Racing Mind

posted in OHC504 on Jun 07, 2018
You are racing on the fast lane. Every moment in your life collides with the next. You're picking up speed now. Those who chase you are gaining on you now. You're picking up speed now. Your memories, your dreams, your mind's twisted and gnarled concoctions are no longer a thing of dreams, but the reality that you are living in. You taste blood in your mouth. You're picking up speed now.


posted in OHC500 on May 10, 2018
You are soaring. After all of your years of living, nothing has ever felt quite as good as this. You're not missing any shots. You're not wasting a single move. Every button, every flick, every smash and slam is with meaning, with purpose, with passion. You are aflame. Your every action propels you further and further towards your goal. You realize, for the very first time in your life, that this is who you were meant to be---this is what you were meant to be. A winner. You are on top of the world.

Mason's Island II

posted in OHC486 on Feb 01, 2018
Inspired by Mason's Lab from Pokemon TCG2. I wasted a ton of time on getting everything to work with the FL Studio swing meter and ended up running out too fast, RIP
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