They Say

posted in 2HTS359 on Feb 14, 2021


They say it a curse tho,

I take in stride, they have to die,

But aint the worse tho,

They swallowing their pride, yeah they had to try,

they had dreams, 

all those Bubbles I had to go burst those,

But I aint the first one to do this, 

I was born this way, they try to keep distance 

Try to keep my name clean, like dishes,

Try to find the one I try to stay a misses, 

Its confusing, cuz what I end up doing,

Is luring these boys to death, its somewhat human,

Then consuming his brain, in this way, 

that its somewhat inhuman,

But I at the end I keep moving,

They were shocked when there was no honeymoon,

Ill Try again soon probably with a better dude, 

I know we are seeing some different views,

Ill change soon,

Plus Im tired of killing too


They say Im a black widow 

Nah, that be insane, Im more engage,

What can I say then tho 

Its just my mind change on me everyday

But all the men they know,

That I go thru things, when it rains it pours,

Constantly changing my status,

Cant help it that Im praying mantis



Oh, do I wanna go thru this,

Just after our first kiss,

Is this all worth it? My baby seems perfect,

Now Im getting nervous,

He got us a 10 year plan, (damn)

Says he want kids, couple of boys,

Show them how to be a man,

I dont think I can 

Im going crazy, but maybe,

I can try to keep this man, 

On my end, he dont deserve dying,

On the inside, yeah Im crying,

What a girl gotta do?

How do I get thru?

I do I kill this high then?

All my friends said so and they knows how it goes,

Every time I fall, and get too close,

Im not trying be evil,

But my life aint that simple 


posted in 2HTS317 on Apr 26, 2020

Forgive me, 

dont like you can push me to the side,

I honestly wanna know if its alright,

Buy u a drink, baby can I get a sign,

And a bit of  time 

Where I, shoot my shot, cuz u looking like  my type,

And ur sway baby, that thing is really is a vibe,

See I know when I see something that i likes ,

Damn u fine


Got me tripping, all over myself,

Got me sweating, I need me some help,

Have some questions, I hope this dont fail,

My heart beating, I aint doing this well


Yeah  papi 

Your energy yeah it got me

Bumping all over my words (like it has potholes)

Que pasa papi

Cant believe that you got me,

Jostling over my words

(Like it has potholes)


posted in 2HTS316 on Apr 19, 2020

Im opposite of most, I still get to go work,

But when they dont want to help themselves, its hard, and it really does makes me hurt,

I aint a doc or cop man, firefighter, or not even a nurse,

I help my boss his money, collecting dough on his cars see. 

They wanna go yell and scream at me,

 tell me that they been on quarantine, 

Saying  they aint got no one bread 

I kno that,I see the news and watch tv,

But u know once this goes away,

U gonna have so much to pay,

Asking how can I ask for change,

I dont like it, but I do gotta get paid

So Tell me what u can do,

I know this taking a toll on u,

Hearing your sad stories 

Thats takes the life from me boo

Im trying make you a plan, 

But they dont want to take my hand,

So every night I come home,

Im straight to bed like damn 



Ima go need me a Vacay 

Ima go need



Ima pack my shit and run,

No more work Im done,

Need a break ASAP,

I need to go out and have some fun,

Cuz I cant even sulk at a bar, it sucks,

How can we have bad luck,

I done taking small walks,

Staying up all night watching TikTok,

I really wanna go out on a bender, 

Drive and pick my little sister,

Go see My mom I really do miss her,

See My dad  have some crabs for dinner

Im hearing to much of my neighbors, partying til the Am,

Not realizing that I gotta work still

Honestly fuck who gets to stay in

Pour Me

posted in 2HTS312 on Mar 22, 2020
Just pour me
Some raspberry vodka
It would be easy
Cuz I already want ya

You been swimming through my head,
Acting crazy baby,
Im usually not this type,
But something happened lately,
You got power of a god
With a heart to match,
Got me reaching for my chest,
Like a heart attack.

So fill up my cup and skip the ice,
Another few of these Ill pay the price,
Cuz you got me feeling right,
Add a lil sprite for that fizz then a kiss,
Pouring you all over me, sending me into bliss,

I guess it got to be what its got to be
boy you poured it strong why you did this shit to me
Probably gonna have to let you get a peek,
you havent ate dinner yet, yeah I promise Ill give you something sweet to eat,
Im on a high so please dont put me down,
Three glasses in and I really feel it now,
Lets take a slow, show me where to go,
My glasses empty so you should already know

Save Me

posted in 2HTS310 on Mar 08, 2020
Tell bullwinkle (come save me)Tell Rocky (Come save me)

Bullwinkle call emTell Im hurtDont Put me on hold right now, partner it aint gonna work
Call em him up right now, before I lay in the dirt,Im always in this shit, me and death always flirt,
Tasha and Boris can wait, I need me a hand,They can take the whole day off, trust me theyll understand,
When u call up ur buddy, please find out the plan,Cuz your girl is down, yes she in a new jam

Super moose place the call, summon the flying squirrel,Get it together she needs u, u gotta save the dying girl, then go and save the world
I kno there times when shes dramatic but this time its life and death,There a price placed on her head, if shes gone, yall failed and there gonna be nothing left, nothing but regrets,
I know yall never sweating, yall are the pros, cuz Yall pull it off right at the end,U cant call it a win, til she is safe, now both of yall can go save ur friend,
Let not wait til the last minute, cuz powerful forces are taken her hostage,I know you done it a hundred times before, so I hope and pray that u got this.

Date On Marz

posted in 2HTS304 on Jan 26, 2020
Come on baby,
Let go take a trip,
Take ur mind out of here,
Somewhere that u won't forget,
Dont take to long baby,
Cuz now we gotta split,
We going all alone,
Friends will think we slipped,

It's true, I just want it to be me and you,
I'll be a fool, to deny, that I'm crazy cuz of you,

Got me going out my way, emptying my brain,
Never thought I see a day, where u would make a bitch insane,
We really need our space, I planned a getaway,
Somewhere out here, hope that's okay

Let me take u away (away)
To a places, just us two,
Let me get just one day (just one day yeah)
I really hope that's Kool,

Let's have a date on mars
Just me and you, you and me,
Let's have a day where we,
Can go, and we can finally breathe

Just say fuck all family, fuck all our friends,
Fuck the dog and cat, just give a day with out all them,
Let's not speak about work, let's massage
Each other spirits,
Let revisit all our dreams, the noise I will not hear it

They say it's selfish, I know
To just go hidding in our hole,
Not to share our time and space,
But tell me face to face,
Do u want to try something different,
If not I'll give a pass,
But if say, bae I'm there,
Watch this bitch go and step on the gas


posted in 2HTS303 on Jan 19, 2020
Lately I've been out my mind
Yes bae I've been slowing down
My strength here I can not find
Its going down, I'm going down,

There's darkness at ever turn,
Like quicksand I'm bout to drown,
I need a drink again,
I pour it now I pour it down

No space in my empty heart
No pieces to fall apart
No room in this naked place
I feel so small in this little space

I'm stuck in this tiny house,
With all these open rooms,
I'm here all alone,
The one exit, I can't go thru

I feel trapped
I need to get out
Someone please
Come and help out

Take From Me

posted in 2HTS302 on Jan 12, 2020
Go head pack the car so we can go,
Leave nothing stupid behind, u all should know,
That after this score, this no longer be our home,
No more friends, no names, after this our past is gone,

