Up the Ante

posted in OHC736 on Nov 17, 2022

Couple loops in here, some dBlue Glitch, some chippy stuff, definitely facilitated by unoriginality. Did have to change the pitch of some of the loop sections though. Had fun though.

Generic Christian Song but not?

posted in OHC731 on Oct 13, 2022

I didn't mean

to write a christian song

but it looks like it's my time to shine

Now it's ticking down,

the sweet rejection bomb

I feel like I've committed a crime

But as time is passing on

i realize something's wrong

when I attempt to hide away my heart

How do I live out loud

when time is running out

"How do I live a life worth living?"

by giving out what my God's given me

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control

Come on now, self control


(Dubstep noises)

Well there goes that self control, dang


posted in 90MC088 on Sep 27, 2022

I got inspired to do something but then I did something else before the inspired thing and then this happened so yeah idk enjoy if you like it or w/e

Biking to School

posted in 90MC084 on Aug 30, 2022

Was reminded of a feeling I used to get watching slice of life anime. Did my laundry during the time period too. Felt kind of appropriate lol.

8/23/2022 - Planetscape

posted in 90MC083 on Aug 23, 2022

I came to discover new worlds and new horizons

Excitable pilot and now the sun rises on

empty expanses I couldn't prepare for

Now I'm alone and with no one to care for

These landscapes, no pancakes they're

massive, unmoving

The colors surround me and 

against my own chosing

I'm stuck, no escaping

Every decision I've made up till now

Reminding me then why I'm looking up, how

The sky peels away and now I see clearly

What I had back then that I hadn't held dearly

If roses are red then it's wild, believing

the mountains I'm on are the thorns and I'm bleeding cuz

every thing that I do

can't bring me back to you

I wanted to make a rap track due to working with a friend that has a lot of rap vision, and wants my help. Then it was wayyy too empty, so I decided to take a poke at lyrics. Then I was like WELL I CAN'T RAP so I tried something more spoken word, and I'm sort of okay with it.

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