They Have Your Scent

posted in OHC694 on Jan 27, 2022

Have you actually met a wolf? They don't act like dogs at all. They don't pick up on any of the normal human social cues. This is not a creature that is fluffy and friendly. This is a creature that will hunt you in the dark over miles of tundra, and then it will disembowel you and eat you.

Late Entry

Maze of Mirrors (fourth upload)

posted in OHC675 on Sep 16, 2021

In the seventh level of the undercity, miles and miles of of broken glass are supended. A constellation strewn across the darkness. Each reflects a scene, some real, some fanciful. It is said that each is a portal to another world, or another mode of existence.

The Lightning Castle

posted in OHC664 on Jul 01, 2021

A circle of black clouds surrounds the Dark Lord's castle. Lightning strikes topple mountains, horrors rise from the swamps, the dead rise from their graves, multi-headed dragons take flight and burn the countryside. In dark times such as this, even the stalwart can lose hope.

Figured out how to use filters and set automation tracks in FL Studio. It's a bit short though...

This is a remaster of my entry from 12 March 2020

Snowy Squirrel's Ski Sabbatical

posted in OHC654 on Apr 22, 2021

I've been told my music is "cute," so I guess I'm gonna lean into it. Here's a track from an imaginary educational videogame from the 90s. Sip some hot cocoa, try to figure out which of the ski lockers is yours based on needlessly complicated math notes left by your friends, and learn how french fries and pizzas can help you stay safe on the slopes.


A remix of a boss theme I wrote for this compo: The player has reached the ancient aqueduct dungeon, an ancient cistern full of strange technology where they must manipulate the water level to ascend to the top of a dam and duel the dastardly Black Knight!


I've actually gotten the entire dungeon working, minus art and the boss fight. Ask me on Twitter if you want to playtest the game!

Pastoral Improvisation

posted in OHC599 on Apr 02, 2020
While I was messing around trying to get my recording equipment set up, I managed a full minute of fantastic improv. It was not recorded. This is just part of a 10-minute attempt to recreate it.

Foible & Fable - Miniboss Theme 1

posted in OHC589 on Jan 23, 2020
Composed it a bit slower than usual, then messed around with the tempo in post. Faster is better for these kinds of themes. :D

This is probably going to be the miniboss theme for my game. You'll probably hear it first when you come across a town besieged by skeletons, ogres, and dragons!

Icy Boots

posted in OHC583 on Dec 12, 2019
Another track for Foible & Fable, my videogame! This is for the Ice Boots shrine, a frozen shrine with a hydra lurking under the ice. Here the player will unlock the ability to walk on water, and do a sick backflip that freezes nearby enemies.

Lunar Playground

posted in OHC565 on Aug 08, 2019
First draft of music for a hub world from my videogame. A realm of portals to different locations in the mortal realm where faeries frolic and ask you if you're really sure that you want to run out there and get eaten by monsters again. If you look up you can see the mortal realm, a triangular plate hanging in the sky, surrounded by mirrors focusing sunlight onto it. Curiously, you see no moon in this sky...

Thunderbolt Swordclash

posted in OHC564 on Aug 01, 2019
Several of the bosses in a game I'm working on have recurring themes of thunderbolts, storms, and pitched rooftop swordfights. Very happy with how this Boss01 track worked out. A Boss02 variation would be fully orchestral to raise the stakes, provoke an emotional response from the player, and contrast with the lowfi synths used here.

Overworld Map Sketch

posted in OHC554 on May 23, 2019
A highly incomplete theme for an overworld map. I've already composed some variations on this theme, but I figured now was a good time to nail it down. Happy with the drums.

Southern Jewel

posted in OHC531 on Dec 13, 2018
I hauled my piano up a flight of stairs 10 minutes before the compo started, and then I couldn't find its power cord. Oh, well, live samples are overrated anyways... I think. I've never really used any. :P
Getting a much better feel for the limitations of LMMS. And once in a while you can use resonance to make it do some really wacky things.


posted in OHC513 on Aug 09, 2018
Wanted to record the whole thing on piano and edit it all together in post, but that proved infeasible 20 minutes in so I arranged most of it in LMMS.


posted in OHC490 on Mar 01, 2018
Ten minutes in I was ready to give up in frustration. Then I said, "what if I composed something using only default LMMS instruments?" Then this happened.


posted in OHC487 on Feb 08, 2018
First submission to the compos. All LMMS Triple Oscillators, and trying out some of the new 1.2.0 beta features. Only 37 seconds long.
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