Technology Fortress

posted in OHC266 on Nov 14, 2013
In a world full of technology, there is a place that crowns in the center with technology all over the place to defend this technology to be stolen by bad guys. With all technical bells and whistles, this is a perfect man-made machine-fortress.

Chasing the Evil Twin

posted in OHC262 on Oct 17, 2013
You arrive home at night, finding a stranger that looks exactly like you. You sneak in and chase the imposter out of your house. Will you ever find peace again?

Exporting went bad the first time, so it is a late entry now :(

Classroom in Summer

posted in OHC260 on Oct 03, 2013
Sadly, this time around I wasn't able to orchestrate the idea properly, and extend on it, but here you get the raw idea I had in mind, without any bells and whistles (no pun intended :-)

City in the Clouds

posted in OHC258 on Sep 19, 2013

This is actually the title track of my new album. I figured it would be lame if I'd submit a regular entry for this round, so I'm sharing this with you instead hope you enjoy :)


Surpassing Loneliness

posted in OHC220 on Dec 27, 2012
*** This week I joined forces with pianist Andreas Svarc from my label to do this compo ***

Being all lonely leads to all those depressive thoughts, but as you go out for a walk and see the beautiful nature around you start getting more comfortable and regaining hope. Maybe not all is lost yet.

Endless Snowfields

posted in OHC218 on Dec 13, 2012
Since I'm right in the middle of changing my studio setup, my equipment didn't work good enough to do something better or longer... I had tons of audio problems, sorry :/

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it nonetheless :)

Ancient Journey

posted in OHC212 on Nov 01, 2012
Deep below the earth surface inside the Forgotten Temple lies the treasure you've been looking for. Is it gold? Silver? Diamonds? Maybe the Gemstone of Musical Awesomness? Who knows? :-)

Race through Space

posted in OHC161 on Nov 10, 2011
As you challenge a few of your companions to a race through space you are about to find out who will be able to maneuver their spacecraft on the best route through the asteroid belt without being hit. Don't forget to slow down there, as it's a dangerous, forbidden route! Will you be able to make it and emerge victorious?

Colorful Idea Collection

posted in OHC160 on Nov 03, 2011
Daylight Saving Times FTW!!! Again, I showed up one hour too late and again I got only a few minutes for composing. So here are a few ideas in their raw uncooked form, maybe it's interesting for some of you to have a kinda "backstage" view at me working here :) Well, there's always a next round!

Nature's Beauty

posted in OHC154 on Sep 22, 2011
Wide open fields, beautiful forests, crystal clear lakes and fields of colorful flowers. You find yourself surrounded by nature's beauty. Carefully, you take your steps through this wonderland, gently smiling to yourself.

A Beautiful Outlook

posted in OHC148 on Aug 11, 2011
Gazing into the setting sun, you have a warm feeling like you could embrace the whole world. You feel one with the nature and huge expand of trees and foliage before you and fully enjoy this moment until the last rays of sunlight stray over the mountain tops in the distant haze.

Secrets Revealed

posted in OHC147 on Aug 04, 2011
A mysterious secret can be much less mysterious once revealed or even more so :-)

Crash right at the beginning made me lose my entire first 15 minutes of work, making me rush the last part and melody, so sorry for that sloppiness -

A Strange Place

posted in OHC146 on Jul 28, 2011
You have never been here before. Feeling a bit uneasy because of this, you slowly begin to realize that you might just not be used to this place and only time can tell if you will ever grow to this place.

Everything in Shambles

posted in OHC145 on Jul 21, 2011
As you return to your hometown after hearing that a huge storm has devastated most of the surrounding vicinity, you walk up the road to your house to see nothing left but devastation...

Tripping Snow

posted in OHC137 on May 26, 2011
At first you thought you'd have a fun trip in the mountains with the calm sunny weather and gentle snow falling, but soon this trip turned out to be an incredibly bad idea...

The Fifth Dimension

posted in OHC136 on May 19, 2011
A totally new experience!

Sadly, my DAW crashed on me tonight and I was not able to finish this off with a nice melody variation, solo and proper ending as I planned.

Dark Secrets

posted in OHC135 on May 12, 2011
Even behind the seemingly brightest and most cheerful of all personalities there lie deep and dark secrets better left untold.

Drifting into the Blue

posted in OHC132 on Apr 21, 2011
Surrounded by the wide ocean, nothing else in sight except a huge plane of water stretching from one end of the horizon to the other, you cling to the wooden logs of the lonely raft you are on. The accident of your ship when the storm hit is already days ago and you still remember it vividly. Drifting along the blue surface of water you hope that you will finally be able to set foot on land again, but you notice that you are already pretty weak from starvation. Will you ever be able to see your loved ones again?

Blue Haze

posted in OHC130 on Apr 07, 2011
There are a lot of things to discover while underwater, lots of interesting plants and animals, and lots of shades of blue and green. Flickering rays of sunlight through the rippling surface paint shadows on the ocean floor like a kaleidoscope. In the distance you can only see a hazy blue blur.

A Moment of Peace

posted in OHC129 on Mar 31, 2011
It is a gusty day, and you spend your day at home, finding yourself surrounded by storms, until you realize that you are actually inside the storm's eye. There is a moment of calm and peace which you really enjoy, but this short break from the strong winds is soon over and you realize that the storm isn't over yet.

Epic Meteor Disaster

posted in OHC128 on Mar 24, 2011
A huge meteor is going down on earth. It is already too late to counteract, so this huge disaster is going to destroy the whole planet. The only hope of humanity lies within the earth's atmosphere itself, which might be able to burn and shrink the meteor down in size while it is falling. Is everything lost already, or is there still hope?

