✿ The Last Dandelion ✿

posted in 2HTS454 on Dec 11, 2022

A flower, a flower in my hand

I sit in the garden my friend,

each little yellow petal falls,

it is the last, it’s the end

Dandelion dandelion

I am trying, I am trying,

To be quite as sunny as you.

But no matter how I bellow,

I will never be so yellow

I can only be a shade of blue.

Dandelion dandelion

I am crying I am crying

tell me what it is that I should do

You’re the last one in the garden

I will soon grant you a pardon

Turn me bright and yellow just like you.

Wigs, we are.

posted in 2HTS399 on Nov 21, 2021

Each day more hair falls from your head,

receding back into the follicle bed,

and now we see a sheen, a glare,

but here is why you shouldnt care...

Youve got so many choices,

Do not listen to the voices,

Red or blonde, blue or pink,

Oh who cares what they may think.

Wigs, we are your new best friends,

For when youve got no more split ends.

You've got so many choices,

You've got so many choices,

You've got so many choices,

You've got so many choices.

Dimension ELEVEN

posted in 2HTS347 on Nov 22, 2020

Once, long ago on a misty eve,
a strange apparition appeared to me,
Tearing up time with a flicker and glitch,
I asked it these questions with a nervous twitch,

What dimension are you from?

"What intention do you don?"

Have no fear it did reply
"You wouldnt understand with your small human mind.."

"Well thats kinda rude" I said in a huff,
Ill have you know Im hyper interested in this stuff.
"Im just popping through this rift in space,
to witness the implosion of the human race."

"Oh I see, yeah that might be soon,
Unless we can inhabit one of Saturns moons."
"Come with me it said and grabbed my hand
well save you from this destitute-d land"

Not 1, 2,3,4,5,6, 7, not 8 not 9 not 10 but 11.

The 11th Dimension

A short song about tape and vinyl

posted in 2HTS346 on Nov 15, 2020

Share a link,
refresh the page and its gone in a blink.
Send an mp3
a file on the desktop looks the same as everyone you see..

To have something real,
to touch and to feel,
Existing in our realm,
a physical object,

A tape or a vinyl,
you know will be final,
Crates to the ceiling,
surrounded by feeling,
And this I find way more appealing.

Couch Potato Ultimate

posted in 2HTS345 on Nov 08, 2020

Deep down I sink into the sofa, feel like a loafer
And truly I think I cant be blamed here, the worlds not the same here.
Ive got my drinks and my food at hand, laziest in the land, and I feel so
Grandparents would you be angry that you fought for me to sit on my..

ASS-essing the situation,
I sit playing my playstation,
in a form of stasis I am,
Couch potato ultimate one,
But when you are stuck in your home,
being helpful being alone,
grin and bare it down to the bone,

Couch potato, this I will own!

Losing a limb!

posted in 2HTS344 on Nov 01, 2020


Do you ever worry that one day,
one of your appendages will just give way?
Youll snag your clothing and the sleeve will flop,
the sockets and the joints might just go pop!

Yes its a real fear and I have no shame,
Apotemnophobia is its name,
yes its a real fear and its kind of grim,
its a phobia of losing a limb.

Hey, being bionic would be kind of cool,
using interchanging attachments and tools. 
but I like all my legs and I like all my arms,
the thought of not having them takes away my calm..


Hey wait, can you hear something there?
like someone running down the stairs,
a childlike laugh, and scuffling feet,
Oh what are we about to meet?

I hope its not the restless spirits of dead children.

And yes thats quite a jump to make,
But watch the films for goodness sake.
its always some horrific kid,
without a face or no eyelids. 

I know that its the restless spirits of dead children.
Running round and running round they go.

So how can we escape the spirits of dead children?
By hiding or by running I dont know?

I guess Ill go under my quilt, a feathered duvet fort Ive built, a barrier against the dead,
But I can still see their faces inside my head.


posted in 2HTS341 on Oct 11, 2020

Isnt it so weird? How, we are all here,
longing for a life we never held dear,
how it seemed so dull, at the time,
and isnt it absurd?

