The Greatest Rivals (RWS0304)


Welcome to another "Versus" edition of RWS! Previous episodes have pitted Mega Man against Mega Man X, and Disney characters against the spectrum of "M"-rated games, but this time we bring you perhaps the greatest rivalry of video game history: Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog!

Slightly different signup rules this time: The signup period has a hard deadline. No further signups will be accepted after that time (unless you want to do a bonus mix).

Stars, when you sign up, choose any one source from any Sonic the Hedgehog game. Spinoffs are fine, but no "SEGA All-Stars" or Mario & Sonic games.

Novices, when you sign up, choose any one source from any Mario game. Again, any game with Mario in the title is fine other than Mario & Sonic.

If you want to be flexible about being a Star or a Novice, choose one source of each type.

When the round begins, I will randomly pair Stars and Novices. Your job will be to create one remix using both sources. You can include other sources in brief roles if you choose.
Start: on 4/17/15
Deadline: on 5/6/15
Voting: on 5/8/15

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