Rock Song

posted in OHC397 on May 19, 2016
oh no
that rock is transparent
what i see
what i see is light shining through it
this rock
is like made of glass or something
it's a rock
i'm not sure why it's the compo theme

but that's okay i don't care anymore
rocks can be a theme too i guess
i don't care


posted in OHC387 on Mar 10, 2016
i have played many video games in my life
prince of parisians, assassin's creep, shontay, arabica nights, aladdin, that one with all the muslims, aladdin again (it was pretty good), desert stroke

Admin note:
[00:31] Somehow it became an Shantae remix.
[00:31] So probably people should not vote for me?
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