Heart of the forest

posted in OHC761 on May 11, 2023

I'm getting better with writing vocals in an hour that's for sure.

In the heart of the forest,

where the wild winds blow,

Lies an old, overgrown house,

A secret few have known.

Its walls draped in ivy,

its door barely seen,

Whispers of mystery,

where time has never been.

Oh, the overgrown house,

A doorway concealed,

To a realm of wonder,

where dreams are revealed.

Step through the threshold,

and leave the world behind,

In the overgrown house,

There's a new life to find.

*Repeat Once*


posted in OHC760 on May 04, 2023

I got a little too ambitious with this one and didn't get what I wanted done. Timing on the vocals is a little scuffed.


In the silence of space, our hearts resonate.

In the whispers of the cosmos, we celebrate

Forgot to mention this has been a mayessteeare production.

Nature's Kiss

posted in OHC759 on Apr 27, 2023

Original song and lyrics made in one hour.


Falling from the sky, a liquid lullaby,

A symphony of droplets, in harmony, they fly.

A soothing gentle whisper, nature's sweet embrace,

Washing all our worries, as raindrops kiss our face.

Rain, rain, come and dance with me,

In the storm of life, we find tranquility!

Rain, rain, come and dance with me.


posted in OHC756 on Apr 06, 2023

While not a new song, this is the third hour of working on this so it's not too far off. It just fit too perfectly with the theme not to finish working on it here.

Original vocal is from "Bao - 52 Hearts"


posted in OHC736 on Nov 17, 2022

Didn't have a ton of time, started super late. It's from an unfinished WIP from a long while back. Spruced it up a lot and gave it some character.

Jumpscare incoming

posted in OHC732 on Oct 20, 2022

Don't spoil the surprise... Jumpscare a̶t̶:̷ ̴ 1̵̧̗͎̩̱̳̻̮̝̜̫̐̓̓̒̓́́͑̕ͅ:̴̖̄́̀̅̀͊̿̐̃͘͠͝$̵̬̪̄̾̀!̶̡̨͍̻̠̙̦͎͈̦͕̤̳͕̈́̈́̎̈́̓̐̍̈́̌̾͋̈́͑͝͝ͅ

Late Entry

One More Hour (Feat JH Sounds)

posted in OHC731 on Oct 13, 2022

[verse] In a moment, just a second Everything had changed for the worse Like a curse It all fell down, through my fingers And I find myself at a loss Heavy cost Now I look back, all the options That I could have made on the spot Quite a lot But the only things that held back My own actions were the turning hands of the clock Like a lock [chorus] If I had an extra hour, would my life be much less dour? A love now gone, regret of what escaped from me If I had some extra time, would I have a chance to shine? A mission failed, what have I left to claim to be? [verse] Days get shorter, light is dimmer All my memories starting to fade Fade away In my memories, dark decisions Cannot go back, to what was made It will stay


Drowning in a space with a dark luminescence 

Putin pride inside my faith stay awake what i recon 

I know ill stay the same never change adolescence 

If you Come on any closer make you bleed like its vengeance 


You need protection 

Flowin with the water i dont know me direction 

I found me a scholar that will put it to gather and all i ever had to do was show up and present it 

Try n keep it electric 

I am embedded 

with the world and its messes 

They never gettin the message 

I wish that i could be present

Because know that i could say it like the president said it 

I make um crazy till they all need a medic 

Become a legend 

Like it is written and I have already read it 

I keep it crispy like my chicken is breaded 

You couldn’t even serve me i got way to much venom 

Drippen denom 

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