After 5 years, OHCer A-zu-ra and myself have just released our second collab album, titled "Fusion"! This is a sampling of the four different tracks included in the album.

Please check it out at

Lo-Fi Forest

posted in OHC293 on May 22, 2014
Uh yeah this was what I started with and then I was like wtf am I doing


Also, announcement! I've release Ripple Runner Deluxe! Play it here:

Announcement - Ripple Runner!

posted in OHC290 on May 01, 2014
This weekend I made a chiptune rhythm game in 48 hours for Ludum Dare! (complete with gameboy-styled graphics!)

Here's a sampler of the soundtrack (also made within the 48hr timeframe). Please check it out when you have the chance! It's pretty awesome :)


8 months ago, Aivi & Surasshu released The Black Box, a wonderful piano + chiptune collaboration album (

To thank them, I've rearranged all 11 of the original songs in their album and interpreted them in my own style. Please enjoy my tribute album, Love Everlasting:

This is just a small sampling of some of the songs :)

Thank You OHC

posted in OHC181 on Mar 29, 2012

This is the 200th song I've ever produced, so I thought I'd do something special and make a tribute to the amazing awesomeness that is OHC and the OHC community. This song features tracks ranging all the way back from OHC077 (when I started) to OHC180 last week. Sorry if I didn't include any of your stuff on here--you are all really awesome and I had a ton of other things I wanted to cram in here, but there just wasn't enough time.

Hope you enjoy it. OHC vets, this is especially for you guys since you'll recognize so many of these.

This is a pretty long track, so I had to render in 96kbps again. For those of you who prefer a 320kbps version, you can get one here:
(Note that this will also be released in a couple of days as part of my free Monthlies albums, with proper tagging and album art)

For a complete list of source tracks used, go here:

Trivia: This is the first time I've had to split an FL project into two separate files because I couldn't fit all of the tracks in memory.

Bandcamp Demo Reel

posted in OHC170 on Jan 12, 2012

In case you guys haven't heard, my bandcamp site is now live!


-Over 200 songs (that's more than 10 HOURS!), produced over 7 years
-...most of which is absolutely FREE to download
-Awesome pixel art album art covers for free music releases, grouped by month
-Batch downloads for your convenience
-24 OHC 1st place entries, 12 OHC 2nd place entries, 14 OHC 3rd place entries, and 2 FLMC winners
-Soundtracks for 3 video games, all programmed by me, including:
-The 15-track OST for Gem Attack, an awesome iPhone Puzzle Fighter clone
-and the OST for One of a Kind, which recently received 24th place out of 891 entries in the latest Ludum Dare 48-hour game development competition!
-Mega Man remixes, Zelda remixes, collabs, Reason rewire experiments, a 16-minute song, and even more stuff you guys have never heard before!

This track is just a TINY sampling of what's available.
In order of appearance:
0:00-0:22 - Monthlies 2004 (free)
0:22-0:46 - Monthlies 2005 (free)
0:46-1:12 - Monthlies 2006 (free)
1:12-1:40 - Monthlies 2007 (free)
1:40-2:13 - Monthlies 2008 (free)
2:13-2:44 - Monthlies 2009 (free)
2:44-3:14 - Monthlies 2010 (free)
3:14-3:58 - Monthlies 2011 (free)
3:58-4:50 - Gem Attack Original Soundtrack ($2+)
4:50-5:06 - PatientBarrage Original Soundtrack (free)
5:06-5:40 - One of a Kind Original Soundtrack (free)

So go, now! Download! Comment! Donate!

Follow me for updates:

And for even more cool stuff that I do, check out my main website:

You guys rock :)

Float Away

posted in OHC109 on Nov 04, 2010
I've been really busy for the past few days and am kind of burned out, so I didn't feel like making epic UNTS this week.

Instead, enjoy this.


posted in OHC105 on Oct 07, 2010
Underneath the busy hubbub of life.

Underneath the basement cellar.

Underneath the deepest dungeons.

Underneath even the strange world of underground caverns.

Something is moving

Another World

posted in OHC103 on Sep 23, 2010
A cavern
filled with glowing gems

A fantastic world
waiting to be discovered


I resisted the urge to break out into UNTS mode this time. Enjoy =)

Nanite Lair

posted in OHC102 on Sep 16, 2010
You enter the lair of the nanites.

What will you find?

As you tunnel deeper and deeper into the cybernetic core, what you find disturbs you more and more...

Star Warrior

posted in OHC099 on Aug 26, 2010
Oh no! Darkness has invaded everyone's dreams!

Our brave and magical warrior must journey to collect the 7 legendary star fragments and defeat evil once and for all!

Split the Earth

posted in OHC097 on Aug 12, 2010
Another themeless compo. The first time, it was acceptable, but this...this...

this has gone too far.

Rage burns inside his soul. Pure, unadulterated hatred. He wants nothing more than to blow everything away to shreds. To destroy. Everything.

And so he does. And solace only comes after he has finished.

Ah, the sweet peace and release of pure...destruction.



posted in OHC090 on Jun 24, 2010
Lay back and just let the sine waves pass by...


Inspiration a little lacking today, so just enjoy something mellow and laidback.

Library Lounging

posted in OHC089 on Jun 17, 2010
The library--a secluded, quiet place for study? Or is it a cover-up for something a little less...appropriate?

*apologies if the bass isn't mixed properly; i only have headphones atm D:


posted in OHC087 on Jun 03, 2010
At the moment of your death, your life flashes before your eyes. If you are deemed worthy, passage is granted to the Heavens--a shining place of wonder.

*I added some combination of VSTs that caused FL to totally freak out somewhere along the line, so I had to render to wav at that point and add stuff from there, and couldn't polish a few things I wanted to. Oh well.


posted in OHC085 on May 20, 2010
Close your eyes...
Fly into the stars...

{remind me never to do a trance song for OHC again; it takes way too long}

A Hero's Sword

posted in OHC081 on Apr 22, 2010
After facing numerous trials, challenges, and foes, [Hero] has finally obtained the [number] magical [object]s. Walking up to the mystical sword of legend, entombed in the sacred [temple name], he takes it in hand...


posted in OHC078 on Apr 01, 2010
Did a little something different this week and tried for some piano solo work, with some orchestral elements. All sequenced by hand since I don't have a MIDI keyboard (and will never need one, muahahaha!). Forgive the slightly cheesy piano patch; i can't be bothered to find the VST that I use for a better sound.
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