We said last time was the last time,
Living life fast, this is our refund
Call it tax time,
Matter fact I'm ready to finish these pacts
Yeah it's crack time,
To roll with the crew, time to bite, yea it's pack time,

Now it's past nine, get ready,
sync up the watches,
Gonna be a slam dunk just
Sit back and watch this,
And I know I don't say this lame shit often,
But y'all been good to me,
I Love u, yeah we got this,

And regardless if we pass this this, ask if was this worth
The bad shit,
I'ma say yes and it's gonna go perfect,
This is the life, dare I say it's clutch,
So let them fall, cuz this shit is tough, I just wish them luck

Dare to try to come and take from me,
They gonna stay dummies,
Surprise, We take lives, just to take money,
Let them try to come take from me,
Let them spill, cuz it's ain't funny,
I guess we getting blood money

Let the bodies build up, yea, it's a tragedy,
If y'all just gave it up, could've live your life so happily,
But ur grappling to be the hero, had me.laughing see,
Had me just for armed robbery and now adding some battery,

I'm not an average seed, I came here with the mastery,
To bring disaster, and mourning, God damn such blasphemy,
Dare try to smile at while the gat is right between ur teeth,
Well i hoped you kissed ur wife this morning and ur bastard seed,

Put head down and shutup
Let a man try to nut up,
Press that damn button,
Then the bullets in ur butt son,

Fill the bags no eye contact, think I'm playing,
The secretary didn't want to go by what I'm saying,
Bitch stop ur praying, ain't no one gonna save u,
U was a dumb bitch, this the punishment he gave you,
Another tragic loss for the cost of me being rich,
U think not but this was a day well spent

Heads Roll

posted in 2HTS273 on Jun 23, 2019
Step to me wrong and Dem heads Gon Roll
Step to me wrong and I'll lose control

You ask my whole fam, they Kno I'm crazy,
Test me, I mean shit, them others try on it on the daily
Maybe, if they didn't try to push my shit,
I wouldnt do equations, fist plus gut, foot plus lips,
I'm a general, salute bitch when u see me,
It that's easy,
Unless ur ass don't like breathing,
I'm bad bitch, bags of mad tricks,
Trying see how far u can get,
Well you gonna Catch these hands bitch,

Believe that, I'm type Great and type raw,
Fuck you bitch, I'm the one daddy always wanna call,
The one he summoned, yeah done tame your dog,
And he comes at every beck and call,
See I'm his baby doll,

I'll just take them at the knee caps,
Knock you in your jaw,
U fucked up when u thought he loyal all of long,
But I'll skrt pass them, switch all lanes,
Cutting off hoes heads,
I make em rolll,
fuck playing these games, strike em like its time to bowl,

I'll let them heads roll,
They falling down to the ground,
They see I don't fuck around,
From the neck up,
I get em, I don't play around I don't play around
The human guillotine,
They all scared,
They ain't see in me, I don't play fair, don't care,
Cuz I'm the best, wait I'm the great,
So go and hate, cuz if u wait,
You'll meet your fate,
I'm the one that comes to the slaughter,
Making all ur decisions so much harder,
If u knew this was dumb, why u bother,
Try to be the martyr,
An idiot is what I call ya
I said u shouldnt stay,
You should've ran away,
Angel of death, and I ain't sorry,
Feel remose ain't apart of me,
Well I hope your whole team will start to leave
And they better not start with me.

Easter Egg

posted in 2HTS264 on Apr 21, 2019
You thought I was gonna sing naw,
I'm a Half breed bitch like a centaur,
I guess y'all done forgot that I've been raw,
Yeah remember too damn smooth I've been mad hard,

So I'm about the drop the nuggets,
But I'ma hide them, so find them,
No need to rush it,
Yeah I run this, it's fun shit,
it's work, Which u deserve it,
be like me and your put it ass first, never end up worse,

cursed to be a follower, it keep ur strengths back,
Try not to be a commoner, keep it real, facts,
Don't get scratched by no puddy cat, if so,
Get em right back,

Don't let em push u round bruh
Always attack,
Make a sound bruh,
See them react,
Build from the ground up,
Don't let em break u down,
Cuz if u mess around you'll be the clown

Dropping knowledge,
Something I can serve for days,
U got to work from them
Find these Easter Eggs

Solving many problems,
See what I get fed a day
Trying to catch this rabbit,
To get these Easter eggs

Run son, run son,
Trust no one, I said no one,
Watch ur back, don't forget the front
But please don't try to jump the gun

Get details, then a leg up,
Trys get one, then they done,
Do some work, and go do some play,
Be true to u, accept some change,

But if u get a chance, to try a different dance,
Don't forget the step, hold them close,
Trust me Cuz there is gonna be times that u don't,
Apply them to ur self, and never grow

Let them know that ur hearts ur home,
Cuz if they break that shit, you'll be alone,
We can make this shit, u not alone,
Cuz u can't do everything on ur own

Safe Place

posted in 2HTS246 on Dec 16, 2018
Just walk in
No talking
Just say with ur eyes
It is That raw shit

Just walk in
Then just Be aware
That I'm not breathing
You Like what u seeing

Say are u ready (to go)
To go another universe
The tension bout to burst
Showing u a women's worth
Are u ready
To open up ur Christmas gift
Give u something you won't forget
You forget

I'm ur safe place
Ur only
I'm ur peace
When ur lonely
Im apart of you
I'm ur temple
I'm ur heaven
It's thats simple

I Kno that is hard when
U go through the motions
But keep ur mind open
The good will come for u

It gets where u cant no more
Dont close the only door
To get to that peace of mind
Cuz inside u'll find

That u are ready (to go)
To go another universe
The tension bout to burst
Showing u a women's worth
Are u ready
To open up ur Christmas gift
Give u something you won't forget
You forget

Good Girl

posted in 2HTS244 on Dec 02, 2018
What a place to be, what a time to live,
Oh so much to do, Well at least to me
Gonna rock ur world, Try to make a seed,
Make it last forever, hoping time will freeze,

This ain't joke, u in my throat,
The way u make me moan, ur nut make me choke,
Burning rubber, I'm surprised there no smoke,
Even do it when we hosting ur folks

It crazy that we only did it when we were alone,
That time is hazey, baby how much Ive grown
Since u change me, the only way I get off is when we sneak- in
Leaving dinner to break me off a piece, for no reason

I don't wanna wait til ur sister leaves (yeah)
We have 5 mins, now we got 3 (yeah)
Top bunk of ur nephew don't breath (yeah)
Naughty is how I gotta be

Was a school girl (but he burst my cherry)
Such a good girl (but he burst my cherry)
Follow the rules girl (but he burst my cherry)
Such a good girl
They raised a good girl (but he burst my cherry)
Never had would girl (but he burst my cherry)
Was such a good girl (but he burst my cherry)
Was such a good good good good girl

Remember when the neighbors almost caught me
Probably u threw me on the the car, let a out god scream,
Leave the curtains open, let Tom see,
Make eye contact is what u taught me

Now all I think of is us skipping my meeting,
To sit on ur meat and,
Riding that train, and my boss trying to peak in,
Back in the storage, where u burst for the first time,
All over the copy paper u blew my mind

They Shootin

posted in 2HTS242 on Nov 18, 2018
We all should be on alarm,
The whole city is upping their arms,
Shooting these bullets like they were some stars
Spraying anyone just to stay up on par

