your head and approaches an even taller tower, you follow and begin your climb up the steep and crumbling exterior. Reaching higher and higher, you finally ascend to the top just as these huge beings conclude their business, as you see these behemoths disembark, from the top of this towering edifice, off in to the distinct lands from which they came, you wonder…..

”How the Hell am I gonna get down?”

Ok facts of the case: 1)This is a remix of the Stone Tower Temple and the Oath to Order. 2) I took right off with this mix before even meeting with Gario. 3) Gario’s Avatar is a mask from SMB 2. 4) If you remove one letter from Gario’s name, you get Garo. 5) If you put his name, minus the one letter, with his avatar you get Garo Mask. 6) The Garo Mask is the mask used to summon the Garo Ninjas in Ikana, the location of the Stone Tower, who then give you hints about the history of the Stone Tower. 7) The leader of the Garo resides in…The Stone Tower…coincidence?

[Bonus] New Wav. Remix

posted in PRC292 on Mar 14, 2015
Well with one day to go, I figure I'd stoke some creative fires a bit. I very much believe in cross genre interpretation, but I really couldn't imaging doing this track as anything other than Bossa Nova or Jazz...So prove me wrong and best this with something amazing. The Silver...NAY...GOLDEN Gauntlet has been thrown down!!!

X-men, Darwin's Dilemma.

posted in MnP31 on Mar 11, 2015
Ok if evktalo is going in early on this one so am I. I’ve had this track done* for about 2 days now, but the problem is with Reason. It can not play the song in Reason in realtime so I am relocated to a process of tinker with the master copy in Reason (with many INFURIATING SLOW DOWNS), then put into Wav. check to see how everything sounds, cry, start over, repeating the process until I give up and go to bed defeated. So this is sooo meat and potatoes, I eschewed the potatoes and went right for the meat…umm yeah…anyway, this is a by the books Flexstyle imitation. So this very, very M&P work here strikes anyone as something they could take higher, please, PM me and I’ll send you the Reason file or what have you and maybe we can turn this into a discount Flexstyle track, rather than just an ersatz attempt. Who knows, maybe even take it to a new personalized level?! Ok, well as always Thank You for listening and Have a Great Day!

We call it Pop...

posted in PRC291 on Mar 01, 2015
Long-time listener, first-time submitter. So I caught wind of this comp and figured I'll throw my name in the hopper...problem was I haven't even the vaguest idea what Poppn TwinBee was..hmm gave a listen, watched some let's plays and wham, got it! The thing that sticks out is well...how the track pops! so I found some popping sounding percussions and went at it!
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