Enter Mr. Sforzando

posted in 2HTS516 on Feb 18, 2024

Mr. Sforzando: From Bellows to Brains

Once a master of metal and flame, Mr. Sforzando traded his blacksmith's hammer for a tinkerer's toolbox after his fiery passion waned. Now, his workshop hums with the whir of gears and the crackle of electricity, not the clang of forge and anvil. Age may have etched lines on his face, but his eyes still sparkle with the ingenuity of a man who can coax miracles from scrap.

id love it if youd light my way

posted in 2HTS512 on Jan 21, 2024

hear that buzz in the air?


any time I see your hair stand up

My heart stands up on end!!

Not because I'm scared of light,

I only want to be your friend!!

I light up with life like the light inside me got electrified

You're electrifying

will you be my friend?

Switch me on, baby girl,

You don't have to break my light,

don't need to leave me in the dark again :(

I see through translucent white

Casper Kasperov

Light my life up and I'll turn you on

I'll twist you like a


Late Entry


posted in 2HTS511 on Jan 14, 2024

I've been trying to learn compression and guitar VSTs, so this was mostly an experiment. Arranged the drums first and then jammed all the instrumentals as a bit of practice, because I almost always just click-arrange things. This was really hard to get done! The bass is rough because I didn't have time to plug my amp into the computer, so I recorded my amp with my AT2020 mic. Hopefully it's not super out of balance and no one goes deaf like I am now.


This was supposed to be a folk rock song or something originally, but I decided to make my brother figure it out with me and it went great, as you can hear. I've never made a ska song in my life, so this was interesting. He played the bass, but I woke him up and made him do it half awake because I used all of my time very well.


posted in 2HTS504 on Nov 26, 2023

I knew what life would be, I just didn't think it could happen to me

Now I'm looking for something more

I hate all of this;

Impossible waiting for something i wont see

Withering slowly like a desert flower

The itch i cant scratch at the back of neck

Staring expectantly

Those Give me what i came for eyes

Those lies that cut me deep

Don't talk to me about love please

Your mouth is full of straw

(You're a scarecrow)

how can you still go on?


When the fields burn down will you leave please

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