Whether your awake or you are asleep
New holes on u would make u unique
A new world fall down to our feet
A world once that was safe here for me

So lock and load, yeah let's go
Lose control, it's the purge now,
Lose your mind, fuck Dem signs
Forget where ur are cuz it's on now,

Pop that hoe, beat that bitch
Don't take it slow, it's going down,
Shut it down, raise some hell,
Reload those weapons, let it go down

Oh They shooting, you better go hide
Yurp They shooting, you better stay inside
Bullets made freckles, holy Swiss cheese
You better hide bruh, you better go leave

Those masked men, they at ur spot,
Better hide mom's, can't call the cops,
Protect ur Fam, that all u got
That all u got, unless u get caught

Litty Wit Cho Lich

posted in 2HTS241 on Nov 11, 2018
I'm gettin so litty wit cho lich ya
I'm gettin so litty wit cho lich ya
We turnt like a somava bitch ya
I'm getting so damn litty wit cho lich ya

I'm a bad bitch, and im a bad witch,
What I did to his corpse, he won't forget,
Ever since ur papi went and gave u that slip
He been calling for me to ride up on his dick
Begging for my soul, just hold it for a bit,
make him lose control when I'm ride on his tip,
He crazy about me, homie needs to get a grip,
He Gets so stupid we he goes and taste these lips

I'm that bad bitch that u die for,
Come back from the dead wishing u could get more,
Too much of a snack, yeah I'll make ur lich drool,
Dragging me to hell just to make him cum, kool
And ur lich ain't even rich bruh,
But I gave something he could flip a bit bruh
Talking all the smack to make me drip bruh
Trying to cast a spell for the smell of it ya

Head With No Body

posted in 2HTS240 on Nov 04, 2018
Feel like a head with no body
When I try to get ahead of somebody
Feel like a head of a nobody
Feel like a head with no body

Feel like a head with no body
Feel like im dead, and that's probably,
The reason that I can't hear no body
Why I'm not here with nobody
Feeling the dread in my body
Just calling out to somebody
Trying to shout for somebody
Help me get out to somebody

And I Kno I am some what tripping
That why I feel so different
That why I stay here sitting
I feel so too damn different

Catching a feels with somebody
Making these deal with somebody
I feel my mind is just rotting
Just go throw it out with my body
Why can't i feel for nobody
Why can't I be real to somebody
If did care I could probably
If did care I could probably

Tis The Season

posted in 2HTS237 on Oct 14, 2018
My mom would know
Where I would wanna go
Once the summer leaves

Back in the grades,
All them thought the same
Felt like we could finally breathe

We got tired of breaking sweats,
We Rode our bikes like they were jets,
Baby we loved the breeze

Now the heat is nowhere harsh
Feels too great when it get dark
This how life suppose to be

Tis the season
These leaves gives me reasons
To be a kid again
Arms out to the wind
With my friends

Tis the season
These leaves gives me reasons
To a perfect time
A peaceful mind
Love them Autumn leaves

All Over My Body

posted in 2HTS234 on Sep 23, 2018
All over my body i cant take it
All over my body i cant shake it
All over my body

All over my body and i hate it
All over my body it not my favorite
All over my body

They say the beach is somewhere that i can go and relax
I wish i could go back in time, and slap the bitch who had said that.
It's in my car, my hair, i swear im bout to go and lose my mind
I think I've jump in and scrub in the shower about 100 time oh
Now there's sand in panties,
Taste when I eat candy
Now im down, feeling crabby

Tell me how this shit end up in here

This is like what happens with cat hair

Do You Trust Me? (Hell Naw)

posted in 2HTS233 on Sep 16, 2018
Should known from day one,
I told you shit, you would just listen,
And at the moment i was finally finished,
You made me start something different,
Your world was locked no combo,
All Predator no arnold,
And It was like an open bar so
Dont know how i kept myself calm tho,
Yeah bruh now im giving up
Cant give your bitch ass no more luv
Feels like downed a 100 slugs
And no you just dont give a fuck
I'm too tired to watch my back,
So this is how you gonna act,
Go head Your wack and that's a fact,
So i cant believe you asked that

Do You Trust Me?

I have no time to start the denying,
Most of my ppl know when im lying
It was dumb as shytt to give u proof
Can destroy my life, cave in my roof,
Got me by throat, cant talk or yelp
Like i was raped of My former self,
Can only walk forward, cant turn for help,
This is what those others felt
Tell my folks what they shouldn't hear,
Spelt it out, made sure its clear,
Now our closness is lil weird,
And I cant show them any fear,
I'm about to give up and take the L,
Done lived my life, just let me fail,
Let this stupid train just derail
I'll see ur ass up in hell

Oh My Buddha

posted in 2HTS226 on Jul 29, 2018
Hold me back
Cuz when i rap,
Make me attack
And Anyone in arms lengths can get it baby and thats a fact
When you ran you should have covered up tracks
Oh yeah the really pressure on
And as soon as you tap out bitch im gone,
Thats what happens when your in the wrong,
You had til dawn,

So had to go get cha, hit cha
Prove and Show you whose boss,
My sword and to split cha Wig ya,
You knew what was the cause,
Your brave, but your god couldnt to save you ,
You shouldnt have cross nothing but your ankles
Gave me something to do,
On a sunday afternoon, which was cool of you
So Thank you

Enemies screaming out oh my buddha
But they should of looked out from my ruga
Revenge is so sweet, love that suga
They should have called out oh my buddha

Now you gone, now i got time,
To clear the air, its about time,
I thought you would be a hard find,
But your mind, only set you up to go die,
Now your boys came to start shit,
I guess i can practice for a bit
They should have stayed away from your hit,
Now their lives are getting jipped

(Exit) Stage Left

posted in 2HTS225 on Jul 22, 2018
All you haters,
(exit stage left)
Do me a favor
(exit stage left)

My mama said Yeah my mama said
Shake em off til they finally dead
Keep your focus, Stop seeing red
Cause when you do, Thats when you lose,
Keep your distance, And the people you choose,
Strengthen your mind, Stay on the news,
If they gonna laugh,Dont be the fool,
Say your prayer, Refuse to be cruel,
Theyll bring you down
yeah theyll bring you down
be alone when they around
Keep on your vest, dont let you drown,
Cuz if you fail, they think ur the clown
Dont count your chickens, without no eggs,
Ask only once, dont need to beg,
Even if you have to win just by leg,
You still in front, yep my mama say,

My mama said there's an ugly side,
Tap out now, if you scared to ride,
The ones that expect some, push them aside,
They'll be pissed, just let em cry,
Set your goals for only you,
If you got a group, only set em for few,
Theyll rip your ideas to get to you,
And push you down, if you let em boo
Clear your mind, yes clear your mind,
Dont be a bitch, girl grow a spine,
Cuz a ride or die is hard to find,
Just your heart, your soul, your mind,
Bust some chops, if they talking smack,
Only let them see the white or black
Break out that box from where you at,
Cuz my mama said these where the facts.

