tertouch brilliance

posted in OHC058 on Oct 22, 2009
can shift the pitches of the Upper and the Lower keyboards seperately in semi-tone steps in the range of 4 octaves; 2 octaves upper and lower. If a number higher than +5 is assigned, the highest octave subsitutes it, and the value lower than -7 (such as -8, -9 etc.) is assigned, the lowest octave substitutes it.

I hate computers

posted in OHC054 on Sep 24, 2009
My whole project file is screwed, and I had to time stretch the exported wav to even get this to work. For the record, I almost put my fist through a 24" monitor...

Mystical Crap

posted in OHC028 on Mar 26, 2009
I did this in 15 minutes. Then I exported the wav and never saved the project. Then I realized the export sped things way up. Oops.

The Cat Isle

posted in OHC017 on Jan 08, 2009
Beware shoppers. You'll be leaving my store after you hear this lovely music 50 times in a row. But hey, we've got specials on cat food, so you BETTER FREAKIN' STAY AND SHOP.

Yeah, not quite the type of music I meant to go for, but hey, it was fun. Also, shop at my store, or you die. Thanks!

It's Dark P2

posted in OHC003 on Feb 14, 2008
Remember the first one? I don't, because I erased it and purged it from memory. But this...this rainy sounding gay gay could possibly be on par to become Part 2 of what once was the worst thing I ever made.

Oh yeah, it's like, raining in this with some thunder. Then some music I'd like to stick it in the pooper on starts, and then some singing that sounds like the pooper happens.
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