posted in OHC476 on Nov 23, 2017
man it's been a while since i've done one of these

let's pretend this is about me drinking an entire bottle of wine by candlelight because tbh i'm drinking an entire bottle of wine rn


posted in OHC341 on Apr 23, 2015
Logic crashed on me and wiped out all of my work, here is something I threw together very quickly

Flash-Frozen Memories

posted in OHC305 on Aug 14, 2014
Holy shit this is the most rushed I've been in a while, I forgot how long writing vocals takes me.


i -> III -> VII -> iv
i -> III -> v -> VI

caught so suddenly beneath the streetlights
we are wrapped up in the noises and the glow

thought like our faces make the headlines
we are held up by the stories we don’t know

when the clock strikes one
it’s time to go but i can’t see your face within the crowd
and when the daylight comes
i’m left with only lightbox silhouettes now
caught on camera, snapshots, flash-frozen memories

i don’t know
if our night was ever more than a figment
time corrodes
in the fractured days we captured and set it alight
paralyzed, with heartbeats pushed to the limit
never sure
if what we have is something that’s worth the fight

Ever Upwards

posted in OHC300 on Jul 10, 2014
Late as hell, because I was swamped at work and was going to miss compo but starla was all "no do a late entry come on do it" so I did, enjoy a rush job!

The Bald Truth

posted in OHC297 on Jun 19, 2014
"blastron it's been forever since you did a vocal track" OKAY FINE IS THIS VOCAL ENOUGH FOR YOU


we keep on going but we don’t have much to go on
you think you got me but I think you got it all wrong

duck down, bring it back, spit another line before we
break down and come undone

the bald truth never got me anywhere
it’s uncouth but i can’t have you believing that I’ve
got you locked on in my crosshairs
it’s a bit dishonest but i’m slippin’ on into your heart

the bald truth is a figment of another day
i want to let you know just how I’m feeling but I
can’t do it when you listen so closely
call me a liar but I wanna get into your heart

It's Time

posted in OHC288 on Apr 17, 2014
This is my Wrestlemania intro theme.

Or, rather, the intro to it, because I was stuck in traffic for an hour longer than I thought I was going to be.

Almost Falling

posted in OHC286 on Apr 03, 2014
Below you, the rushing depths. Above you, the fading light. The edge of the cliff is so slippery, and you don't know how much longer you can hold on.

Calm Your Mind

posted in OHC279 on Feb 13, 2014

the light comes through the window
but something seems to change
a glimmer of a distant memory
flickers and fades

the sky has never been so
beautiful and blue
the softest breath of freshest air rolls in
pure and true


so calm your mind
‘cause there’s nothing left to fear
the things that bring us hope
are the things that brought us here

beneath this perfect sky
know that all we knew
has almost gone away
into the dark

it fades


familiar names and faces
but slightly different lives
we stand here in this altered history
‘cause we survived

our battle’s far behind us
and everything has changed
the stories that we wished were never told
will fade away


so close your eyes
let your worries disappear
the future that we sought
is the future we’ve made clear

‘cause all that we have changed
in our search for the light
is nothing but a shade
captured in time

Before The Fire Dies

posted in OHC278 on Feb 06, 2014
hearts beat cold as the fog rolls in
and it flows into the crowd
stars may burn but their warmth grows thin
they’re like crystals in the cloud

so gather round and huddle close
before the fire dies
we’ll raise our voice against the cold
our spirits burning bright

the snow may fall but we’ll never hide
our frozen song will light up the sky

Traps and Wires

posted in OHC277 on Jan 30, 2014
blueprints scanned a foolproof plan
a belt of tools a careful hand
preparations underway

in darkened vaults and guarded rooms
i carefully will search for you
you’re buried far too far away

with careful hands i reach out for the prize
the gemstones sparkling brightly in your eyes
the softest light that plays upon you reaches to me in the darkness
the greatest crime in history is tonight

beneath all the traps and wires i know that you’ll be
waiting there for me to find you
amongst the gold and gems and works of art
through laser walls i slip unnoticed
another crime so perfect for you
headlines made the thief who stole a heart

Your Heart, Your Mind, Your Soul

posted in OHC276 on Jan 23, 2014
Holy shit, I'm still sick this week. SINGING ANYWAY (don't tell my coach)


the sunlight flickers in your eyes as you begin your journey
through crumbling towns and shifting sands you walk towards your ending
your heart your mind your soul your aching bones are your undoing
you see the flashes of your life within your mind pretending

the starlight comes in time the sunset fades behind the mountains
your windswept eyes observe the sky you try to find the pattern
your heart your mind your soul your pulse is faint youre barely breathing
your blood and breath will fade in time come here its home youre seeking

(i dont want to go)
(i dont want to go)

i raise my voice defiant to the blackened sky im screaming out
because my tattered life is mine to hold and im not leaving now

i hear their voices in my head but i am not retreating

To The Blue

posted in OHC269 on Dec 05, 2013
Grey dawn and concrete skies
I couldnt get to sleep last night
My thoughts wont give me quiet in my mind