Me Vs Her

posted in 2HTS220 on Jun 17, 2018
This the bitch you never see here
Fuck these 2 hours i need me beer
Let me be clear, i bang out them beats,
Go monkey on them, as i stir up that heat

This is the me that never will sleep,
Shut yo shit down if you punks wanna speak,
Ill choke a bitch out, if that hoe wanna sneak,
That's how i get down, when my space becomes breached,

You asking me why i don't bring out this side,
Cuz she hard to put back, and she'll make you cry,
Spit in your tracks, make you retire,
Spit in your eye, while i'm throwing out fires,

The goddess arrived, the others a hoe,
Not even a queen, so she gotta go,
I dare her to come in this and return the blow
But shell be to slow, way to damn slow

My alter ego is talking shit,
And you see why her mouth don't fit
Yall got mixed feeling on whose who
But yall done seen What I can do

I know I get too crazy, But I'm an artist just like u,
We wore the same shoes, playing the same games,
u do the same thing, We on the same plane,

I'm that laid back, kool cat, that tryna stay sane,
rap a bit then i sang Always trying out new things
I'm not gonna fall back, and call her out her name,
That she has to go for me so hard, it's a damn shame

Center of Attention

posted in 2HTS212 on Apr 22, 2018
My love you throw it all right back
Everyday it’s just been like that,
I seen you been getting all sidetrack
So what i gotta do
What i gotta do

Give my love you throw it all right back
Everyday it’s just been like that,
I seen you been getting all sidetrack
So what i gotta do get your Attention

I’m trying to be your center of attention
Stuck in the worst sandstorm
And i cant find my way out
Cant find my way out

I gave you all my pin codes,
All my males friends i had let go,
But feel like it not enough,
And the look on your face, it does says so
Check in with you every damn day,
Facebook, IG i put away
I thought after all that would be okay
I thought that it would be okay

I chilled out stop drinking,
I tell u what I'm thinking,
Let my guard down all for you,
Cook all your favorite meals all for u,
Wear my tight clothes u like,
Let u pull my hair at night
Tell me if what I do is okay
I need to know if were okay

Stuck in the worst sandstorm of your love
And i cant find my way out
Cant find my way out

Double The Gold

posted in 2HTS211 on Apr 15, 2018
When i was young and dumb, i prayed to try to catch leprechauns
they said I'd be president first, that how they played out all of my odds,
They asking the reason, each season, i just say that just what i wanted,
But getting that coin, and stealing his treasure i crave, i aint gonna front it,

They told me greed was worst of the evils, i would be stuoid to disagree,
Cuz if i lie to you, then i’ll lie to myself, but then i wouldnt be me,
So i purchased my nets, read all of the books, and put this all in my mind,
And think if i saw i a double rainbow on my first shot, all that shit would be mine,

Haters killing my hope,
But something they didnt all know,
They should've went
and double tapped my dreams to make me
let them all go
Seeing crazy, kalidescope vision,
This is my journey yo,
If i see that double rainbow, remember this tho,
im getting double the gold,

Got my backpack, google maps, ready to rock in roll,
I know the travel will be slow, but it'll be it kool, I kno just where to go,
This is my decision baby, to give a try, maybe fail, but that's alright,
If I give it 100% and my heart that would be all worth my time,

They all laughting til I finish, I'll be sliding home in no time, they be crying in a minute,
And I kno y'all just dont get it, but when I do, dont stand in line, open palm bitches,
They will get salty as fuck, in the end my name they all will kno,
I'll tell them, go do ur research, I ain't tell u shit
lazy ass, go catch ur own,

Watering Hole

posted in 2HTS207 on Mar 18, 2018
Hi there,
We bout to go and fight right there,
Clock you, knock you out hands bare,
Wont lose this fight, yeah i swear,

Im the beast and im bout to come take charge,
Don't care if my enemies are quite large,
Go for the neck make you see stars
Have you shaking now, breathing damn hard,

Call your pack, let them all watch,
I Rule your pride, watch that shit drop,

My teeth bared, wanna rip your top
Just keep your memories of your old block

You think its wiki, but its real facts
Wankanda forever, yeah i said that,
Either take your knee, or homie step back
Before i have to stomp you into bull crap

Okay go head let's get right,
Okay Let's go i aint got all night
Animal instinct, watch me lose control,
Take down these hoes at the watering hole

Now what,
Eat your wheaties or hush up,
Now your not coming off so tough bruh
If you tap out now, it'll be all love,

Fiercest queen on two feet,
Circle of life, i gotta eat,
Not all good boys get those good treats,
I was bred here to take out the weak meat

Move As One

posted in 2HTS203 on Feb 18, 2018
Yo get ready it’s going down,
Listen up, cuz im the boss,
we gotta be ready take it all,
Watch each other we can’t take a loss
I’ll take back, You take the sides,
Don’t let a heart beat at the end alright,
They got us once, can’t get us twice,
Let’s crush our enemy and do it right
Check your weapons, check the plan,
Hope the details u understand
Get no scratches men if you can,
If you need to bail then raise your hand
Practice is done, lets move it out,
They had their chances to talk it out
Get them in the throat so they can not shout,
Wipe out these boogers, gotta clear them out

Yeah you know it about time,
They say that we are out our damn mind,
Hit them where the sun don’t shine
Move as one, call us hive mind
Yeah they know it’s end time
Shred them up all into thin lines
Hit them where the sun don’t shine
Move as one, call us hive mind

Squad it up, up the stealth,
Call me in if you need my help,
Don’t be a hero, don’t play yourself,
I don’t care how hurt or deep it all felt,
We up inside, the place is still,
3 then 3 you know the drill,
Night vision on, time to play,
Now we show them how we do GTA

Come To Me

posted in 2HTS202 on Feb 11, 2018
Light up my world,
Bring in the warmth
They watched us both
Be on our own
Nurture me here
with all your sweetness
Come Take me over
I’m feeling different

Prey like a hawk
Devour my soul
Heat me all the way
Don’t let me feel cold
Release my frustrations
Cuz this getting old
Wake me up
Wake me up

Come to me and
be my RA
Bring the sun too,
Let’s take this far
Come to me and
be my God
Let’s take this over
Let’s beat the odds

Let’s plan out our life
Make sure it’s real
pave the way for us
Mark it with seals
Explore my heart
Revive my mind
Wake me up
Wake me up

Let me worship you
Worship you

Let’s make chaos

Feed You Painapples

posted in 2HTS201 on Feb 04, 2018
Peak a boo
Who are you
Why you here in my house,
You got about 30 secs to clear out,
And now im smelling your fear now

Leave my shit,
Back away
It was dumb to take my china plate,
Now all ten fingers ima try and break
I done had my coffee and im wide awake

Don’t understand why you thought i was a bright idea
to come in here, and invade my space,
You scared now, you better fix your face,
You should have been ready you saw my place

Just for you i aint gonna use a knife,
I aint gonna kill you how i like,
This bowl of fruit will treat you right,
These granny smiths are good to fight

You saw how i done came at u
You saw how i done came at u
call me nuts
Fiji shit,
Im about to feed you painapples

Knock Knock
Who is there
There no where you can run now,
Doors bolted, now im having fun now
I’ll count to 10 let you run around,

Bag of Banana guns wouldn’t help you now
I’m bout to bust your grapes,
Red delicious you gonna taste,
Throw these cherry bombs right in your fac

My Buddy

posted in 2HTS190 on Nov 19, 2017
My neighbors think im crazy
Maybe drunk
I dont give a fuck, I let em think what they want
They hear one sided convos,
And they kno im alone,
They only one that stays in that home,
I never get visitors,
He made that rule,
I cant make him mad, I gotta keep him kool
Especially since i cant start fist fights,
At midnight
Just a lip bite, (whoo-saw) I’m alright

