FZero X - Zero Energy

posted in FBRC2010 on Aug 21, 2010
Game: FZero X
Song: Decide in the Eyes
Requested by: Bahamut

Aight, this remix is typical of what my default remix genre/style. I struggled with making it sound and come out how it plays in my mind, and while this entry really falls short of what I want it to sound like, It does capture a sense of the main ideas. May come back to this one at some point, It was fun for sure.

Wes, I respect you, I hope my effort brings you joy in some way, some how :-)

Thanks Rama for organizing, can't wait to hear everyones.

I'm uploading from a slow net connection in a small town, I'm here for work, Ima upload it and leave, hope it works!


posted in OHC085 on May 20, 2010
The galaxy is so huge and vast, and as a new space traveler, where do you even start? You are initially stunned in awe at the infinite options before you, but slowly the thrill of adventure starts to sink in, and before you know it, you're cruising through the great beyond!

How I trolled you mother.

posted in OHC078 on Apr 01, 2010
Season 1 episode 4

My first time using and recording with my Pod X3 Live. Factory Preset. No mixing or mastering, I barely made it in, sorry guys.

Ok I panned the first solo riffs. Thats it :)


posted in OHC070 on Feb 04, 2010
Walking the fine line between smooth and clutzy, always on the brink of blowing your cover. You are bold and dashing and borderline stupid at times.

You are shhneeaky

The Climb

posted in OHC068 on Jan 21, 2010
Decisive moments can require some building up to, I am sure you will sense that with this song.

warning: it gets a bit loud I didn't set the master right before mixing, no time to fix D:

I made it through this compo! Yay!

posted in OHC067 on Jan 14, 2010
So I am SUPER sucky slow today, first attempt at live guitar OHC age. Don't quite have the setup figured out and fast.

Enough Disclaimers though.

I got my recorded clips together and it is just one drump loop over and over due to no time to change it.

The ending sounds to me like an Iron Maiden live Aces High kind of mini train wreck guitar ending ort of. minus the bass and drums


posted in OHC058 on Oct 22, 2009
I ended up not making anything and working on my bigass project thats due tomorrow.

I knew this would happen, so I am offering a part of one of my WIP's, cause I think it fits the theme. Can you guess the game?

I wish I could listen, but I am locked up in the library and need to get this done.

So don't vote for this, it is not an OHC. You guys all rock.

Endless Autumn Nights

posted in OHC057 on Oct 15, 2009
When you are out by the fire in the late months of autumn, warming up in the cool night air, it is only natural that you find yourself slipping into timeless reflection amid the golden leaves and the flickering flames. These times are full of emotion and yet peace, as you lose yourself in timeless, beautiful mystery.

Space Fortress Majestica

posted in OHC055 on Oct 01, 2009
The battle of the heavens is about to begin, tearing galaxies asunder! Space Fortress Majestica is blasting off to supreme outer space warfare! OF COURSE there is going to be fantasy synth metal involved!


posted in OHC054 on Sep 24, 2009
Its late at night after a hard days work
You're at your favorite bar.
You hear someone shout last call.
You pay up and leave, but you aren't ready for home just yet.
There must be someplace you can go.

Well there is.
Its the only place open this late.
As you approach, you hear the beats...
Welcome to the club.


posted in FBRC2009 on Aug 22, 2009
Final Fantasy - Chocobo's Theme

I loved this contest, great learning experience! I scrapped my original concept a week ago and came up with this instead, and its definitely better :) Bassline revelry, some bongo action and a fun dance beat will have you getting your Chocogroove on in no time! Everybody now!

time times time =

posted in OHC043 on Jul 09, 2009
it would probably equal more time, which I could have used. I so badly wanted to add some wierd vocal samples played backwards throughout :)

Its simple for sure: dark, a bit deep, spacious, mysterious, and a unnerving maybe, all of which one might expect to feel in a space time continuum...right?


posted in OHC040 on Jun 18, 2009
My first OHC, and it seems pretty on par for me in terms of sound. Wow am I a slow composer btw ;) This track is kinda spacey, kinda ambient, kinda...yeah!
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