I think I have to change
And try for something kinda strange
The possibility I hope to find

They tried to
Say, Your dreams would never shine
So shut them down and step in line
Your naive hearts too precious for this town

Amidst the
flashes in the stormy sky
I realize we still have time
And nothing they can say can weigh me down

The future is
Ours to mold, although they tried to
Tell us no, our voices ring out
Clear and true, and echo as we fly

The promise
Tomorrow holds wont go unanswered
Let us go, Ill take your hand and
To the blue, well soar into the sky

As we fly

Every Minute

posted in OHC266 on Nov 14, 2013
Today I tried playing my guitar for the compo. It didn't turn out too hot. I am not good at guitar.


the clouds break on a new day
living in the same way
the fuss of a million footsteps

complex as they reflect
living at the apex
of all that weve ever wanted

the citys beating out a mournful soundr
it thinks its winding down
and burning to the ground

they think weve peaked they think weve reached our prime
they think were out of time
but they are gonna find

(that we are never gonna come back)

were soaring ever
upward into the brilliant sky
ever higher in the dawn
nothing now can ever bring us down

were flying ever
faster up to the highest heights
breaking limits long forgotten
every minute further from this town

Inverse Modulation

posted in OHC262 on Oct 17, 2013
Today I tried to compo like my evil twin. It turns out that my evil twin doesn't actually compo much differently than I do, it's just that his tracks are evil.

Seizing Every Second

posted in OHC259 on Sep 26, 2013
Today I tried to learn how to use Logic's vocal recording and mastering tools. I spent way too long learning and not enough time actually doing!


in just a second we will start to fade away in
to the rushing realms of the impossibilities
of heartbeats lost in the crashing of the
crowd their thunderous roar surely drowning out our

thoughts our hopes our dreams our minds the plans that we had
made but now in truth we face reality and
shudder in the dusk as we contemplate the
sunset of our lives unappreciated

standing now will we be crying out or are we
reaching out as we're seizing every second
stronger now our voices ringing out the echoes
building now we're growing louder every second

time slips by but we are still alive and we will
have to try to keep on seizing every second
learn to fly trying to reach the sky cause we don't
have to die cause we have got another second

chances lost and found and made forgotten as we're
staring at the truth of the unmitigated
loss of every heartbeat we're drowning as we
float through time in ways unanticipated

face it down the time is now we'll never get to
dream again pretend to better see that all the
time is slipping by as we contemplate the
sunset of our lives unappreciated

standing now will we be crying out or are we
reaching out as we're seizing every second
stronger now our voices ringing out the echoes
building now we're growing louder every second

time slips by but we are still alive and we will
have to try to keep on seizing every second
learn to fly trying to reach the sky cause we don't
have to die cause we have got another second


posted in OHC253 on Aug 15, 2013
Usually, the theme gives me inspiration. This time... well, nothing really. So I piled some drums on top of each other.

Bright White Noise

posted in OHC251 on Aug 01, 2013
glimmer softly as our effervescent city passes by
the way it trembles makes me think about the unrelenting time
flicker gently like the candle flame that burns within the night
as the future slowly leaves its mark

caught within all the waveforms soundscapes flutter, dance between the walls
trapped in switches and toggles, faded, panned, the echoes slowly call
then fade away upon a wind that slowly rises as we fall
and the sunset surely fades to dark

i'm prescient in hindsight as i stumble through my machinated dreams
a shadow of the future passed up by the present

and the twisted filter logic kept us shackled in the dark

in the bright white noise we are looking at the things we have done
in my mind my choi-ces familiar though we've only begun
as our lives beat down we are listening to our stories unfold
as the light fades out is this something we've already been told

Gonna Make You Move

posted in OHC245 on Jun 20, 2013
girl, i don't know
why you came to the floor
'cause you're by the wall
you're not movin' at all

i see you standin' there not doin' a thing
just kinda standin' there like you ain't got nothing
but let me bring you in, and make you move

gonna make you move, move, move on the dancefloor
gonna make you shake, shake, shake, like you came here to party
i can't wait gotta raise up the roof
we'll feel the rhythm in the air tonight we're makin' it move

wanna get, get, get with you baby tonight
gotta make you mine, mine, mine, wanna get to your body
i can't wait 'cause I came here for you
we'll feel the rhythm in the air tonight we're makin' it move


Temple Run

posted in OHC243 on Jun 06, 2013
Bonus challenges today were to use "jazz chords" and slap bass, and you can't have slap bass without a driving drumline, so everything kind of progressed from there.

Field of Rust

posted in OHC241 on May 23, 2013
we're lying in a field of rust
as all the cities turn to dust

behind our backs the sun will set
on all that hasn't happened yet

we'll fall into the summer sky
the clouds above us getting lighter
(we are not alone)
we'll soar into the heaven's light
the stars above us blazing brighter
(far away from home)

we will dance amongst the stars
as they shine within the dark
we'd cast away their doubts
if they'd only see us now

I want more

posted in OHC230 on Mar 07, 2013
Those are the lyrics: "I want more."