Gotta Let you Know
(He my buddy)

He is Kindof the best roommate,
Im the only one that take bathroom break
When i turn on the hulu and just press play,
i can stretch in bed, he’s not in they way,
and i can keep all my cake,
And when im awake, he just sits and listen,
about how i wish, the work day went slightly different
No kanye, he always let me finish

Good Ol' Jack

posted in 2HTS187 on Oct 29, 2017
He aint giving me nothing
He aint giving me nothing but a smile
He aint giving me nothing
He aint giving me nothing but some doubts
He aint giving me nothing
He aint giving me nothing worth a while
He aint giving me nothing
He aint giving me nothing but a glow

Good ol jack he aint never coming back
Good ol jack he aint never
Good ol jack he aint never coming back
Good ol jack he will never

He aint telling me something
He aint telling whats really going on
He aint telling me something
He just looking at me, keeps on looking see
He aint showing me something
He aint showing what really on his mind
He aint showing me nothing
He just showing me how bright he can go

Better Half

posted in 2HTS183 on Oct 01, 2017
We couldnt be anymore different
if we tried if we tried
We always stay together,
Were Glue to each other side,
And Even when your away
Your in my mind In my mind
I know I'm in yours too,
it's creeping in your spine

We argue and fuss,
Your always in my brain In my brain
When you know everything i want
Shit drive me insane,
From opposite sides,
we still do our thing do our thing
We meet in the middle,
Same goal, and we stay in the same range

ooo oooo
Your my ying to my yang
ooo ooo
Your my 2nd in my gang
ooo oooo
Your my ying to my yang
ooo oooo
Your my other half
ooo oooo
Your my ying to my yang
ooo ooo
Your my 2nd in my gang
ooo oooo
Your my ying to my yang
ooo oooo
Your my better half

You know that i know you
I know that you know me,
Better than any other man that I ever met,
That is something i wouldnt bet
You know that im crazy,
I know what you make me
But you have to stay part of my life,
I'm the darkness, you are my light

I know that you know me
You know that i know you
Even though we stay confused,
I would break if i lost you
I know that your crazy
You know that i make you hate me
But i have to stay part of your life
I am your darkness, To all your light

You know I know
I know you know
We see, they see
that completely
2 sides of the
same coin
( You and me/ me and you
We share the same heart)

See You Soon

posted in 2HTS182 on Sep 24, 2017
I'm lost up this town that they said they all saw you last,
I'm here to say that I am sorry and forget about the past,
I have backpack thru all these states,
And I Refuse to take a break,
I have so much to say to you,
Just please just slow your pace and wait,

You took a piece of me with you and I now i feel an empty space,
I kno the pain that I have caused you is still written on your face,
My feet and mind are so damn tired but my hearts is in control,
I gotta make my way to the one place i kno that you would go,

I all see you soon,
Please be there,
I do need you
You always dream
About seeing
Those northern lights
before you die
Just wait me

You swear to be there and I would
Do this thing together
You kno that we should
I can't cure your sickness,
I wish and pray like hell I could,
Baby won't you wait for me, I'm almost there,
I'll be much better to you and that I swear,
I am now awake and so aware,
I see soon please be there

No Bridge Can Stop Me

posted in 2HTS172 on Jul 16, 2017
They say im crazy cuz we just met
Said ive fallen way too deep
Those haters can speak
I just need to know what you think of me
Tell me Have i passed all your test?
Can i collect once pass go?
Should i give up all my hobbies,
Just Please just let me know

Do i need to ninja out this course,
Do i need to show you all my moves
Do i have to prove that to everyone
That all i want is you

Should i even fall to my knees
Should i even read what’s between
Should i even spell it out,
Just hear me out, You're the one that i need

Baby i’ll do
Anything to
get close to you
Swim the ocean
Climb the Mountains
No bridge will stop me boo
You know
Baby i’ll do
Anything to
get close to you
Swim the ocean
Climb the Mountains
No bridge can stop me boo

I know you heard it before, but your my life,
I would give up everything and more if the feeling right,
Be last one i see when we sleep at night,
Yeah, I'd backpack this bitch, i’ll be that type,
And im sorry, my feelings come out like a safari,
With Twist and turns, i hope in the end you got me,
Grab hold baby, This future might be wobbly,
It gonna take a lot more than gods flood to try to stop me

Hallway to Hell

posted in 2HTS169 on Jun 25, 2017
Which one to choose?
The past hour im so confused,
On which knob to turn,
My Curiosity burns
All right thru my soul,
Into my core,
My Anxiety rising more,
Choosing Which of the four

Do i need to Enter
Each one is different
Ones feels Summer
The othere ones Winter

Can i have a clue
If you could choose
If i was you
Tell me
What would you do

I gotta pick one thru four
I cant change my mind after this
I know can not switch
I gotta pick just one these door
And dont know where it leads
Where it leads
In this hallway of hell

Check on each make,
Undressing with my eyes,
My breath increase more,
Cuz there is a surprise
It's either good news or bad
Be ecstatic or be mad
I might give up all i have
I cant let this drag

Which one do I Enter?
This a bad thing
Ones feels Fall
The other ones feels Spring

Can i have a clue
If you could choose
If i was you
Tell me
What would you do

Welcome To The Runes

posted in 2HTS168 on Jun 18, 2017
Me and my people
Can party and drink
Til we cant even walk
Or we cant even think
Hey mister bartend,
What are the specials
Cool my ass down
It's so hot like hell yo
Hey mr dj
I’m feeling that bass
Shaking up on the dance floor,
Sweat up on my face
My ladies and homies,
Please Break out that line,
To that ol skool that ol skool
Let's go back in time

Writing on the wall
They all talk to you
Welcome to the runes
Welcome to the runes

Speak all the secrets,
They watch every move
Welcome to the runes
Welcome to the runes

Symbols and pictures
Of much sweeter past
Showing your marks
Just To prove you last
Get answers to questions
You should not have ask
Brace yourself
Brace yourself

Bodies are vibrating,
Clothes coming off
Just dance please dont talk
Just dance please dont talk
Shot after shot,
Body counts let it drop
Dont speak please just watch
Dont speak please just watch
Cell phones on silent,
Dance floor is pack,
People in line
For the treats in the back
Keep spinning keep spinning
For a night to forget
Dont know what the ending
Just try to live it


posted in 2HTS167 on Jun 11, 2017
I shouldnt hold my breath too long
I shouldnt probably watch the clock
Now the feeling are too strong
Saying my prayer and give it all i got

I check my phone a least thousand times
I Might just need to move on
Gave each man a thousand tries
Each one did me wrong
So they

Got me waiting for my
(my superman)

I see you in my dreams,
When im awake it a nightmare,
Wont you to fly right me,
And save me from right here

You got me defeated
Like im your lex luther
But i should be your lois
And i wont stop looking for you

Can you use your powers and come here and save me?

