no thoughts wolf empty

posted in OHC642 on Jan 28, 2021

oh u thought the wolf song would be spooky or predatory???? well that's an BIG STEREOTYPE i'll have you know the wolves prefer to think of themselves as more of a quirky group most of the time and have sunk quite a bit of time into doing a pr push about that lately

song with dinosaur

posted in OHC641 on Jan 21, 2021



johnfn (hey)

johnfn (hey)

this is a diss track that you cant defend (hey)

johnfn (hey)

johnfn (hey)

youre completely, totally incompetent (hey)


im tired of your music, everything you writes the same

with your jingly piano and the VSTs so lame

man, get some different soundfonts, kontakts got no thrill

just like a certain guy whos in denial bout his skill

you wanna be the beatles but you need yourself a band

you wanna be a singer but your voice is fucking bland

you wanna be a writer but youre lacking all the passion and

you wanna be john lennon but you can only imagine it


you gotta write fast, dont wanna miss your early bedtime

your diss to me will never work because of all the dead rhymes

can you help me solve a mystery thats been sitting in my head? why

is it that you autotune and STILL cant make the deadline

you call yourself a programmer, that joke runs fuckin deep

youre so code-illiterate that you cant even sort a heap

youll inevitably fall but you still try to hit the top

to compensate your lost packageguess thats why they call it drop box


johnfn (hey)

johnfn (hey)

your idiocy i cant comprehend (hey)

johnfn (hey)

johnfn (hey)

the best part of all your songs is the end (hey)



gimme just a little variety imma try to be

as fair as i can bout your notoriety but i dont even

think i know a single thing about the society

that you think youre in

you make me wanna end my sobriety with the

garbage that youre making every week

and so i guess its up to me to let you know how much you reek

nobody wants another indie song

your vocals sound like diddy kong

id make a better melody by letting out a shriek


johnfn (hey)

johnfn (hey)

ill be calling out your faults until the end (hey)

johnfn (hey)

johnfn (hey)

and i definitely mean to condescend (hey)





followin' the sun

posted in OHC622 on Sep 10, 2020

tried my hand at country this week!! once again worked with my housemates because it's not like we do everything else together or anything :v


(i played the SPOONS)

gotta move

posted in OHC621 on Sep 03, 2020

first time trying electro swing!!! got my buddy to play some live sax and it sounds p great wooooo


very not mixing like usual but oh well !!


you gotta do what youre doing

there aint nothing to it

from the bottom to the top you gotta

get your body moving

flow like a river comin out of a dream

and dont let it go until you get downstream


posted in OHC617 on Aug 06, 2020

haven't sung in a while, that was fun!


feat jack on the EPIC solo


before we go our separate ways id

like to take some time to take stock

of the time weve spent together so far


try to keep to yourself all you want its

not gonna work for too long

just drop me off at the nearest star


the age that youre a child is wasted

imagination wild im crazy

tonight im gonna


fly to the sky

im never falling down again


lets get ourselves into position

theres no point in keeping tabs

of everything youve left behind


try to change, but theres just no changing

not too long before the relapse

unless you learn to free your mind


fly so high

far away from fear

im staying way up here


Crafted Cup

posted in OHC614 on Jul 16, 2020

worked with my band again! had some fun playing around w textures and an improvised-ish open-mic coffee-shop bakery-maybe kinda vibe! fun stuff


jack on guitar! kara on vox and lyrics! me on the bottle of lactaid used as a shaker!