How we miss the things, that came easily,
not being afraid to walk the street,
getting sorta close to somebody,
and isnt it absurd?
the future is a blur,
and worrying recurs..

Show me the way to normalcy.
back stepping away from reality,
Tell us how the world is going to be,
So we can evade this absurdity..

Lochs and Waters

posted in 2HTS331 on Aug 02, 2020

Down to yonder tavern in the village oer we go,
quart or two of the least finest alcohol bestowed.

Merry in our finest wares we come upon a room,
filled upto the gillies, flashing light under the moon.

Might you want to share a jig with me on this fine eve?
Tankards over spilling, Ive a few coin up my sleeve!
By the lochs and waters we can make our jolly ways
Prancing and a diving til the horses start to bray.

Dum de da do dweedle deedle,
Horses in the hay,
Can you find the needle needle
On our jolly way.

Dum de da do dweedle deedle,
Stars alight the sky..
Dancing til were feeble feeble
Merry til we die.

By the lochs and waters


posted in 2HTS328 on Jul 12, 2020

How many green sauces do you know?
Ones with which a lot of the flavours go?
And this ones my favourite by far,
Most commonly located next to a little salsa.

Guacamole, well you are the one and only, 
Its so lonely in my burrito with pinto beans,
So when you dont know what to make of that avocado.
Give it a smash and act like you are in Mehico.

Hollow Dungeon

posted in 2HTS327 on Jul 05, 2020


4 and a half years into my sentence,
Everyone else has faced the chop,
luckily mine was not such a bad crime
I sit here in chains, eating slops.

It is so quiet, it is so dark and
this feels like purgatory,
but there is one person who is in here
always ready to reply to me.

Hello, hello
hollow dungeon,
How do you do?

How do you do?
Fancy a handful of mushy gruel?
Fancy a handful? Oh youve got some too!
Some people say that Im going crazy,
Some people say that Im going mad.
My invisible friend in this hollow dungeon, helps me to feel a little less sad.

Only 6 more years,
Only 6 more years
You too!?

Chirping (Crickets)

posted in 2HTS321 on May 24, 2020

Stepping outside into the night, all I can hear is silence,

No sound from the cars, sound from the planes or ambulance sirens,

just the crickets that chirp, small but so loud and filling the airways,

a song that reminds me of home, a resounding noise, reminiscent of yesterdays.

No more man made poison trash,

No more sea pollution splashing,

No more conglomerate cash,

Just chirping, chirping, chirping, chirping.

Chu-CHUR chuchchchUR CHUR CHU chu chu chch etc

Pancake Batter

posted in 2HTS254 on Feb 10, 2019
May all the townsfolk bask in your glory,
behold the most wondrous of stories,
a narrative to inspire the ages,
but looks like you have torn out a few pages..

I dont buy it, not one bit,
I think you are full of it,
your bedsheets are full of crumbs,
pancake batter full of lumps,
sweater threads are getting snagged,
theres a hole inside your bag,
a crack in your window pain,
the derailment of a train goes *crash

But it is okay, for I have got away,
cause I do not like lumps, and I do not like crumbs


posted in 2HTS222 on Jul 01, 2018
Am am I the same?
to the list add my name?
Im one of the older aged cattle in this flock
but I lose my voice,
it is not my choice
circling round a field Im followed by the dogs

Oh havent you heard, the word on the herd?
my feelings for you are totally absurd
but I follow you, wade the gossip through
Im so gormless and you are my Shepherd

Was, was I the same?
to the list did you add my name?
maybe I will run away and split off from the flock
and get back my voice
and restore my choice
running through the fields solitary through the fog

Oh didnt you hear, the words drawing near?
your feelings for me were totally unclear,
but I followed you, the gossip was true,
dont know what to do, you were my shepherd...

Be Kind & Delusional

posted in 2HTS221 on Jun 24, 2018
All these people, they so angry
with their divine politics
nihilism, fatalism
which with me just doesnt stick

stuff the world and stuff the planet
just kill everybody now..
advocate cannabilism
When I wont even eat a cow.