Just Like You

posted in 2HTS166 on Jun 04, 2017
I fall down then get up,
When life starts to gets tough
Stay accountable for my mistakes
I got strong love and strong hate,

Count blessing and them some,
Pray for help when i run
Show my hand when you've won
Try again when it's all done

Ive done tried it on my own,
And even know im grown
I still look
I still search for my place called home

When i wake everyday,
I know this life i play,
Has no restarts
Cuz we get dont no breaks

Im just like you,
I breathe like you
I see like you
You see it too
With the way we move,
We got to prove,
Love one another
Like humans do

i rely on blind fate,
Times i just can not think straight
I work jobs, and give back
It's not enough i know that

I'll laugh when i should cry,
I count down til i die
I try not to act surprise,
And just try to enjoy life

Ive done tried it on my own,
And even know im grown
I still look
I still search for my place called home

When i wake everyday,
I know this life i play,
Has no restarts
Cuz we get dont no breaks

Can we be more than human one day?

Yes I Know

posted in 2HTS158 on Apr 09, 2017
One glance then you look away,
The embarrassment you can not take,
I got a lifetime, I'll guess I wait,
So I can prove to you,

One chance to let me try again,
But this time yeah I'm gonna win,
Since I've unleashed all my innocence,
I'm gonna show what I can do

Yes I know, I was cruel,
I was sick, I was rude,
I was dumb, I knew I was,
Just A mistake to you

Yes you kno, im a waste,
I'm joke, just in the way,
I was lost, not awake
Aways disappointed you ooo

So please start another chapter
Just see the goal I'm after,
You say that it doesn't matter,
I've always been a fool,

Let's clean the slate and take my hand,
Learn from my self when I ran,
I will do it, I know I can,
Turn to the girl u knew

Dont hate me
Dont hate me
I've changed

Walk of Shame (Gary's Mattress)

posted in 2HTS155 on Mar 19, 2017
I didnt think it get this far (far)
I didnt think i’d leave this bar (bar)
But i was fucked up on patron (patron)
Way Too fucked up to go home alone

I told him i didnt bring my car (I ubered)
His places wasnt very far (come over)
I was too messed up to say no so
I just decided to just go oh

He kept the lights off,
as he moved towards the room,
he slipped off my shoes,
He said girl it’s up to u,
We could nextfilx and chill,
as he led to the bed
No cares in my head
I didnt hear what he said

when i smelled it (gary’s mattress)
I was in hell with (gary’s mattress)
Didn't feel well with (gary’s mattress)
I had to bail cuz of (gary’s mattress)

It smelt of hot dogs and sweat
And like he had about 10 pets,
but i didnt hear no pets here,
My drunkness became clear,

I looked for my purse,
This has been the worse,
then this fool try to kiss me,
And now even he looked too icky

I tucked and i roll,
accidently touch his dirty flo,
Is this pizza?
there was something on my hands,
what a fucking digusting man,
as i looked around i gagged,
he said the mess aint that bad
Was he freaking mad
I turned slowly, I looked at the bed,
Almost passed out,
My ass should have been dead

There were boxes and trash bag
And that ain't the worst
There were bread crumbs all over
The sheets matted with dirt
Saw roaches and beer cans,
My mind was about to burst
My mind bout to burst

Stand My Ground

posted in 2HTS154 on Mar 12, 2017
Many reminders of my past,
holding me right at my throat
The cries the laughs,
The good the bad,
Never given up hope,

Started everyday like it’s new,
The only way i can get thru,
They ask and trash,
it makes me mad,
But still wont make me blue

I’ll stand my ground,
Let it all fall down,
Stay strong,
As much as i can

Plant my feet down,
Not leaving in now
Head high,
As i get thru this avalanche
of life

Steadily throwing sticks and stones,
Trying to take away my home,
I sweet and bleed
And still succeed,
I fought thru every storm

Try to strip me of my pride,
But it give me this high
Of faith and focus,
Cuz i was chosen,
This makes me feel alive

Crave Again

posted in 2HTS152 on Feb 26, 2017
Boy So dont even try to act cool,
Get yo ass up here and come make a move,
Cuz if i cool off then it’s something you lose,
Hurry up baby and make it by 2,

Im baked and im perferct, it all has been measured,
Top ingredients, giving you all of ur pleasures,
Her milkshake was good, but my treats are much better,
Exploding your mind, finding my treasures,

Gather your map, come prepared for your trip,
Have a mouth full of cavities in just one lick,
flavor will make you think its a trick,
Tricks are for kids, this what grown men get

Dude bring your bib, cause your about to devour,
Burst of release, having you craving for hours,
Get up on this ship and ride this mayflower
Your not gonna pull back, cuz i got that power,

something that you wont forget,
Im gonna melt in your mouth, like fresh batch of chocolate chips,
when you
come thru,
you’ll always want more of it,
My cookie are dagreatest
Something you will crave again,

Please come be my cookie monster

So tell me where to start first,
You want it so bad, I see that ur hurt,
When get down, boy put in that work,
Get in it make my gooey go burst,

Open this package, u will become cursed,
Think u can handle, then go do ur worst,
Make u blue in the face, just like a smurf,
This bakery here is really my turff

Hip Hop Feather

posted in 2HTS151 on Feb 19, 2017
I’m a hip hop feather and better than you

Watch me float

You see me in the air,
And falling over there,
Floating with that plastic bag,
I can't be mad,
Cuz going with the flow,
Ain't that bad,
It's easy for me,
When it breezy believe,
The sky is clear, I have no fear,
I kno u wish u could be herr
I just close my eyes and float ,
30-50 ft, so peaceful, far from evil,
Gets me far away from folks,
But when I land, I get a chance to
Go back up just once more,
It whatever, I kno it would be better,
If I was a sailing feather,

Im floating down

Spread (Like A Starfish)

posted in 2HTS150 on Feb 12, 2017
He had me spread like starfish,
Now i see why they want it
He had me spread like starfish,
Now Look at what you just started
Now Look at what you just started

Let not start in bedroom,
This couch is brand new,
It need a real breakthrough,
Yeah its gonna get crazy

I'm scream for some dessert,
Getting crazy like I've been hurt,
I cant even think or say words,
I've lost all control

Let me put on something sexy
Let u come arrest me,
I've been a bad girl
I've been a bad girl

Let's turn off our cell phones,
Rock the bed til the dawn,
I didn't kno what I had coming,
I just didn't know

Flip and roll,
Do it fast then slow,
Try a different pose
Let's both run pass go (and collect)

We Can Get There

posted in 2HTS149 on Feb 05, 2017
I knew it would take us year
Now we thru the sweat and tears,
Fighting the battles,
Losing the casuals
But we still won the war,

Now a few moments of silence,
Cuz no more mental violence
So we will keep.moving forward
Keep our minds open,
Let's step through the door

Let make it thru the aftermath
Make it thru this mess
The Sooner we recover
The Sooner we forget

We'll make it thru the aftermath
Especially if I'm with u
Just don't let go of my hand
We can get there

Now we wait for savoir,
Let him open this chapter,
Like a new verse in the bible,
Written about us,
About our survival

Clean my hands with his sweat,
Bury all our regrets,
We were given more chances,
Let's take advantage,
That Some others just don't get

See You Offline

posted in 2HTS148 on Jan 29, 2017
It started as harmless flirting
Killing teams that deserve it,
In sync, yeah too perfect,
But when it not gaming, I'm neverous,

We match our kill streaks,
Make sure no one kills me,
When I'm done u heal me
Boy u know me,

It almost like the whole worlds watching,
Getting trophies, ranks are topping,
Smiling as these enemies dropping,
We the truth there is no stopping,

But in real life,
Ur also my type,
Maybe one night,
I could u show u

I keep having dreams about u,
I cant live without u,
Do u think of me,
Im waiting for u