Thursday night at the Crafted Cup

My guitar and a no idea what to play

Maybe this time it wont just be me singing

The blues


Smells of ginger, cinnamon

Make it christmas all year round

I grab my usual and sit

The music slows it down


Leather seats same people here

They tell me whats been going on

With them, I look across the room 

Theres someone there, a brand new song


Napkin and pen

Write you a song because

I have no words to tell you 

Id really like to get to know you


So I didnt know you were going before me

But youre really good, brought some of that

Joni sweetness, sing your song

Wont you come take me along


I still got nothing to play for you

Just these napkin words from our game for two

But what Ive got is better than nothing

Ill make your day worth a little something


One, two, three, and four

Couldnt speak to you, eyes to the floor

But now you see that Im really into you

Id really like to get to know ya 


Performances over, I linger a bit

And you walk right over, I can see in your eyes that you liked it

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I invite you for drinks, you laugh and say yes

Said you really thought it was sweet that I could sing like that

What a pity you really didnt like it, yeah its fine 

fluffy bed (feat. jack and kara)

posted in OHC612 on Jul 02, 2020

a song about a guy who is TERRIFIED OF FLUFFY BEDS OMG


written with MY BAND over zoom!! wow fun


You told me Sunday I could come on over

You told me that you had a big surprise

The night before I was so excited

And the sun began to rise

And I could not believe my eyes


You had a fluffy bed, oh fluffy bed

Full of feathers, foam, and fear

It was a fluffy bed, oh fluffy bed

I want to run away from here


I mean, youd think that this would be no problem

Ive spent my waking life in therapy

But no amount of it can quash my terror

Of all things velvety

What a horrifying scene


You had a fluffy bed, oh fluffy bed

Laden with lace and lies

It was a fluffy bed, oh fluffy bed

My imminent demise  


You had a fluffy bed, oh fluffy bed

Sitting there, lying and waiting

It was a fluffy bed, oh fluffy bed

Equal parts satin and Satan


You had a fluffy bed, oh fluffy bed

A pale pile of pink chiffon

It was a fluffy bed, oh fluffy bed

I think it movedthe hunt is on!

pick a flavor, any flavor

posted in OHC610 on Jun 18, 2020

imagining that there's some kind of evil carnival candy peddler trying to use his magic candy to mind-control unsuspecting children idk (also a johnfn-inspired drum fill at the end)


pick a flavor, any flavor you like

and dont be alarmed when you take your first bite

you can savor any flavor you choose

and suck on that sweet til your brain turns to ooze


can you taste all the orange liqueur

or will it drink you dry?

we have melon and apple and more

and theres no escape once you try

the cave of wonders

posted in OHC609 on Jun 11, 2020

trying out a NEW GENRE never done a capella before but this was SO FUN i missed two deadlines wheee

in the cave of wonders, there is magic

deep inside, the grail you seek is born

it may take a thousand years to find it

but its yours if you escape by morn


keep all your limbs where they belong when you descend

you wouldnt want to face a horrid, bitter end

and if you only touch the treasure which you need

the cave will set you free


in the cave of wonders, there is silence

deep within, there is no time or space

it could become a distant, peaceful memory

if you dont forget to keep your place

worldwide journey

posted in OHC607 on May 28, 2020

a song about toy boats


look! its the amazon, sprawling and green

and theres myanmar above the andaman sea

near the gulf of bothnia, theyre having a ball(tic)

now hold onto something cause here goes niagara falls

its in between lake erie and ontario too

now lets go to the galapagos right next to peru

and if you dont think the po is earths natural smile

then you better head to egypt cause youre in denile


im sailing on the ocean

floating through the seas

drifting with the wind

and blowing on the breeze

my worldwide journey has only just begun

and i wont stop sailing until bathtime is done


wow! what a sight down in cabo verde

and is that the swan river? cause the view is perth-ect

we can hit the marianas trench to conquer our fears

and lets see the aral sea before it disappears

the niger river is the place to gao

and the orinocos really got a new age flow

and after the cabana where the drinks are on me

lets head to polynesia like were on the kon-tiki

In My Mind

posted in OHC602 on Apr 23, 2020

books lol


in my mind

a world appears and its alive

with thoughts and music, i will write

an ending to it with my eyes on an angel

someday soon well sail the pages

in a story for the ages


in my head

are all the books that i have read

theyre hiding underneath my bad

and now theres nothing left unsaid before the day ends

i wont be here by tomorrow

something new and something borrowed

the symbol

posted in OHC601 on Apr 16, 2020



i was a-walking through the forest of lies

when i saw a symbol pressed in the ground

it looked a little like a ufo, but there werent any funky people around

i saw no reason to hesitate, i tapped the symbol right on its head

and then god appeared in front of me, and baby lemme tell you what she said


she said you gotta go crazy, gotta shout to the void if you wanna have a shot to survive