Condone murder of the first degree,
or stick your head up through the clouds, until it leaves the galaxy..
its like burying your head in the sand..
theres only so much blood that you can get from a stone covered land
and be kind and delusional

Yes and they may say the S word
Eat Shit,
Take whatever they may like and
be quite overtly sassy
only concerned for the cameras
not what is behind the screen
to be to nice is to be square
and to be cool is to be mean.....

Code will leave you lonely

posted in 2HTS189 on Nov 12, 2017
(Shitty quiet vocals strike again)

Trapped inside the world wide web
data flying overhead,
validation spider there,
will be eating 'til I’m dead.

All of this coding, slowly eroding
self esteem imploding
can we turn it off yet?

Code isn’t the road to
finding happiness,
code will leave you lonely
So can we just turn it off yet?

Vendetta (You Maintain Your)

posted in 2HTS188 on Nov 05, 2017
Stood on the beach as they
watched lights fall into the sea,
ducking away from the
amateur's fireworks, they flee.

but now like the gunpowder burning
so bright they went cold
now there is darkness and
now they are growing so old.

But you can not forget her,
you maintain your vendetta and
the years go by, you can’t forgive
with this bad blood, you both most live

Candy apples always
rot in the centre with age,
so why do you think you can
manage to harbour this rage?
Where there is smoke there is
fire and you are a cloud,
the flashes are dazzling,
crackles are strikingly loud…

I'm Lame.

posted in 2HTS173 on Jul 23, 2017
My group of people, do they exist?
I cannot find them and so I insist,
to befriend the earth, the plants and the birds, I need only be, and I need no words.

my group of people, they cannot be found,
and so I’ll spend energy covering ground,
experiencing life in different ways,
the force of the wind, the suns gentle rays.

Keep looking keep looking
oh no I’ve stopped that game
too goofy too goofy
most people think I’m lame
I doubt that I’ll ever
be in a squad or gang
a group of likeminded
people with which to hang...

Most people think I’m lame, because I’m not the same..

Cicadas (short song)

posted in 2HTS171 on Jul 09, 2017
Surrounded by trees,
swallowed up by leaves,
cicadas deafening me,
macaws overhead,
ants are where I tread,
caimans in the riverbed..

There’s so much life here and I fear
to take one step would truly interfere...

My Finger, Your Dish

posted in 2HTS164 on May 21, 2017
On our great journey
on foot through the lands
we came to a giant lake
blocking the path
collected materials from the forest floor
and we built a raft.
We climbed on our vessel
and it didn't sink
but we had no oars
so put our arms in the drink
and then I felt pain and then I felt numb
my little finger bitten off.

Was it a pike?
or was it an eel?
I hope that my pinky was a sufficient meal
you must have been hungry
carnivorous fish
my finger, your dish….


posted in 2HTS158 on Apr 09, 2017
Remember when you'd describe me with 'unsatisfactory'?
a dozen times I'd be 'not good enough'?
when my performance was low and average I was below,
for you, being disappointed was tough.

But I learn in my own way
and who are you to say
a fish can climb a tree..?
and monkey can swim in the sea..?
My value's in my heart,
Must logic rival art?
Don't be so damn...

I'll disappear... (emo)
I'll disappear..
Get a real job they will say
but I live in my own way..


posted in 2HTS139 on Nov 27, 2016
My Neurons are firing
it's part of my wiring
sometimes I would rather they would not

Thinking is not helping me
in areas grey and blurry
grey matters it matters quite a lot.

Neurons, you're on!
Can you be neuroff??

Fuzzy Energy

posted in 2HTS137 on Nov 13, 2016

No lyrics as I've just moved into a new house and don't want them to hear me singing like a little ghosty from my room kk

Tomorrow's You

posted in 2HTS133 on Oct 16, 2016
Yesterday's woman she is history
tomorrow's woman is a mystery
Today's woman is somewhere in between

Proverbs seldom help you in the long run,
you might as well just kick back and have fun
living in the moment is the gift that you have.

I wrapped a gift, a gift for you,
Yesterday gone, and it can shoo,
and I present you with a new,
today is yours so what you gonna do?

