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Help Diss Virus

posted in 2HTS389 on Sep 12, 2021

Happy to hear y'all again been busy in DJ/producing travel mode.. caught something along the way. don't worry its not the vid!! Anyways hope all of you have been creattingggg!

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Fallin Foward Flamingo Freestyle

posted in 2HTS368 on Apr 18, 2021

beat is wonky... flow is wonky.. freestyle is alright.. but we keep movin. sometimes when I make crappy beats I know its just one step closer to makin something more magical. Anyways happy creating!

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Bury Deep / Disentegrate

posted in 2HTS363 on Mar 14, 2021

Made 2 tracks can't believe it :) Lvlin up - Hope everyone has been well was super exhausted today.. 8 days of school and work back to back but glad I came through!

Lyrics - Freestyle

Thanks for listening and keep creating

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Changing Colors

posted in 2HTS361 on Feb 28, 2021

I've been tryna to make more drillish beats.. use 808's more catch different flows.. Anyways here's another freestyle. I love that one knife slice scene in the clip want to use it percussively. Suprising me with these clips as always ANTIK!


posted in 2HTS336 on Sep 06, 2020

Originally I tried to make this on my Op-1 that I got I evnetually gave up and used a couple parts chopped it up and used ableton.. .THANKS ANTIK!

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