she said you gotta be ready for the whims of the world to take you on a serendipitous ride

the signs are clear, youre already here, now dont be wasting any more time

cause its a heaven-sent message from the aeons above and now youve got someone to journey beside


i was a-walking through the ocean of dreams

when i saw a fishy float by my eyes

i took its tail in between my hands and on its body was a special surprise

it was that very same symbol again, except that this time i could tell what it read

i heard her voice echo through my mind, and once again, this is what she said

stay thirsty yall

posted in OHC600 on Apr 09, 2020




i got a glass of water here

it isnt sprite or coke or beer

it looks so fresh

gonna drink it up

nothing beats this thing of

brain freeze in a cup


and its refreshing on a summer day

and its so wonderful to feel it go away

and its a blast, a chilly smile

were gonna get some hypothermia for a while


i see my fingers turning blue

and now theres nothing i can do

gotta get my phone

dial 911

this freezing heart attack has never been so fun


i think about the drink inside of me

endangering me for eternity

please cut me a break

i know im wide awake

i cant move but everything i see


even if it seems

like a huge mistake

theres nothing more important

ya gotta hydrate

racoon dog

posted in OHC599 on Apr 02, 2020
trying out a new genre today :o
a lot of it is SUPER SLOPPY but it was fun trying out some new techniques whee

you got skunk lookin body
and a badger lookin face
youre livin in the bush
and you keep your space
whats the deal with this thing
thats a lyin on the floor
it sure aint a creature
that i ever seen before

burrow in the ground, burrow in the dirt
burrow all night, burrow til it hurts
i assume that you burrow cause you look like you do
but what the hell kind of animal are you?

it turns out that youre a racoon dog
i had to reverse image search you
youre a wonderful racoon dog
be you until it hurts you

now i aint no detective
im a zookeeper less
so i dont have to means
to figure out this mess
you werent designed too well
why you gotta exist?
but youre a beautiful creature
take that, creationists

duck supreme

posted in OHC598 on Mar 26, 2020
some ducc funk

feed them in the pond
feed them in the lake
feed them in the grass
feed them in the dark
feed them in your bed

feed them with your hands
feed them with your feet
feed them with your mouth
feed them with your mind
feed them with your soul

feed them while they swim
feed them while they quack
feed them while they watch
feed them while you sleep
feed them while you dream

feed them til it hurts
feed them til it bleeds
feed them til it ends
everybody knows
ducks will reign supreme
he's going to bed and he's going to sleep
he's lying right down and he's counting some sheep
he yawns and he stretches and kneads with his paws
he reaches out and he grabs with his claws
in his eye you can see there's a gleam
sleepy cats have cRaZy dreams
he's doing whatever sleepy cats do
and now it's time for the cats to sing too

meow meow meow meow meow
meow meow . mew mem ew mw meow
meow meowwwm meow
mew mew mew moew meoww mew

See you soon!

posted in OHC491 on Mar 08, 2018
hold your head up, little sapling
there’s a world of wonder around
keep on growing, little sapling
soon you’ll break out of the underground

i know that sometimes the force of nature
might seem like it’s pushing you down
but i have faith in you, little sapling
that you’ll break out and

i’ll see you soon

(bloom, baby, bloom, baby)

na x109474307

Step Well

posted in OHC463 on Aug 24, 2017
"woa that room is so big, that staircase must have tons of steps"


"oh hey what if a song with a semitone-based melody"
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