I Don't Wanna Lose Control

posted in OHC773 on Aug 03, 2023

This song was ENTIRELY generated by AI, based on lyrics I wrote and fed the system I used. It's called Suno, and it's availiable on Discord. The memory on it is horrible so I had to reuse the starting chorus - you get 30 seconds per generation, and 20 seconds per continuation.

Lyrics will be uploaded separately onto Discord with the actual generated video I recorded from.

Space Crystals

posted in OHC750 on Feb 23, 2023

Used AI music site Riffusion, recorded with Audacity, and also normalized and faded with Audacity, and mastered with FL Studio. Might want to turn your bass down.

One Hour Crapo

posted in OHC512 on Aug 02, 2018
I was angry about not participating last time, so I timed myself and made this in an hour. I'm pretty slow so it's pretty unfinished but there ya go. SO THERE. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAWR!

Starla - Grace (Chilled Triplet Mix)

posted in OHC336 on Mar 19, 2015
*BONUS DO NOT VOTE (you can vote for donuts though, awesome in the morning after all)*

Felt like giving back this time, so I took Starla's song from OHC 302 and remixed it to thank her for putting this whole thing for us in the first place. Thank you Starla, we <3 you!

Still of Midnight

posted in OHC335 on Mar 12, 2015
MOAR DULCIMER!! This took 3 takes to get right and the tune came to my mind in about 5 minutes. Buzzing is caused by my netbook microphone picking up the fan I think.

Mumbo's Challenge

posted in OHC300 on Jul 10, 2014
Bonus Entry, DO NOT VOTE

So I ran out of steam on this track because I didn't realize how bad a "Grunty Rap" sounds, near the end of the track. YEP, BANJO KAZOOIE SOUNDS! See if you can guess what Mombo is supposed to be saying. :)

This is recent stuff.

The Morning After

posted in OHC284 on Mar 20, 2014
...What happened last night? I woke up with a headache from hell, passed out in the hall, naked, and with a dead squirrel in one hand, and a roll of toilet paper in the other, and I was drenched in raw egg mixed with...something unholy I'm sure...Hellllp meeeee....I don't remember a thing...

TWOD - Prelude

posted in OHC239 on May 09, 2013
*Bonus Entry, Do Not Vote*

The prelude to "TWOD", two famed warriors head up a mountain to destroy a weapon that has caused untold anguish throughout the countryside.

Loons on the Lake

posted in OHC236 on Apr 18, 2013
Please forgive the recording quality, I'm using shitty onboard audio, and it's worse on my old computer.

I could have used my netbook, but then you'd have this annoying buzzing noise...

Popcorn Cover

posted in OHC232 on Mar 21, 2013

So my hard drive crashed, and I was relegated to using my netbook while I got a new one and repaired my mothership. This is the first thing I made after the repair.

Loss of Love

posted in OHC217 on Dec 06, 2012
Okay the inability to upload twice had me tearing my hair out.

This is my real entry. What happens if you love your girl, but she doesn't love you back? There's a hint at the end that suggests why this is so.

G-net Mainframe

posted in OHC217 on Dec 06, 2012

My actual entry will be further below, I hope.

Since I got my stuff fixed, I decided I would do a bonus entry. And what better way to make a bonus entry than to celebrate our very own dancing pink puffball!

Yep, DDR, I did this inspired by, and using loops from, something you made, and there's also a drum loop you made in here as well.

So celebrate DDR y'all! I hope he sticks around for a long time.

Backwoods Jam

posted in OHC214 on Nov 15, 2012
Welcome to the backwoods! You'll need a ton of flydope out here. Hooter sprayed all of our equipment with the stuff, shorted out an amp, but at least the bugs are gone! I think you'll hear that we're high on the stuff.

(New Software (MAGIX Music Maker), because FL hates my updated video card drivers lol)

Heavy Metal?

posted in OHC196 on Jul 12, 2012
AKA what happens when you are not used to growling. And you decide to be funny with less than 20 minutes left (I was late)


posted in OHC134 on May 05, 2011
I have nothing this time, but I still did something. Nothing came to mind.

Suprise at the end.

Third upload due to annoying pitch error.

Put Me Down!

posted in 2DC014 on Apr 30, 2011
So apparently this 2DC was a flop....but not entirely! I too didn't want to do one, however Dyne's compos MUST be saved from...non-participation, heh

Please Save Me

posted in OHC132 on Apr 21, 2011
Picture yourself: You, and your boat, and nothing around you but ocean. No sign of life. No nothing.

Just plain and utter despair, wondering if you'll EVER be found.

(Continuing on my quest to experiment in different genres)

Phendrana Rock

posted in OHC127 on Mar 17, 2011
Didn't really feel like doing anything, but I did test some stuff out during this timeframe.

