Snake - Rip 'N Tweak

posted in PRC286 on Dec 24, 2014
I was going to do something, but holidays are the number one killer of planned projects. Please, call 1-800-FRE-TIME and donate today - your dollar could prevent an aspiring creative individual from having to set up Christmas lights or go shopping.

(MM3 Snake Man - new drums, insignificant tweaks, single loop)

Jeweler Gem's a Jerk

posted in MnP19 on Jul 22, 2014
I never did find all 50 red jewels :(

Either way, pleasant little tune that I wasn't particularly inspired to muck with. So sit the sounds right and leave it be, I did.

Bowser's Gonna Rock You

posted in MnP05 on Dec 10, 2013
Re-jiggered the instruments in a more traditional way than I usually do, tweaked the drums in one or two places where they were a bit repetitive, had all sorts of fun goin' to town on the bassline.

Odd Instrumentation X

posted in MnP03 on Nov 13, 2013
So I like weird sounds, sue me. Keep weirding up the sound and eventually lightning will strike.

Again, very VERY minor substantive changes, since it's MnP and all, but one of them (the most noticeable?) I think is actually pretty fun.
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