posted in PRC472 on Dec 26, 2023

Unfortunately I'm still stuck in writer's limbo, so I decided to go back to my last best work, and use it to send off PRC. It's been an honor and a privilege to have been a part of this competition.

The sources are:

Chrono Cross - Voyage Home World

Chrono Cross - Voyage Other World

Halcyon Legend

posted in PRC341 on Feb 08, 2017
Well, as you can see, the inspiration for this treatment was Orbital's Halcyon and On and On, so it's a rather calm chillout song


posted in PRC312 on Jan 01, 2016
Well, another free round, another of my Needle Man mixes (yay). But this time I'm really proud of the outcome, despite the fact that I thought I had more time to do this.
So enjoy another one of my trancey mixes


posted in PRC282 on Oct 26, 2014
Well, what can I say, I know some MSX games, but Illusion City isn't one of them. But as soon as I heard the theme, it instantly clicked. It was one of the first mixes I've completed in a while so I'm pretty excited for the results.
So, have fun with my mix!

Freddy Dances (Horror Electro Mix)

posted in PRC253 on Sep 16, 2013
Well, as soon as I heard the source for the first time I knew there had to be an organ in it. But somehow an electronic bass slithered its way into it, and then I had at least an idea for the genre name. Ok, it's more chillout than pure electro, but, yeah whatever.
It might not be my best work, but I like it nevertheless.
And it's dedicated to my girlfriend whose all-time favorite movie is "A Nightmare on Elm Street"

Dreaming of Power

posted in PRC241 on Mar 31, 2013
I did this yesterday, in about 3 hours and with a can of 10% strong danish lager beer. It's not really finished, but today is the only day I have internet, so I'll upload it anyway.

Supremacy (You Will Chill)

posted in PRC236 on Jan 18, 2013
Ok, first off, thanks to Sir_NutS for taking on my idea of a dubstep mix, because I can't do dubstep (yet).
Second, this source was awesome, so thanks to OneUp from me as well.
My take on the source is entirely different to the other two entries, it is more of a electronic downtempo chillout piece.


posted in PRC214 on Mar 20, 2012
My first entry for the PRC.
Since this is my favorite tune from Castlevania III I just wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately I totally forgot about it until yesterday so I patched this one up in a few hours
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