Gears in the Machine

posted in OHC690 on Dec 30, 2021

All the gears fit

Clicking in synch

Ticking away as your life away leaks

Watching minutes hours days

Tick tick tick your life away

Oh stop staring at faces

Earning those graces

Never know what you need

From the rhythm of the gears in the machine

Space Race

posted in OHC687 on Dec 09, 2021

welcome to the space race

watch rockets flying every which way

for science they say

battle stations up above

nuclear targets down below

Take What's Yours

posted in OHC686 on Dec 02, 2021

Coming onto shore

Kingdom is before you

Sharpening the axe

Wringing out your hands

Kingdom is before you (x2)

Swing swing that axe

Take what's yours (x3)

Yours for the taking

Do Robots Dream?

posted in OHC684 on Nov 18, 2021

I guess when I got the concept I saw a picture of a robot. Oh well.


Some hydraulics

Some board circuitry

Some power sources

Ghost in that Shell?

Do robots dream at all?

Iron Ore

posted in OHC683 on Nov 11, 2021

Iron Ore Iron Ore

Harness the Power of the Sun

There is Nothing Left

Iron Ore Iron Ore

Harness the Power of the Sun

The Abyss

posted in OHC681 on Oct 28, 2021

Look into your eyes

How theyre empty


A psychopath rise

A dolls unbroken gaze

It stares back at you

It stares back at you

Don't look into

the abyss

Ancient Wisdom

posted in OHC680 on Oct 21, 2021

Dusty books on the shelf

I need to read myself

Ancient wisdom before me

Crack open the pages

Learn about the wages

Wrath is fit for me

Timeless knowledge

No one loves to admit it

We dont got figured out

But the Prophets

Get that Silk

posted in OHC676 on Sep 23, 2021

Jumping without a parachute

adrenaline flows

ground rushing

I gotta find a way

See the other skydiver

Gotta take his

physics contest

get outta my way

dive dive

scream toward him

dive dive

get that silk

All I See is Myself

posted in OHC675 on Sep 16, 2021

All through the day

We ran and play

Paying no time to look at mirrors

If we took the time

To look in the stream

The watery reflections

show you and me


All of the mirrors all I see is myself

I see none of them with you

Shatter the glass and scar myself

one thousand little slivers

Pull me under

Into rain and thunder

Im so lost in this thunderstorm

I cant stand this glass

To look in the past

Lonliness comes back

Show only just me


posted in OHC673 on Sep 02, 2021

fog fog on the road ahead

it stupid to go as they said

wait wait on this foward pace

cant see my hand in my face

step by step I go into the mist

I dont know whats there

inch by inch I go in the doubt

I will find out wont I

The Wetlands

posted in OHC672 on Aug 26, 2021

watch the heron stalk thru the water

wading for food to feed its young

as the water reflects the sun

the grass starkly stares in black

As I find solace in the insects

singing a twilight song

Not a soul for miles to hate me

Its a not a home, Ill be right back

The Wetlands

Lost to the Woods

posted in OHC670 on Aug 12, 2021

Memories in this cabin

Neglected family estate

lost to time

Returned to the wood

There is nothing for you here

These walls turn to moss and mold

As it returns to the woods

So will you when youre cold

Break Free

posted in OHC669 on Aug 05, 2021

iron wires surrounds you

your vision looks beyond

you see whats there that you cannot grasp

doesnt bother you since thats all you know

this cage is future

this cage is your past

Press your head into the bars

bend the metal, break free

Put in the effort to get out

Get out get out break free

The Wave

posted in OHC667 on Jul 22, 2021

I see the waves

rolling in the tide

this is might be goodbye

Weve all seen the news

of the waves coming in

hold me tight dont cry

Here comes the water

Our time has come

May we be together in the hereafter

Go under

Bridge Walk

posted in OHC665 on Jul 08, 2021

Take a walk on the bridge

through the trees through the canopy

Take my hand and grip it tight

Listen to the birds as the sing

The sun goes down tonight

There are no stars just you and me

I'm Coming In

posted in OHC663 on Jun 24, 2021

I can't help but notice that your locks are lil bit rusty

I just want to come in, have a little chat

Your locks are broken and I'm coming in

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