Remember The Date

posted in OHC509 on Jul 12, 2018
He wakes up with a start. There's something in the back of his mind, something he was going to today... He can't remember it, but he gets ready for the day and he goes to work. All throughout the day, he keeps having that feeling and he can't figure out what he's forgetting. A few times, he gets close to it, but then has to go back to work.

Finally, on his way home, he remembers! He's got a date tonight! After collecting a small army of pop vinyl figures from the comic shop, he finally asked out the cute cashier and tonight is the night. He texts her, and it's still on. They end up having a great night together.

Lit Keys

posted in OHC198 on Jul 26, 2012
The glow emanating from the notes, the white, and the black keys. The aura of songs yet to be written, by your hands to be wrought.

Wrapped in 80+6

posted in OHC195 on Jul 05, 2012
Taking the exit, way high up the structure; stringing through universes created and destroyed by the whims of gods.

Inspired in part by the theme images, and by Sam Hughes incredible science fiction story, Fine Structure (

Anyone But Them

posted in OHC175 on Feb 16, 2012
I probably shouldn't be trusted with this kind of theme.

I am not who you think I am.
I am not your husband, your father, or your neighbor.
I am anyone but them...
'Cause I am... A SUPERVILLAIN.

Come on, I'll take you all on.
Right now! Right now!
Here's your shot:
Come at me bro!

Bayside Childhood

posted in OHC171 on Jan 19, 2012
You feel the cool breeze waft across your skin; it brings back memories of a time lost in play and love. A more carefree time, a nostalgic and great time.

Mending Universes

posted in OHC165 on Dec 08, 2011
"War. Endless war; across space, time, and dimensions unthought of in our time. All that was left was the one. But the one is all that was needed ..."

Rebuilding worlds is hard enough, what with the ridiculous technology and ecosystems needed to restore them to their past form; but rebuilding universes?

There's nothing that can compare to recreating the very laws of physics with naught but the semblance of Newton's laws. Nothing that can stand next to rebuilding galaxies from dust. No one to stop you from creating paradise.

Era Singularity

posted in OHC162 on Nov 17, 2011
You always thought you'd wear a fedora and a trench coat if you were forced to meet yourself in an unbelievably sci-fi movie way, but you'd never think it would happen!

He knows everything movie you love, every girl you've sought, and every "tax" folder on your hard drive, but there's just something about him that makes him feel like a stranger.

He claims to have come from an alternate universe where things have gone horribly wrong; one where Jesse is dead and the project is in the hands of the Russians. He says he's here to set things right, to stop the multiverse-destroying device from being completed...

So the question, can you trust yourself?

Hunting Humans

posted in OHC149 on Aug 18, 2011
The humans hunting in the darkness, silently winning their prey. But they know not what waits in that darkness; the one waiting, timing, for the perfect kill.
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