The Didgeridoo of Time

posted in OHC283 on Mar 13, 2014
So apparently today is when daylight savings takes place in the U.S. Came into this with 8 minutes to the deadline.

This is mixed poorly.. doesn't do much.. but I managed to create a uniquish sound I think..


Have Not the Words

posted in OHC276 on Jan 23, 2014
Just found out my 8 year relationship is over.
This may be the most powerful song I've done.
Turn up your volume as high as you can handle.
There are a few sharp high notes.. but louder is better.

Half Bonus Entry: I started an hour before the compo started on this one..

No Wind

posted in OHC274 on Jan 09, 2014
Started about 3 different songs and then scrapped everything..

This is what I play when I'm feeling like the moon.. cold and lonely. Just me playing randomly. No editing, first playthrough, so be gentle.

Please leave your comments.. but I have to go to work, so I'll be in the chat, but not actually there..

Peace until next week..

6 Pianos

posted in OHC271 on Dec 19, 2013
Nothing to do with the theme.. i guess..

Layers and layers of pianos.. most tracks played through on first go.. Every note you hear is played with my fingers.. some with my dick..

Spent the first 45 on a completely different song and then scrapped it with about 20 minutes left and started over

Wet Puissant

posted in OHC270 on Dec 12, 2013
This old dude is crazy... but he's drowning in puissant... so I'll jam for a bit longer....

and yes... I know i'm using the word wrong..

In the World Below the World

posted in OHC263 on Oct 24, 2013
You descend further and further..

You can't see what is holding you.. dragging you downwards.

You find you do not care, as a warmth spreads through you.

You do not feel your lungs.. you do not need air.

You can see.. clearer than before.

You pass through an explosion of sound and light.

What you see shatters everything you ever thought was true..

A radiance beyond beauty.

You feel you never want to leave.

You feel this was always where you were meant to be.

In the world below the world.

Not mah best..

Never Down

posted in OHC258 on Sep 19, 2013
Woke up about 30 minutes after this compo started.. so sorry for the late entry.
Really tried to stick to the theme on this one..
Didn't use the bass for once... O_O

Let me know what you think of the change in style

Leaving You

posted in OHC254 on Aug 22, 2013
The feeling has been there your whole life..
An itch in your mind that has kept your true potential shut away

The feeling leaves you..

So go out and dance mofo... the world is yours!

The Monster Within

posted in OHC243 on Jun 06, 2013
We finally found the most ancient and historically significant place in the history of the universe.

Too bad... inside dwells the guardian.
Inside dwells the monster...

and it just woke up

Freedom of the Fall

posted in OHC242 on May 30, 2013
Eventually we all have to let go...

Inevitably, we all fall.

Maybe when we do, it wont be so bad after all.

Maybe... it's in the fall that we find freedom.

Love's Gone Wrong

posted in OHC240 on May 16, 2013
Don't have my keyboard or anything set up this morning, so this is bonus entry. I played for the first time last night at bar with my brother for an open mic night.

We wrote this song a couple days ago. It has a full set of lyrics and some soloing that I did live and isn't recorded. As far as alternate dimensions go, I felt like I was in one playing in front of a hundred people.

Big chocolaty sprinkle covered Donut vote... but let me know what you think.

Out of Time

posted in OHC236 on Apr 18, 2013
You feel the call of nature... sudden and strong..
Why here? Why now?
You stand up, desperately searching.
There are none you can see, and no more time to look...

You must go, you are out of time.
You move awkwardly, the feeling building inside you.
You have to make it..
You step outside and breath the cool air..
It helps..

You look across the street to a park nearby
You see a hippie on a skateboard run into a wall..

You shit your pants....

Shrink Ray

posted in OHC234 on Apr 04, 2013
Your heart starts racing... The walls around you begin to shoot upwards into an endlessly expanding universe.

The ground is getting closer... you are on your feet falling.
As your room explodes outward before your eyes, your entire world is torn away, leaving you among the building blocks of each string of each fabric, woven together to construct all things.

Every sound, a whisper or a whistle, vibrates through the strings that hold creation together. All vibrations lead to you. You are the master of them.

Now you make the choices that bring to life the symphony of nature. What choices will you make?

Punch the Air

posted in OHC233 on Mar 28, 2013
Sometimes when writing a song, I feel a sense of adventure.
This adventure is best embarked upon with headphones and the volume up.


posted in OHC231 on Mar 14, 2013
Normally when I compose, I stop myself from playing like a crazy person..... Being sick as a dog at the moment, decided I don't care.. This is a bit cluttered..

They Started Dancing

posted in OHC228 on Feb 21, 2013
You watch her, with sad greedy eyes. You take your first step.. You are going to ask her. You're almost there...

However, you are beaten.. too slow were you.. your chance has passed.. She starts dancing... With someone else.

Long live ohc

Falling Caves

posted in OHC210 on Oct 18, 2012
Didn't have work today, so here is a very quick piano piece.
Logged on with like 15 minutes left, so this is not the best.
Just great to finally submit again, missed you guys..

The Understanding

posted in OHC194 on Jun 28, 2012
This will probably be my last OHC for some time. I am moving to Perth, Australia next week, and the the compo will be during my morning.. for at least 2 years. lol

Here is a song.. kind of repetitive, but this was the mood I was in. The OHC has literally changed my life.. I hope everyone here can understand that.
Thank you for all everything every week. I will miss you guys.

Not Aging Well

posted in OHC189 on May 24, 2012
This is all Munchi.. We did a 30 minute switch off collab.. I failed on my end.. to pay tribute to his song he sent me at the half way mark.. So here it is with me having a bad time fooling around on the piano with munchi's awesome song.

Thats all

The Dying Mind

posted in OHC184 on Apr 19, 2012
Wanted to try and fit the theme a little more on this one.. so it might not be all that great... or some may think its slow at the beginning and harsh at the end.. It is... but I guess thats the point.

This mind is dying.

War After War

posted in OHC179 on Mar 15, 2012
The battle is won.. everyone celebrates.. but the battle siren sounds..

Those who are badass step forth.. and kick ass until only one stands among you..

Sounds better with headphones... lol

The Wind

posted in OHC178 on Mar 08, 2012
Went more easy on this one... I just thought about wind the whole time.. Fades to me messing around on strings... then again to piano to round it out.. Hope you enjoy. think...wind.

Hope the volumes turn out okay.. composed with headphones this time.
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