Subspace Nebula

posted in OHC123 on Feb 17, 2011
Gliding through space and getting slowly sucked into subspace, you encounter a lot of unimaginable things you have never encountered in your life. It is a mystical new world of unbelievable impressions and experiences no one has ever seen before.

Maximum Velocity

posted in OHC122 on Feb 10, 2011
Imagine a futuristic race that takes place at hypersonic speeds. Probably you're going to regret taking part because it's dangerous as hell, but it's very challenging and fun on the other hand :P

Over the Sea of Clouds

posted in OHC120 on Jan 27, 2011
Soaring high above the clouds, high above everything you know, and into the seemingly endless skies, you feel the sensation of total freedom, without any borders or boundaries. The gentle evening wind in your face, enjoying what you see, you continue soaring through the night skies.

No Way Back

posted in OHC119 on Jan 20, 2011
You realize that you have to leave everyone you know behind and that you will probably never return to see all the people. You didn't think of it like this beforehand, and you start to miss those who are dear to you. Taking a glimpse of a picture of your children you relive those beautiful moments you treasure so much, but only to realize that you will never be able to see them again. You continue your journey, and realize that things can't be changed and time can't be turned back.

Blackout in the Factory Basement

posted in OHC114 on Dec 16, 2010
You are by yourself in the deep basement of a factory when suddenly all the lights go out and you are left alone in the pitch black. Slowly the machinery around you comes to a halt and the grating of the gears gives off eerie noises while stopping. Now you are on your own to find your way out and back into the light. On your journey to the upper floors you encounter many unfamiliar things. Will you be able to make it?

Changing Places

posted in OHC113 on Dec 09, 2010
Sometimes there is a need to change places, be it because something really sad happened to you which weighs heavily on you and you can't let go of it anymore or be it that you just wish to explore and see different places. This change can be dramatic or it can be subtle and slowly.

The Flashy Dance

posted in OHC109 on Nov 04, 2010
Well, I lost my entire lead melody track due to a crash... have to look into this more I guess. I uploaded it anyways, so enjoy what's left :)

Layers of Earth

posted in OHC105 on Oct 07, 2010
On a journey very deep into the earth you discover lots and lots of different things on your way down. You pass a lot of different layers of dirt, rock and indescribable things as it gets warmer and darker on your way down. Things keep changing until you reach the center and the tech vehicle you use to get that low gives you a smooth ride which you deeply enjoy.

Vented Anger

posted in OHC104 on Sep 30, 2010
You have stored a lot of anger over time, and all of a sudden you realize it's too late, you have to break something ...or someone. You run around and uncontrollably hit about everything in your sight...

Busy Bug Kingdom

posted in OHC102 on Sep 16, 2010
All the bugs do their daily work in the bug kingdom, and everything is in perfect order on this sunny day in the woods.
Damn, I wish I had just a little more time on this, it could be so much better! :P

Looming Conspiracy

posted in OHC101 on Sep 09, 2010
You had this feeling the whole time along. You are not wanted in there. You feel like the others do everything to make you feel uneasy just thinking about the day of election. The night just before the votes come in you discover a deep and intriguing secret that you better had left your hands off of...

No More Mr. Nice Guy

posted in OHC100 on Sep 02, 2010
You decide that you have worked on the good side for way too long and you realized that the good guys aren't always the good guys they pretend to be. You no longer want to serve these people who you found out have betrayed you and nearly destroyed life on your home world. It's time to change sides and to no longer be Mr. Nice Guy!

Magical Treasure Chest

posted in OHC099 on Aug 26, 2010
This little precious chest has been standing next to your sleeping place for as long as you can remember, catching all the dreams you ever had over the years. Now it's time to embark into this world of dreams that unveils before you as you open it and relive all the magical moments you had while sleeping.

Final Destination

posted in OHC096 on Aug 05, 2010
This is the moment that will change the fate of your people. Either you win this last fierce battle and you will survive or all is lost. Ready for every possible thing that might happen, you emerge into battle!

Shiny Streets of Glass

posted in OHC095 on Jul 29, 2010
Picture yourself lost in a giant city in a huge crystal dome with streets made of glass. It is not a city full of life but rather a lonely place, left behind by a great civilization of ages past.

Insert Title Here

posted in OHC093 on Jul 15, 2010
This is exactly what I had in mind when thinking about TBD. I think it fits the theme pretty well, and whatnot. And yes, I did this in that hour :P That's what happens when I get bored and play around with stuff around here... ;)

Relaxing Fishing Trip

posted in OHC090 on Jun 24, 2010
You set out on a fishing trip on a boat all alone. The sun shines and the lake and its surrounding are really peaceful and calm, you only hear a few birds and the water rippling. After you caught a few fishes you take a nap for a while, still drifting in your boat...

I ran out of time in the end and had to rush the drums, so sorry for the slight off-time at places...

To the Dark Side

posted in OHC088 on Jun 10, 2010
You have lost it all. Your life is meaningless, and anger builds up inside you. A numb feeling starts spreading throughout your head, an unbearable feeling, like static noise. It gets stronger and stronger and eventually takes total control over you. Now you leave everything behind you and don't care about others or moral anymore. The dark side has taken over.

Rainflower Poetry

posted in OHC086 on May 27, 2010
A calm rainy day outside, you see raindrops all over the leaves and flower petals. You smell the fresh air after the rain. It feels kinda sad, kinda refreshing, and a bit of gray. That's what I had in mind when I wrote this. I kinda messed up the ending, though... Ran out of time :P
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