Moon Unit

posted in OHC274 on Jan 09, 2014
Bounding over the horizon, what's that? A man-sized, anthropomorphic cock, walking on its balls!

"Yes, son, it's walking on the balls of its feet!" your father drolly intones, before returning to his newspaper and pipe.


posted in OHC080 on Apr 15, 2010
Just a featureless man
on a plastic stand
Just a girl without a face
in a public
Feel free to grab my plastic tits
I'm Just a bust without a ship

I always see you shopping
as you slip away
and I'm a manaquin
your manaquin today

There I am looking regal
at American Eagle
and I was your pal
At aeropastal
BUt you don't want to touch me
Cause underneath I'm nothing
and I looked like crap
when was at the...Starbucks


posted in OHC076 on Mar 18, 2010
Father turns the gears that spinning weave their trade

Gasoline's been in our blood since bygone days

Robots deftly spin the wires into cars

Mom and sister gone to visiting the stars

Whoa factory
Metal bone and alchemy
Whoa factory
Motor in our hearts

Lost a shipment on the bridge, late last June

We'll be goners if we don't make quota soon.

I was the playmate of a girl when I was ten.

I've been a lowly metal merchant, though, since then.

Whoa factory
Not much human left in me
Whoa factory
Motor in our hearts

The Look

posted in OHC075 on Mar 11, 2010
Sweet little heart-breaker
You call the shots
You bust the heads
I'll clean the pots

Make-up and mason jars
All in a row
You take it fast
You let me know

All fall down
Get behind the dance floor cause I
I hear she's coming round

it's too late now
Looks like you're in for it, pal.

She's got the stare
She's got it here
From across the room
lays opponents bare

Ebony eyes
Orange Autumn hair
She's got the look
she's got the stare

Rarist of Elements

posted in OHC074 on Mar 04, 2010
Come on in and tell me how you're doing.

We're all so glad to meet you.

Let us make you comfortable. Everyone's here to please you.

You're the only girl at the fourty-man gang-band, and we're all so excited to meet you.

We've been saving up for you.

And you're gonna get a special treat.

We think you'll think it's neat.

Cause you're the rarist of elements.

Girl, you are heaven sent.

You fulfil our adolescent fantasy compliments of being, heaven sent.

Girl, you get really bent over and over and over with many gents.

Let me get you something to drink now. And I really hope you dig it.

Everyone is eager to get with you. Everyone's gonna frig it,

you midget.

You're the only girl at the fourty-man gang-band, and we're all so excited to meet you.

Everyone line up!

We are about to give you.

Deep-seeded man issues.


posted in OHC072 on Feb 18, 2010
Took a walk down to Clemson Park
Hot damn! It was awful dark.
I tripped and fell into a hole.

Never thought it'd take so long
To hit the pond of a frozen pond
Never saw the last episode
And now I just won't know

Cause I'm falling
Never saw the last episode
of Yu-Gi-Oh I missed

When I'm falling
Into an Abyss
Into an infinite Abyss

Never understood the science hard
But he was probably gonna use a trap card
That White Eyes Dragon, it could have been his.

What's the deal with thi white-haired kid?
Is my hair going white like his?
Am I gonna just turn to blood,
and rocks and mud and stone?

Cause I'm falling
Never saw the last episode
of Yu-Gi-Oh I missed

When I'm falling
Into an Abyss

Vagina Temple

posted in OHC047 on Aug 06, 2009
Feather step so easy
barely touch the floor
her mind is so busy
This party's such a bore

Her body is a temple
That I would like to pound
And when I'm in her temple
I'm on sacred ground

Less of a whore
More of a trick
Less of a bore
It's making me sick

Less of a fun
more of a temple

Vagina temple
You're my vagina temple

You're mine
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