The Special Pi Round (PRC314)


Source 1: Mega Man 10 - Nitro Man (Wii)
Source 2: Streets of Rage 2 - Dreamer (GEN)

"How about some Megaman!

I chose the Nitro Man theme from Megaman 10. I love this song, it could easily fit in one of the early NES games.


"Hey Bunda! Happy 13th season!

I choose 'Dreamer' from Streets of Rage 2 on the Mega Drive. The tune is so 90's EDM at times that it hurts (in a good way!) and it's been a favourite of mine for many a year. Hopefully someone can do it justice!

Deadline is Wednesday January 27th, 10:59 AM ThaSauce Time (18:00 UTC, 19:00 GMT).

Check the following site for the rules:

There are some additional (different rules in this round)
The following (additional) rules apply:
- Anyone who makes is song 3 minutes and 14 seconds long, or makes his song 5 minutes and 14 seconds long (which is 314 seconds) gets pi (3,14) bonus points. There is a slack of two seconds, so anything between 3:12 - 3:16 or 5:12 - 5:16 is fine for the bonus.
- Anyone who adds a colour in his song title (for example, "The Green remix", "Blue lightning", "Orange ocean"...) also gets pi (3,14) bonus points).
- Remixing one of the sources is enough, but everyone who uses both sources in his song (meaning that both sources are recognizable in the song) gets pi (3,14) bonus points. To get this points, it must be mentioned in the song description that both sources are used. This also holds for OneUp and Trism. They must use the source selected by the other to enter (of course, they can remix their own track only as a bonus track, but this time having 20% of the others source and 80% of their own source is fine to enter). If they do not enter, they have a both that counts twice.
- One of my posts in the recent PRC topics has been edited in a strange way. The one who replies first with that post in the quote gets pi (3,14) bonus points.

Voting will also be a bit different:
- All voters can fill in three boxes. Everything is fine, participants even can vote for themselves this time and they even can give the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place to the same song. All boxes may be filled in.
- Everyone who votes gets 2pi (6,28) bonus points. So it is very recommended to vote. This also holds for non participants, meaning that they theoretically can win this round if the participants do not vote.
- If two or more songs tie for 1st place, they get the last place wooden spoon. If two or more songs tie for last place, they win the round.
Check the Ocremix thread for more information (you can post questions there):

If anyone has problems with registering or uploading the song to ThaSauce, please upload the song somewhere else and post a download link in the Ocremix thread or send me a PM at Ocremix. I recommend Soundcloud, don't forget to allow downloads to enable me to upload the song at ThaSauce.

The winner of this round may select the source for PRC315.



You will have 1 hour to complete your song and 10 minutes to finish it up. You will then have an additional 10 minutes to upload your song. At 6 PST/9 EST you may begin your mixing, please have your files uploaded by 7:20 PST/10:20 EST. Join us for discussion on Discord!

Start: on 1/15/16
Deadline: on 1/27/16
Voting: on 1/29/16

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