New VST - one oscillator but you can draw the waveform

I previously skipped over something very important in Slayer that made it sound bland and lifeless. Know how to do palm muting now, heh.

Sound Design 1

posted in 2DC010 on Mar 12, 2011
Sound design is fun! Heh. The theme I used got hammered into my head, and I just HAD to do a literal take. I put that ending on just to piss Brandon off.


posted in 2DC009 on Mar 05, 2011
I made some trance! I didn't want to enter but I was on a trance high lol. Gotta burn off that energy SOMEHOW!

I couldn't come up with a melody so I just refined what I had.

Might turn into an actual track later. As is the buildup is nearly done.

-no title yet-

posted in DDC09 on Feb 25, 2011
Solo submission. b-type was supposed to rap over this. On the bright side, I can put this on a local album of mine after some sprucing up now.

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. :)

Vote if you want.

Ninja Master Ryuikyu goes to India

posted in OHC111 on Nov 18, 2010
Timed myself, 7:41-8:41, made it with 5 minutes to spare. Wanted to go with you people but ETG HATES ME!

Wanted to try something COMPLETELY different, as well as test out some new VSTs

"All Master Ryuikyu does on his vacation is meditate. Here's him waking up one morning before meditating."

After the Discovery

posted in OHC103 on Sep 23, 2010
Whew made it. I finished, but then I decided to install a patch I needed to be in-game for, and it took a really long time.

The percussion is a couple loops, one of which is slicex-ed, and a hi-hat and cymbal.

This fits the theme, and I made it in an hour, but I timed myself from 7:30-8:30, so you can vote if you want to.

This portrays after the discovery when you're mining everything out.

Oh, ETG's still doing it's crap again BTW

The Lake Beckons...

posted in OHC090 on Jun 24, 2010
...and you have heeded the call. Out there floating around with your fishing gear, it is a slow day. Nary a bite breaks the monotony, aside from those pesky insects biting of course. Such is the life of a fisherman...

(I have no idea why, but I launched into a bit of Unchained Melody in here. Nature sounds from Freesound.)

End of your Rope

posted in OHC088 on Jun 10, 2010
The love of your life just died in a horrible accident, and you are at the End of your Rope, possibly contemplating joining her on The Other Side

Strings, Flute = Simsynth Live
Bass = FL Slayer
Akoustic = DSK AkoustiK GuitarZ

Living Amongst the Stars

posted in OHC085 on May 20, 2010

This (MIDI) composition is dated 7/25/2005, and rendered through Synthfont with Fluid Ver. 3.

Well, 3 false starts later, I realized I was not going to get anything done, so I didn't do anything...however, I had a composition I did a long time ago that matches this theme, and I'm not the kind of guy to leave y'all hangin', so.

I present to you, the theme of Generationship Victory, plying the space lanes in search of planets to infect with horny post-humans.

Armageddon Cruisin'

posted in OHC084 on May 13, 2010
Cruisin in your dune buggy after the bomb hit is actually pretty fun. Lets go launching off those broken bridges! Yahoo!

Ending is pretty cheesy, but....I ran outta time.

He Also Can't Sing!

posted in OHC079 on Apr 08, 2010

I wanted to leave you with SOMETHING...don't hurt me.

Dear OHCers,

Well, ETG randomly banning me has forced me to quit OHCing (and coming to ETG in general). I loved doing this with y'all, and I've made some great friends here, and learned a lot too. I did this beforehand, but I didn't want to leave you guys with nothing.

About the song - I tried some sampling this time, and I sampled a couple songs from last weeks OHC, 078. Stick around after the end, (4 bars silence separating) because I threw in the two samples I used as well, that I sampled and sliced up in Slicex. Because Slicex rules. Heh. Also there is a rather failed attempt at gating.

Anyway, this is my parting gift to y'all.

I.O., Cyril the Great, Arcana...Biznut, Just64...and everyone else at OHC, you guys rock the casbah. Thanks for taking me in Starla, was great. I will still be around on the OCR forums though, where I'm planning a remix that'll hopefully go onto OCR. :)

If you liked it, or not, e-mail me at [email protected] and lemme know what you thought.

You people rule,


Master Thief

posted in OHC070 on Feb 04, 2010
He took your car, your keys, your girl, and tons of cash, and he has NEVER been caught.

First shot at another genre than what I usually do in FL.

Halt likes...

posted in OHC062 on Nov 19, 2009
I originally didn't want to do one, but I spent the last 20 minutes putting one together anyway. I hope it makes you laugh if nothing else.

No Name

posted in OHC059 on Oct 29, 2009
My first EVER trance song with FL3. I don't care if you rip it to shreds, I was a complete newbass back then. This was around 1998 I think.
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