We'll look good together,
We in love forever
Let's make this thing come true
Yes I wanna see u offline

In stead of pushing buttons,
We go out and do something,
Walk in the park, would be a start,
Maybe watch the stars in the dark,
But boo its up to u,
I kno I'll have fun,
Cuz I kno ur the one

Catch pokemon in the city,
Go Try to catch all 150
Get food when we get empty
Just tell me what to do,
And I kno u kno I want u
I kno u kno, u have too

Magic Glasses

posted in 2HTS132 on Oct 09, 2016
They don't help me see the future,
Or through ur clothing
You might call them fake,
Especially they way that I'm posing,
But they give me a spark,
Helps me break down the dark,
Matter, and calculate what star is faster,
I can analyze anything,
Make a cure , know every movement
break down the Gatsby,
Speak everything fluent,
Should had these in school,
Could have been an A student,
Made a breakthrough at 14 on nuclear fusion,
Its amusing, that these lens gave me brain power,
It insane that these Chanel's makes the friendles turn sour,
Make me have an opinion, now I can't keep my mouth closed,
They come to me from oversea just to test what I know
Dude the more i keep saying, the more followers I get,
Breaking down star wars, where I make it seem shit,
Reading dictionaries, and books, I can not forget,
Now I only see smarter, making my life the biggest event.

These glasses have top scientists kissing my ass ,
See flaws in their research, laughing,
These glasses now they wanting to put me in hiding,
Cuz now I'm a weapon,these lens are no longer inviting,
These glasses are the reason, to stop the teasing,
Putting them on gave my life a new meaning,
These glasses, probably be the death of me,
Cuz I'm addicted,
And when I take them off, I no longer feel gifted.

It's Yours

posted in 2HTS131 on Oct 02, 2016
I want you out of my head
Out of my head
I want you out of my sight
Cuz your not suppose to be here

Let me make this clear,
Cuz I m tired of going crazy
And I kno you are a figment
Of my imagination

I need you to go
Far from me
I need you to leave
I want my space to breathe

I need you go
Why u haunting me
I need you to leave
My eyes are killing me

When I wake up I see
It’s Your Mirage
When I turn around
It’s Your Mirage
I only love it cuz
It’s Yours

When I blink I see
It’s Your Mirage
I can't breathe cuz
It’s Your Mirage
I only love it cuz
It’s Yours

I ain't suppose to see you
If I am I'm suppose to feel you
It hasn't been the same month,
With your touch
I've been broken love

It like I'm seeing a ghost
Seeing your spirit
I thought we said our goodbyes
There's no more tears in my eyes

Going For That Gold

posted in 2HTS129 on Sep 18, 2016
This more than average Olympic shit,
I run this bitch don't forget,
I got so many title nothing else will fit,
That's why I stay the greatest and I'm owning it,
You don't believe me better go with it,
I got the power to devour so roll wit it,
And you asking why im angry,
I'm not, so i think u better leave before i blow this bitch,
Ay yo,
I ain't ur average rapper,
Slinging trapper, I'm the one that let bubbles out ur batter,
Real quick will probably bust ur bladder,
And you thought I was nice, dude that's even sadder,
When u hear my laughter better hide,
Then go decide if u want to stay and compete with me,
I slay y'all easily, with what I deliver,
So choke on ur bronze and silver.

Going For That Gold (that is what the chorus says)

My World

posted in 2HTS127 on Sep 04, 2016
You say that its too small
You say that it's not tall enough
Everything is too raw,
And I seem that I'm out of touch

But all need is this,
My music
And that is it,
I would never switch,
And I keep this space tiny,
U wonder how can i live with this

U take a look around all u see is me,
You try come in just to be with me
In My world
My world my world
I say my life is complete with me,
Small circles is what I live and breathe
In my world

No interruptions
just Construction
of building a better me
I take suggestions
I ask questions
I know where to reach
there's no fighting
just writing
to prove that I'll suceed
You say my dreams are micro,
But they are large to me

U take a look around all u see is me,
You try come in just to be with me
In My world
My world my world
I say my life is complete with me,
Small circles is what I live and breathe
In my world


posted in 2HTS124 on Aug 14, 2016
Now it’s too hot in here
Since you step upon the floor
And you eyeing me and surprisingly,
Have me burning at the core,

When i come closer,
It kindof sortof feels like walking thru hell,
I should step back and get an icepack,
Tell me your powers i swear i won’t tell,

Got me sweating hard,
Your Heat gonna makes me scream
I’m bout to pass out,
Be all over you like ice cream

Bae lets get a private session,
Or a least something to drink,
Got me about to faint in your arms,
Your so fine i cant even thiink

When you move closer,
It kindof feels like im gonna to melt,
Your like superman,
Show me your powers, baby i wont tell

Why you so fine

Mean Mess

posted in 2HTS123 on Aug 07, 2016
She not like the others
Shes mean to her mother,
That bitch is bad,
She screams at dad,
And always picks on her brother

Her temper is out of control
And when she gets on a roll,
Yo gotta go and hide and hide

She fucks with her teachers,
Give the finger at the preacher,
And thinks she knows everything,
So don't try to teach her

She stalks the streets,
Finding weakness as a symptom
Don't make contact,
Cuz its a fact u could be her next victim

She a
Hot mess
A nightmare
A mean mess
A bitch

She has insult for days,
And she swears that she'll never change
She stay pissed
A super enrage chick

And doesn't care if ur beautiful
Or even if ur basic
She soul is gone
You can't save it

2016 (From The Past)

posted in 2HTS122 on Jul 31, 2016
burst through the door,
You heard me loud and clear
DaGreat is here,
For the next minute live in fear,
Im the baddest of them all,
None of y’all can get to me,
My style is to new,
It’s Out of this century
Im a lyrical killer, super far from basic,
I know that you hated,
That I kept all you kids waiting,
I was on journey, while rocking man in the mirror,
Working on my craft to bust flavor in your ear,
They ask me what I’m gonna do in 20 years,
I dont i say, but hope they already scared,
Yeah my poses, we coming arm son,
You dicks gonna need more protection then a condoms,
I’m gonna get me a laser gun,
buy 100 mansions,
But still put in some action,
hope they ready for some trouble,
And to my future self, you better stay humble

2016 yeah i hope y’all are ready
Yeah i hope y’all are ready

In 2016 I’m buying me a space ship,
And I’m gonna have the power to say what i touch i claim it,
They say I’m an insane bitch,
Cuz future just will be cleaner,
And ppl would just get meaner,
In the future, I’m gonna run for office,
The states need a polish, and the idiots be demolished
They say ill be a monster, that would stay in your closet,
But i wouldn’t hurt who follow, i tell you, i promise,
I’ll make hip hop the greatest, and banish all the other,
And save up enough, to care for my dad and mother,
My sister would be right be side me,
Ruling like we want,
Sitting on our thrown acting nonchalant
2016, I’m planning to be friend with aliens,
visit the moon, a time or two,
Have hover board and flying car,
and don’t forget, Akia DaGreat as the ultimate superstar

Push And Pull

posted in 2HTS121 on Jul 24, 2016
What pulling me down
Why it stopping me
Why its taking control
it has a hold on me

Shit making me slow,
But speeding me up
It gotta let go
Tell it to get off of me

Using it core
Making me sore
Racing the clock
I got places to be

Can't take any more
Cuz I can no longer afford
For this world to start shaking me

A constant push and pull

Can't take any more
Cuz I can no longer afford
For this world to start shaking me

Using it core
Making me sore
Racing the clock
I got places to be

Shit making me slow,
But speeding me up
It gotta let go
Tell it to get off of me

What pulling me down
Why it stopping me
Why its taking control
it has a hold on me


posted in 2HTS113 on May 29, 2016
Why do you hide from me?
Why are you scared?
I just want lend a hand,
What is it to fear?