I simultaneously promised people piano music and metal. This is the result. Sorry for the hissing in the background, I think the cables hooking my keyboard up to my computer have shitty shielding.

Own The Sky

posted in OHC228 on Feb 21, 2013
Today, I tried to rip off a chord progression from a song I like. I'm not sure if it worked.


you get what you want
piled up on a plate
eat from the table
i pick up the scraps

why do you always wake up
half asleep as you stumble
right into all that you could want
as i sit here struggling

for all I ever wanted
all i need is a moment
in the sun but I always feel
like you own the sky

Messages You Sent

posted in OHC212 on Nov 01, 2012
Life underwater, buried in the ashes of the past
Faith in the silence, still waiting for the questions never asked
Time long forgotten, stories lost so deep within the dark
Faded to blackness, watching for a history's faded mark

A dim shaft of sunlight, breaking through the past's ensnaring shroud
Reflecting off of mirrors, illuminating all that's underground
Time moving forward, the sounds of footsteps echo in the air
Murmurs of voices, echo in the dusty atmosphere

These ancient halls will come alive
Just one more time

I will remember all the truths that we thought had been lost to time
I will remember all that you were searching for beneath the light
And all the darkness that you knew as all your stories reached their end
Will teach us now all that must ring true within these messages you sent

Beating Heart of Fear

posted in OHC211 on Oct 25, 2012
Holy shit why do I try to write lyrics they take so long!


I'm hiding inside a darkened place
lost and alone in space
searching for friendly faces

adrenaline ripping through my mind
don't know what thoughts are mine
hoping that they can't find me

sudden motion within the dark
skittering like a spark
flashing like arcs of lightning

suddenly bathed in harshest light
heartbeat is taking flight
but i must calm my mind

I better not
cry out 'cause they're listening for signs of life
watch out as I tremble in silence my
breath stops now I'm frozen in time as I
stare now at the beating heart of fear

flash out like a blinding ray of light
strike out knowing they'll never find me I
can't stop now my life is on the line
flee now from the beating heart of fear

Synthesis Subtractive

posted in OHC202 on Aug 23, 2012

bring this party online it's now time to unwind
this rap arena combat is falling on my side
beats so attractive, my synthesis subtractive
take the other fuckers down before they even get a rap in

the mic pops as its burnin' from the friction
many lyrics in a minute bring the temperature up to ignition
no superstition here just clarity of diction i
don't need a magic feather flyin' higher than the competition

don't need to make sense i'm incensed
i rock tents, apartments, and basements
my beats won't leave you in suspense
all perfect tens, y'know,

i'm like a wizard motherfucker as i'm spittin' invocations cause i'm
ten inches and rigid phoenix feather good for evocation
at my station your frequency is fadin'
better get off of the field before i start to lose my patience

No New Messages

posted in OHC201 on Aug 16, 2012


no new messages waiting i thought that we were a sure thing
my heartbeat feels like it's empty
no goodbyes no farewells no nothing i'm sitting here waiting for something
what happened to turn you against me

within the ashes of memory your back is turning towards me
i feel a rush coming over the feelings i thought that were done for
the loneliness i think i'm falling to
the emptiness i'd locked away

without you i'm lost and broken
without you i'm so afraid
without you i feel i'm fallin'
without you i fade away
why won't you stay

Dark Exposition

posted in OHC200 on Aug 09, 2012
Yes, heroes, welcome to my lair! It is time for me to exposit my entire evil plan to you while you stand there, looking shocked! Let me tell you all about how I will bring New New Tokyork to its knees.

For Freedom We Ride

posted in OHC192 on Jun 14, 2012
Never doing this again for a OHC, holy fucking shit.

listen up now as i
tell you all a story bout the night
we arose from the shadows
to reawaken light

and bring freedom to the people
be they rich or be they poor
and cast of the chains of this we say
of this eternal war

we tore forth from the bunkers
our standards held so high
a song sung as much as this one
lifted to the sky

and our battle cries awakened
the faithful and the strong
our voices joined in frantic cries
as we sang

for freedom we ride into the light
the dawn will echo into the sky

I Left My Baby

posted in OHC189 on May 24, 2012
I left my baby at home as I walked my way to war
But I'd neglected to mention the feelings I'd had before
But when it was over, my choice was made
She wasn't there
I left my baby at home as I walked my way to war

Tonight We Ride

posted in OHC188 on May 17, 2012
Tonight we ride
we will not tire
Tonight we soar
through demon fire

i watched you fade into the
sunset as they bore your bones away
and though I pray your mem'ry
softly surely slowly slips away

but it is not my time to cry
for your soul i shall start to ride
to hell and back i climb for
to stem the waking tide

and through the flames
and through the fire
my beating heart
will never tire
for you


posted in OHC182 on Apr 05, 2012
Something... you'd long forgotten. Something... haunting. Something... with ludicrous amounts of reverb.

My first OHC.
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