story time

posted in OHC711 on May 26, 2022

close your eyes

let me tell you

something stranger

you're about to see

what i get to see in you

tell me now

all your old regrets

and all that's stopping you

from singing the same song

you've been spinning

on and on

Late Entry

burn too fast

posted in OHC708 on May 05, 2022

my hands are cold

so let us join them

like matchsticks

you light them up

retrieve the scars

to put on spotlight

i think i'll burn too fast

this won't last


posted in OHC703 on Mar 31, 2022

i wrote this last year and it has nothing to do with bridges

all of my friends

they're doing fine

i don't mind them lying

guess all i'll say

everything's okay

even if you're not this time

Late Entry

on the waters

posted in OHC698 on Feb 24, 2022

take me out

on the waters

i have watched you disappear

on some hours

i get lonely too

you're one less soul, he's calling for

nothing you'll find here

Late Entry

your eyes

posted in OHC681 on Oct 28, 2021

tired eyes

blinking light

it's that way that you hold back

seen enough

think you're tough

when you know that i can't handle being a real

woman in your eyes


posted in 90MC039 on Oct 19, 2021

see you slither in the dirt

didn't want to feel the hurt

couldn't keep your distance

muddy shoes print lonelier footsteps

i'm afraid

that i'm sitting still

so why am i so cautious

when i know i've nothing left to leave behind?

Late Entry

cool treat

posted in OHC677 on Sep 30, 2021

maybe you're just too sweet

for my taste

could make a heart melt

on your coldest days

like a cool treat

wash away my anxieties

in the sun we'll beam till we've had enough

Late Entry

cant think of a title

posted in OHC673 on Sep 02, 2021

when you're not calling, i'm driven to a place

and it's already hazy

do i see my reflection

at all

when you're not busy, i'm headed to your place

and you already hate me

but i can't see through anything

at all

Late Entry


posted in OHC672 on Aug 26, 2021

i've been wandering not cause i lost you

so why did i journey back, do i feel any stronger about you here,

in this place

that you once said was the loneliest dream

maybe you'll wake me up from it again

Late Entry


posted in OHC670 on Aug 12, 2021

that run down house, care if I go in alone, i won't mind if you

sit by the trees

there it goes, by the door, I ignore, and I dare you, I dare you, I dare you to come follow me

take us there I won't mind

where the summer wind's colder

take me there I won't mind

getting looks from stranger people

Late Entry

sunset song

posted in OHC667 on Jul 22, 2021

sry depressing and also off beat

it'll be good this time

to watch the sun set

don't let your mind,

wander off

it'll take you back

to all the bad places

and don't let your thoughts intrude

when you see a wreck so beautiful

all you crave in your brain

is for your hands to take me there

and you unlearn

you unlearn

how to swim,

how to breathe

how to even cope in the first place?

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