Lost in theory - Weird Song

posted in OHC171 on Jan 19, 2012
So, I've been studying music theory, teaching myself dramatic modulations. They are not just from minor to major and vice versa, but from major to diminished (because dropping the major third and perfect fifth makes a dim chord), minor to augmented (raising the minor third and perfect fifth creates an # chord), major to aug (raising the perfect fifth alone), minor to dim (lowering the perfect fifth alone), dim to aug and vice versa (lifting/lowering the third once; lifting/lowering the fifth twice).

I think that I'm Beethoven now.

Don't fall into the trap!

posted in OHC169 on Jan 05, 2012
This is a new year; I'm trying to make better decisions than the last year. Also, this was supposed to be a Wild Arms wipe, but I had a minor dissatisfaction with it. I added a limiter, but it's still heavy; I changed parts of the intro, some iffy chord/harmony piano near the tempo/genre change; I reduced some of the bass but it's freakin' heavy!

As I Arise

posted in OHC111 on Nov 18, 2010
As I arise from my dreamer, I walk into the daylight, enlightened not by the sun, but by revelation; the light of the day is only a shadow of my joy and this truth; revealed to me is my destiny.

Yes, I know, some of the chords need some structuring, or reconsideration of theory and arrangement.

The Departure

posted in OHC086 on May 27, 2010
Since mom is always in my damned face about shit, this is what I put together in the little time I was allowed to have. Fuck, people bother me!

Dragon Chase

posted in OHC060 on Nov 05, 2009
I wanted to put lyrics on it but someone else is using the mic!

This is supposed to be a cross-genre mix. Imagine Godzilla smashing buildings to the rhythm.
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