You put on a disguise for me,
To prove that your safe
But you keep secrets locked from me,
So why do i chase

I can’t breath with out,
You have saved my life,
I got to know you
Please show me the truth,
Remove your mask
Don’t hide in your cave
I just want to love you
Im make it okay

Im searching for batman
So tell me where you at
Im searching for batman
Batman Batman Yeah…

I can help solve your problems
Just give me a chance

(Let me explore the cave to your heart
Let me explore your cave to your heart)

Journey to Electronicute

posted in WHC11 on May 29, 2016
Come here on my brand new journey
Where I discover a new me
Feels like I'm always in a hurry
I'll surprise you just wait and see

Trying to do this new cute thing,
To prove that I can go major
But don't expect this for now on
This track is an Entoen favor

I cant do this twice if I wanted to,
I'm a minor chick, I stay away from cute,
But I will admit, this style is cool
But n2n you can keep this sound for you

I thought this track would be easy
But I was wrong, oh silly me,
To say this was hard won't be fair
But this style here, gave me gray hair

I cant do this twice if I wanted to,
I'm a minor chick, I stay away from cute,
But I will admit, this style is cool
But n2n you can keep this sound for you

No Where To Go

posted in 2HTS108 on Apr 24, 2016
Im walking a living a nightmare,
Im close but not quite there,
Im grasping and straws,
Clenching my jaws,
But my whole heart aint in it,
And i got to finish,
I told myself this time it would be different,
And i meant it,
I could make out my vision,
But i can’t make a decision,
Why am i living,
My brain is constantly spinning,
And it feels like I’m moving left to right,
i see my end in sight, but I have no way to fight, feels like

I Got my back to the wall,
Feet on the Edge
Im screwed
Can’t go up, There’s nothing ahead
I have no where to go

It’s like mission impossible, a win is plausible,
But my chances of getting done, is slightly comical
God, why can’t you accept what i offer you,
After all it feels like my body is now surviving off of fossil fuels
Yes I’m feeling awful too, I'm scared to take another step,
Fuck it actually I’m scared to even take another breathe,
So tell me what it’s left,
I guess to give up, open arms, and plug straight to my death
Cuz it feel like

I Got my back to the wall,
Feet on the Edge
Im screwed
Can’t go up, There’s nothing ahead
I have no where to go

I Still Get

posted in 2HTS104 on Mar 27, 2016
Its like it is deja vu,
Or groundhogs day,
You make me lose my mind,
You Took my breath away,
I always get lost for words,
All my thoughts start to fade,
I just got to admit that
It’s just the power that you have over me

And I still get butterflies,
(When i look in your eyes)
Yeah I still get butterflies
(When i look in your eyes)

You get in my head,
Mess with dreams,
I feel like a new person,
You make my heart race,
I can’t keep the pace,
But i know that its worth it

And I still get butterflies,
(When i look in your eyes)
Yeah I still get butterflies
(Your Love Takes Me high)
(I feel so alive)

It’s all in my stomach
Your All in my head

Same Thing

posted in 2HTS103 on Mar 20, 2016
You pick on me,
I don’t know the answer
and you knew that too
Bitch you stupid bastard,

I aint raise my hand,
But N2N did
Why is it everyday you decide to pick on this kid,

Man i don’t even like you,
I rather be asleep,
Look at him eating cookies,
why don’t you pick on Antik,

Oh you pissed now,
but how dat my fault,
You say blood start boiling everytime that i talk

Pick on that french guy,
or that italian dude
why don’t you Write up necro, he always saying something rude

You glasses steaming up,
Your face start to sweat,
I think i beat booyah, he had the record set

I got phippo laughing,
Gerson, smiling too,
You start to tear up
And now don’t know what to do

i can’t wait for recess,
So me and Fix and play ball,
Actually I’m leaving,
Im out, teacher, screw yall

Same thing every day on the hour,
Same thing every hour, every day
Same shit every day, every hour,
Same shit every hour, every day

Man where DK at,
He wouldn’t believe this witch,
And onion stanks, but even he could smell this shit,

Onia missing too,
Jess hiding in the bathroom
i should done the same to get out this classroom,

TB sneaking beer in the back,
And you never catch him,
Your seriously blind,
Oh thats ur nephew, never mind,

Nuke ditch school too,
just saw abstraction, pass the room,
It’s kool, ill guess, i see him in detention to

Same thing every day on the hour,
Same thing every hour, every day
Same shit every day, every hour,
Same shit every hour, every day


posted in 2HTS94 on Jan 17, 2016
There you were stalking your prey
Moving thru the jungle streets
Looking for another heart to break

Caught on the rapture,
You tricked me like raptors
I didn't think I'll be the girl you went after

You were the T Rex of your land,
Disguised as a man
Why you do this
I don't understand

You played with my mind
Ripped fleshed from my bone
You cornered me, but still left me alone

I can't take no more
My heart is now sore
You left me stranded here
Crying on the floor
You've done this before
Left out that door
My body still calling you
Hear my heart roar

Hear my heart roar (3x)

I thought this would be forever
We would always be hunting together

I can't take no more
My heart is now sore
You left me stranded here
Crying on the floor
You've done this before
Left out that door
My body still calling you
Hear my heart roar

Signed Your Soul

posted in 2HTS83 on Nov 08, 2015
Sign right here
Hope everything that you read was clear,
This won't change by any means,
We here to help you go and live your dreams,
Forget all your friends,
We ur family now, we'll be here til the end,
no surprise no more,
Since you with us, we are exactly what ur dying for,
You seen the picture, Yeah you heard the rumors,
Its a secret how we deliver to our consumers,
Making decisions to erase the losers, we are the rulers,
Then through up signs everywhere just for humor,
Now can't leave,
The only way you getting out is if you rest in peace b,
We taking over all the media,just look it upif you don't believe me

You signed your soul,
Now you don’t have a safe place to go,
We takeover and you don’t have control
Tell us This what you asked us for


posted in 2HTS80 on Oct 18, 2015
Staring at the wall in my bedroom,
Can’t remember why I’m here now,
I guess this something I’m trying to see thru

Staring at my hands like they brand new,
I see the blood all on shoes,
I wish i remember what i gotten in too,

Its dark here its cold,
I’ve done change my voice.
I guess i have no choice,
I gotta get away from this room

Clock is ticking too slow,
Time slipping away,
I can’t remember today
I Barely remember my name

My mind is moving too slow
But my heart is beat times 3
My demons are here for me
My demons are here for me

Pressures is way too great now i can’t breath,
Clutching my chest, , I’m down on my knees,
Now I’m blind, i only see darkness,
My mom would cry if she ever saw how far i've falling,
But i hear them, but i can’t them take me down, lost energy,
Tears down my face, i feel this the end of me,
I guess, this is what was gonna get rid of me,
And i know now, that I am my worst enemy..