Desolate and Isolate

posted in OHC396 on May 12, 2016
Seclusion sometimes brings out the best from yourself.

It's been a while... I'm really glad I took the time to participate again! I've been really into the overused 6415 chord progression recently, I hope you guys don't mind! :D

Swamp Slosher

posted in OHC356 on Aug 06, 2015
Haven't done OHC in like a month, I feel kinda rusty...

Tried to write out the melody in my head, but it didn't really come out as planned.

Splatoon is fun.


posted in OHC342 on Apr 30, 2015
I don't know what to call that kind of building, so it's a citadel to me.

I feel like I can do more with this, I might make a post-compo version over the week.

Uphill Battle

posted in OHC325 on Jan 01, 2015
It'll be a tough climb from here on, but I'll do my best.

Played around with Fire Emblem Awakening themes, but the originals sound so much better...

Holy Interference

posted in OHC302 on Jul 24, 2014
Ughhhhh my mind keeps getting drowned in generic EDM...

I guess this is what I get for composing in a cafe with top 40s EDM stuff playing from the nearby loudspeaker...

anOmOLYdAta pound 2 ampersand caret

posted in OHC290 on May 01, 2014
I think this is what a trap remix of contemporary music would sound like! :D

Also, I wrote my first ever flashgame for Ludum Dare, check it out here:

Music for the game:

The Sniper

posted in OHC266 on Nov 14, 2013
"You've become the sniper, just like you've always wanted to be. It's just... being the sniper isn't as awesome as you thought it was."
Violinist - StatusKuo
Pianist - Acuity

So StatusKuo and I have been a bit busy with school and a composition project (he's my violinist!) We decided to jam for this compo, so open up your braintank buddy, cuz here comes some 91-octane improv at your ear holes!

StatusKuo: The first 30 seconds are a bit shaky, but this is you can go eff yourself.

Our compo works with the original 4-chord-thingy as our ancient sanctuary. It's a bit old and shakey, but we bring it back to life. Then you send it in, get back to your real ancient sanctuary: studying. Get A's then DGAF.


posted in OHC229 on Feb 28, 2013
In your worldline, you matter more than anyone else.

(Rerendered because of error...)

Can't stay for the whole listening party today, have to be somewhere tonight.

Wasted Potential

posted in OHC228 on Feb 21, 2013
The grass is always greener... only for those who put their effort in making it green and keeping it green.

Even if one has everything he needs to make it green, why doesn't he do it...?

Tryhard Hat

posted in OHC224 on Jan 24, 2013
Never quit, never surrender. When things are too difficult, you just gotta put your tryhard hat on and get yourself back on the path to victory.


posted in OHC220 on Dec 27, 2012
Sometimes you just don't know where you want to go, but it is your own journey to find out.

Made this in like half an hour, will be skipping listening party tonight, hanging out with my cousins!

Loopmuse Party \o3o/

posted in OHC215 on Nov 22, 2012
I'm tired from driving for 7 hours today, and I wanted to be lazy. Derped around in Loopmuse (a program DDRKirby wrote a while back) and this was the result!


posted in OHC213 on Nov 08, 2012
Collab 3-way awesomeness with DDRKirby, Azura, and Myself!

0:00-0:20 minutes = Azura
0:20-0:40 minutes = DDRKirby
0:40-1:00 + final tweaks + upload = Acuity

I am SO slow at working, felt like I added no content... T_T

Reuploading because I forgot to add a limiter (I'm a nub)


posted in OHC211 on Oct 25, 2012
Experimented with stuff, hope it fits the theme at least...

Song probably doesn't want to render properly because it's haunted or something. HAHAH.

Haunting Loneliness

posted in OHC208 on Oct 04, 2012
Alone on the island, you reflect on memories of the life you had before. You want your friends, your family and the more you think about them, the more you miss them...

Toss and Turn

posted in OHC207 on Sep 27, 2012
You know those weird dreams that seem very out of place? And then you wake up and can't even remember what was going on? Yeah.

Data Analyst

posted in OHC206 on Sep 20, 2012
As the data analyst on this ship, I am responsible for looking out the window and collecting data. And man, it doesn't look good out there.

"Incoming serious enemy threat. Blue sector. Repeat, incoming enemy threat. Blue sector."

I hope we make the jump to hyperspace okay.

Abberant Apparition

posted in OHC205 on Sep 13, 2012
At night in the misty forest, you see a blurry figure in the distance in the distance.

As things slowly change, you realize that everything looks horribly wrong...


posted in OHC189 on May 24, 2012
Every day I go to class, I can't wait to play.
Sip some coffee 'cuz I know that I gotta stay.
Day dreamin' of the different things I wanna do.
Just know that in the end I wanna be with you.

Just another problem that I gotta solve here.
Gotta pass the class, nothing else to fear.
All the time in the world, look up to the sky.
Build my airship, so I can

Way up high,
Watching the clouds pass by.
In the sky...


posted in OHC184 on Apr 19, 2012
Things just aren't working. And you snap into a different mental state. This is your wake-up call.

(Trying to go for a kind of rock feel with this one?)

Power of Music

posted in OHC133 on Apr 28, 2011
The ultimate power lies in music.
I will never abuse it.

I know, it's hard to see, but
I'll make this harmony.

(Reuploaded this with my tenor vocals instead of falsetto. I need to work on both a lot still.)

Meteor Squad

posted in OHC128 on Mar 24, 2011
You are part of the squad responsible of taking care of the meteor crisis. Even if you lose your life in the process, Earth will be safe.

Worked with DDRKirby(ISQ) for this one - swapped project files with him at 20 mins, then swapped back at 40.

(I blame DDRKirby's internet.)

Smooth Shift

posted in OHC125 on Mar 03, 2011
You used to be so meek, hiding away in the shadows. Something just changed.

Now you're the coolest cat in town, just strolling around.

Jack of Clubs

posted in OHC124 on Feb 24, 2011

You hold an Ace and Ten of Clubs.

The flop is a King of Clubs, Queen of Clubs, and 3 of Hearts.

The turn, 5 of Diamonds.

The river....?

The Vast Expanse

posted in OHC121 on Feb 03, 2011
You are floating, high above the tall mountains and rolling plains. Instead of looking down, you gaze out at the huge landscape before you.

Trudge Forward

posted in OHC119 on Jan 20, 2011
Your ship drops your squad of 6 troops off into hostile territory. Knowing that you can't look back, you march forward, ready to vanquish all that you encounter.

Regal Brigade

posted in OHC117 on Jan 06, 2011
With the zombie invasion came chaos and disorder.

You are part of the regal brigade, able break the second law of thermodynamics, reduce entropy, and bring order to the universe.

Sleep Paralysis

posted in OHC108 on Oct 28, 2010
As the young hero tries to wake up... he feels a dark, heavy force holding him still. His eyes open, but he can't move. Struggling to breathe, with his eyes wide open, the hallucinations begin.
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