fly through pi

posted in OHC805 on Mar 14, 2024

theme song for when you get teleported inside a calculator after inputting π = and are just racing through all the digits (it happened to my friend once)

halfway through the thing, my idea for the song switched and it sorta turned out cool!!! wish I had more time to finish mixing it though

Everywhere Nowhere

posted in OHC800 on Feb 08, 2024

when I first started making songs, I had no 'identity'. no style, nothing to represent me. back then, I made music from my phone and had -really- no idea what I was doing. so, by complete accident, I'd created a song that sounded nothing like I'd ever heard before. it had an almost ethereal chord progression, and the perfect break to back it; the melodies were off and the whole thing felt... wrong. yet, so right, like finding a tune never meant to be found, but made for someone, or something. I'd called it 'Place and Time', and from there, my early identity was born. that's where upd|ate! came from. all of my songs had this weirdcore quality, and I loved every second, even if my mixes were god-awful, haha. but over time, as I got better, that vision slowly drifted away. I had to focus on getting better, and that vibe disappeared. but it's back today. everywhere, yet nowhere.

Otherworldly Encounter

posted in OHC782 on Oct 05, 2023

the phantoms rise again

>I love how this one turned out, besides the mixing of course haha. it was mostly improvised. mix of a few different genres. hope you enjoy!


posted in OHC780 on Sep 21, 2023

This heist? It's perfectly planned. Every aspect, down to the second of the minute. It's the greatest this century. What could go wrong?

> I went for an 80s synthwave vibe, something you'd hear in an old action movie

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