The Pits

posted in OHC201 on Aug 16, 2012
I woke up one morning
to a sickly smell of B.O.

I look in the mirror
It looked back and said OH NO

I've had depression and this smell
was worse than all else

I run for the soap
like a trip to the nine hells

I bust a towel out
new change of clothes

I'd get clean in the shower
but it felt like a garden hose

5 minutes and i'm in it to win it
but the smell won't go away
cause it smells like skunk spray

Have no fear change gears
scrub behind my ears, wipe away my tears, now the water sears.

I step off, dry off, my hair's soft
and I still stink.

Don't Repeat The Past

posted in OHC182 on Apr 05, 2012
2 x (The past is your glycerin
***it's knockin' your kisser in
***you're blowing a hole in your soul
***you're hurting here more than you know
***afraid to show

***orange hell is exposed, for angelic repose
***a shot across the nose. Don't do that.)

Rest of song - (Don't repeat the past)
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