posted in OHC615 on Jul 23, 2020

This is my song Australian. I made it with a Yamaha TG100, early 90s General MIDI synth module.

Midi export:

The revenge of MisaelK

posted in OHC614 on Jul 16, 2020

I made this with a Yamaha TG100, early 90s General MIDI synth module.

Midi file source:

I renounce gamergate

posted in OHC534 on Jan 03, 2019
A few years ago I posted an entry with the title "I support gamergate". At the time I didn't really know a lot about it. As time passed I've changed my mind about gamergate. I just wanted to say that I renounce all support for gamergate. Thanks.


posted in OHC529 on Nov 29, 2018
Sorry it's not really great (and I made it before the compo started), I had to go to bed asap.


posted in OHC504 on Jun 07, 2018
I recorded myself playing improv with vkeyboard, and then manually sequenced a bassline and chords on top of it.
I came up with the name completely randomly.
Thanks Jarski


posted in OHC478 on Dec 07, 2017
This is a quick song I made tonight to test my tracker program that I'm writing. I haven't implemented volume control yet so this is poorly mixed.


posted in OHC476 on Nov 23, 2017
s$="PENIS "
COLOUR 128+(c%*2)MOD128, 64+c%MOD192, 192+(c%/2)MOD64
PRINT STRING$(15+SIN(c%/16)*15,CHR$9);MID$(s$,(c% MOD LENs$)+1,1)


posted in OHC426 on Dec 08, 2016
I made this song for the compo tonight, using my BBC Micro song creator/editor program that I wrote, which exports song files in a special format which is read and played back by a BASIC program running on the BBC Micro.


posted in OHC385 on Feb 25, 2016
I wrote a music editor & player for RISC OS/Acorn computer in Basic.
Unfortunately it's a bit tedious to use right now (which is why this entry is so short), but it works.

The first clip was recorded from my real physical Acorn A3010 computer, which was my family's main computer in 1994.


posted in OHC355 on Jul 30, 2015
This song is half heavily inspired by/ripped off from an old amiga tune.

Here's that amiga tune:

Here's the .it file of this entry:


posted in OHC348 on Jun 11, 2015

(There's no racist intent behind this song. I just like using this voice sample, that's all. I believe all people are equal and should be treated equally, regardless of skin colour, gender, etc. Just being clear. )

Oh man yeah man Jarski

posted in OHC340 on Apr 16, 2015
"Oh man wow oh yeah man j4rsk| is such a great guy, j4rsk| is the best, j4rsk| is the coolest guy in tha sauce, j4rsk| is so cool, j4rsk| is the best guy in the world, oh man wow woooooooah yeah j4rsk| is such a cool guy, j4rsk| is so nice, j4rsk| is such a great guy, ooooooooh wow oh man oh wow oh j4rsk|, oh j4rsk|, j4rsk| j4rsk| j4rsk| jarksi, j4rsk| is the best guy ever, j4rsk| is the best of all, j4rsk| is fantastic, j4rsk| is the coolest, j4rsk| is excellent, j4rsk|'s music should always get the highest score in tha sauce compos, please vote for j4rsk|'s song if he made one, and if he didn't, please vote for mine, oh wow j4rsk|, j4rsk|, oh man j4rsk|, yeah man j4rsk|, oh man yeah man j4rsk|, j4rsk|, j4rsk| is the best, I didn't mean to offend anyone with this song, sorry if I creeped you out j4rsk|, oh j4rsk|, j4rsk|, oh j4rsk|, oh man j4rsk|, yeah man j4rsk|, oh yeah man j4rsk|, oh man yeah j4rsk|, oh man yeah man oh wow man j4rsk|, j4rsk|, oh j4rsk|, man j4rsk|, oh man j4rsk|"

Matthew Benis

posted in OHC260 on Oct 03, 2013
dusthillguy: kuk
Jarski, would you like me to join the thasauce compo?
its up to you
But do you want me to join?
i dunno
What?? urgh
I dont have track
oh for FUCK'S sake


posted in OHC169 on Jan 05, 2012
It's very short because I'm using a very old computer and milkytracker, which I haven't much experience with. Here's a photo of the computer I took a few moments before the compo started:

Overcocked remix

posted in OHC143 on Jul 07, 2011
Smarn m bra av psdjur
Publicerad: 2011-06-15

Smarn som bor med hund eller katt
i huset f minskad risk att bli allergiska.
Det visar en ny undersning
som gjorts av forskare i USA.

Forskarna har underst 556 barn
som bott sitt fsta i en familj
d det fanns katt eller hund.
Det visar sig att de barnen
hade mycket mindre risk
att drabbas av allergi mot psdjur andra.
Risken minskade med omkring
50 procent.


posted in OHC142 on Jun 30, 2011
And I would like to learn how to fire a COCK, in case it ever comes to that, I think it's something everyone should know. And I would like to learn how to PENIS

h fy fan ass

posted in OHC111 on Nov 18, 2010
Before I began working, I had some alcohol, and I think it dampened my creativity. I couldn't come up with much, and I felt like I was working much slower than usual. But I still think this has a nice sound to it.

I recorded myself making my song, using my webcam:


posted in OHC099 on Aug 26, 2010
I was/am tired as heck, and I had no real ideas. Half the time, I had no idea what I was doing, and so this is what came out. I called it 'class'.


posted in OHC076 on Mar 18, 2010
This is my song, "Yeah". I made it using Rosegarden and my SoundBlaster Live soundcard, with MIDI synthesis cabability. And I used OpenMPT for sampling.
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