Bad Apple

posted in 2HTS126 on Aug 28, 2016
One of your five a day...
One of the last of the five of your last day,
One of your five a day...
One of the last of the five of your last day.

But when in an orchard of trees all alike,
how can you know that the fruit is alright?
All you can do is hope and take a bite,
so grab a fruit basket, consume the night.

Let's get to the core of the problem here,
no seedy intentions, if that’s not clear,
Orchard should have labeled out this one tree,
how is that my fault if I could not see?

*obnoxious ending*

Missing In Action

posted in 2HTS118 on Jul 03, 2016
I am going to put down my gun,
there is nowhere for me to run,
and I am gonna break down my offence,
if it will end the suspense.

it seems inevitable, why did I fight?
Suspected from the start it was not right?
I feel a loss and confusion at this,
What was it that I did miss?

Missing in action,
I'm not in your faction,
But hey I’ll be ok, just go and get on your way..

it’s just me, Charlie
hiding out in the green,
and I will never be seen,
and I’m not gonna be mean,
I’m missing I’m missing in action...

Afternoon Angel Delight

posted in 2HTS117 on Jun 26, 2016
You open the door and the light burns my eyes,
Give me the milk, g-g-give me the milk,
I want that sweet taste and I want it with haste,
smooth like silk, s-s-smooth like silk

Splash as the milk lands into the bowl,
whisking around this is what we’ve found,
just a few hours till the mixture is set,
I can’t keep my feet on the ground..

Afternoon Angel Delight,
My fluffy butterscotch whip,
I’d like a spoon of you this afternoon
to feel your bubbly kiss.

Technology Zombies

posted in 2HTS114 on Jun 05, 2016
Spent the last 2 weeks in Fiji on a technology free retreat
We descend into the airport, but there is nobody there to meet
Collecting my suitcase and no one even checks my passport..
walk out into the city street and this is not what I had thought

Pedestrians walking single file, heads down staring at their mobiles, technology zombies
existing twice in different worlds, digitally and all the while
breathing and blood pumping, living and dead all at once…

technology zombies…

357 Other People (2)

posted in 2HTS112 on May 22, 2016
Nitrogen genuinely is escaping from me
I descend, I depend on the bacteria
underneath this slab of stone
I’m really on my own, here to begin this journey,
just me, just me, just me…

Me and 357 other people in this field of our memories
that they cherish and they visit us
leaving us some flowers that will also join the earth
so we receive them very kindly and we know that we will see you next year, my dear, my dear…

Demons, Phantoms and Spectres

posted in 2HTS111 on May 15, 2016
I’ve got a devil at my door,
Can hear its feet across the floor,
a dark place in my mind
as it’s expanding I find these demons,
phantoms, spectres all around..

Oh won’t you please shine the light in the wardrobe for me?
It’s just coats, 80’s printed jumpers and nebula jeans..
and my bed doesn’t even have an underneath bit??
I know we can laugh the devil away with your wit.

When I am walking home at night,
I sprint to get to each street light
I know the darkness is waiting, the shadows are chasing
me and they know when I’m alone..

Oh won’t you please shine the light in the wardrobe for me?
It’s just coats, 80’s printed jumpers and nebula jeans..
and my bed doesn’t even have an underneath bit??
I know we can laugh the devil away with your wit.

Our Oddly Existence

posted in 2HTS110 on May 08, 2016
We have been born
by this celestial body,
small like a grain of sand
in a sea of stars and space
and oddly..

It’s comforting to know
it doesn’t really matter at all
we’re so absurd in our

And we live on, without an aim
try’na create a purpose for
this meat covered skeleton body
until we fade into the night
hoping we’ve been happy
hoping we’ve been happy…

Retro Projector

posted in 2HTS103 on Mar 20, 2016
Wheeling in the television set,
We’re going to watch an 80’s science VHS
and afterwards we’ll look up to the front,
teacher switching on the lamp of the..

Retro projector,
Diagrams on acetate sheets,
Retro projector,
Dark in here so maybe I can sleep,
Retro projector,
Remember when a fly landed on the
Retro projector?
Without you all my exam answers would be wrong...