automatic for the droids

posted in OHC623 on Sep 17, 2020

Cool pictures. This is progressive/moody, didn't try to go for variations at all. Think of camera panning through a long spaceship hallway, where only robots and droids are present, doing their tasks.

Decisive Point

posted in OHC141 on Jun 23, 2011
nobody knows how i fucked it up
nobody has a clue what's been lost

got the choice to fight back or
the will to give up

the ball is in my camp
and this gun in my hand

Only Friend

posted in OHC140 on Jun 16, 2011
sappy lyrics:

playing in this field
as kids, hand in hand

climbing up to see
that sharing's ok

now i'm fighting through
a myriad of doubts

only to learn that
you're falling apart

but i don't want to leave you anymore

i'm giving you my heart, my life, my needs galore


sappy excuses:

hesitated about uploadingthis because i'm really not confident with my ability to write a sappy eMUsHuNaL song at 3am and recording vocals in this shitty flat, they're still mixed too low btw. ah well at least it was fun to make!


posted in OHC139 on Jun 09, 2011

I kill yo wife,
On da streetz.

Shot yo' father's corpse,
In his grave.

Sup biotch,
feel deez?
Right down yo throat
cause Imma tease.

-- orchestral bridge --

Yah Imma shove sum jizzle
where yo belly ticklez
cuz I'm a playa & you should knowz
that I'm the dictator of hoez


I'm a playa (you'll be: lickin' and chokin', you'll be respectin')
yeah I'm a playa (you'll be: lickin' and chokin', you'll be respectin')
bitch don't tease cuz
I'm a playa (you'll be: lickin' and chokin', you'll be respectin')
yeah I'm a playa (you'll be: lickin' and chokin', you'll be respectin')

-- guitar solo --

-- outro --

The Cold End

posted in OHC137 on May 26, 2011
I've tried making some action-y music for like 30 minutes and failed miserably.

Started over and this.. entirely different idea rose and developed itself nicely, the track is definitely moody and somewhat repetitive but I'm really happy with it, probably the best I've done in 30-40 mins, wait actually that was probably "Tell Her". :D

Anyway, song writeup:

"The cold end: buried in a snow coffin, drowning in fear and yet burning with rage."


posted in OHC130 on Apr 07, 2011
"Infinite blue, quiet, stubborn perfection"

Sea meditation/relaxation... It's nice but I wanted to add so much, oh well :)

This was made in 40 minutes because my computer is a buttload of ass and I'm still pissed off about it.

Tell Her

posted in OHC128 on Mar 24, 2011
It is useless, it is too late, and we won't be, but all I can think about... is telling her, and I'm going there.

The Stare

posted in 2DC011 on Mar 19, 2011
The end is close, the fire dancing in the fireplace, and there is nobody left to share this final magic instant.

Caché Dans L'Infini

posted in OHC123 on Feb 17, 2011
"Hidden In the Infinite" - is a civilization living its own emotions, but how would those differ from us, and what would those beings be, on their system in the far away space?

High on Gem Light

posted in OHC103 on Sep 23, 2010
Still groggy from your fall, you wake up to what seems to be an unknown environment of visual wonders, and your brain processes it as DRUGZ!!!1one

Boards of Canada-ish.

The Last Rush

posted in OHC096 on Aug 05, 2010
The final assault, for better or worse.

I wanted to add Battlefield/War sound effects during the last part but unfortunately I couldn't find a good one in time, my HDDs are such a mess! :(

massively numb

posted in OHC088 on Jun 10, 2010
(heavily inspired by massive attack!)


feeling so alone with you on the phone
all your crap sounds trite since i'm long gone
the neighbour says hello
your friends say let it go
the mirror says it's alright but it's not
cause i'm fucked

and this frame of mine is not holding up
i'm a lost dog i'm coffee with no cup
the mirror says it's alright but it's not
cause i'm fucked

Pouring peace

posted in OHC086 on May 27, 2010
Started very late and didn't really do the space ambient I wanted to make originally.... Still a cute tune I think though, I guess!
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