Dead Voxels

posted in MnP30 on Feb 14, 2015
Little more than a MIDI rip, but I couldn't let this source pass by without a stab at it if I could help it. I'll try to master it better if I have time... but if you're reading this I probably didn't.

La Puta

posted in PRC263 on Feb 02, 2014
Lots of experimentation with things I've never tried before, plus I ran out of time, so this is pretty rough. I'd love to revisit this source someday, though.

The Sappers

posted in PRC244 on May 05, 2013
The first thing I thought of when I heard this source was that it had a sort of military pace to it. I didn't really want to take that route--too obvious, and tweaking the chipper tones of the source into something more serious would have been quite a challenge. But that thought kept intruding, so in the end that's what I was left with. It never totally gelled, though.

Wooden Tubes, Brass Wires

posted in PRC239 on Mar 03, 2013
I've always loved the English horn, and it takes center stage here, along with a constant harp arpeggio. I originally intended for the part from Level 7 to be minor, but it kind of grew--fortunately it's still less than half the mix! This could be cleaner, but I'm satisfied with it for tonight.

Flip Side of the World

posted in PRC234 on Dec 23, 2012
Experimentally, I went with all ethnic Chinese instruments. In retrospect, not such a great idea--not only was it too ambitious for my skill level, but there just aren't instruments designed for some of what I was trying to do. I hope you enjoy at least part of it.


Mega Man 5: Gravity Man
Tetris Battle Gaiden: Wolfman

Gatekeeper Mountain

posted in PRC231 on Nov 11, 2012
Big learning experience. It started off sort of vaguely inspired by "Night on Bald Mountain," thus the title, although it departed from that idea pretty radically. There's some stuff in here I think you'll enjoy, along the lines of epic classical, though there are also quite a few ideas that didn't work out so well. Thanks for listening!
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