posted in OHC713 on Jun 09, 2022

A sacred ceremony of the Moclan people which involves taking a piss.

Bless the rains, bless the inspiration, bless the fact that I had to piss a few times during this.

Also, bless FL Studio preloaded samples because I don't have the good stuff on this laptop =P

In Shadows We Dwell

posted in OHC711 on May 26, 2022

I'm getting Oxenfree vibes from this. Probably the campfire motif. Some basic FL SFX and percussion, placed spacially and minimally. Not my usual bombastic style, but hell... it's been like 4 years since I did this (and I'm juggling a beer, a cigarette, and a touchpad that hates being touched - all while on my porch. Also... this version of FL Studio is unfamiliar to me). ALl in good fun ;)

I enjoyed letting the pitched ride set the melodic tone. I also enjoyed the pressure of 1hr time limit forcing me to roll with what I have, and not composing past about a minute and a half. I think this track is good where it's at.

It's good to be back =3


posted in OHC365 on Oct 08, 2015
Try not to listen on that sound in your head... If you properly focus on it, it will scatter your brainwaves and leave you Brain/DEAD.

*Made from a single vocal recording made at the start of the compo, then chopped, sliced, repitched, and warped using all manner of weird FX and funky shit. The end result is a droning, weird track... just the way I like my EXP music to be =3

Eight Oh Eight

posted in OHC270 on Dec 12, 2013
Like the arms of a mother cradling her child, the controller embraces your spirit as you drift off into a world of pure relaxation.

Truly, this controller was a lover, not a fighter.

Admiral Ackbar ft. Day Moanstar

posted in OHC224 on Jan 24, 2013
Sometimes, a Mufucka is too cool to read the theme.. or maybe he just can't read =P
Automatic Jack returns with Daddy Moanstar (Day Moanstar) to make waves of... randomness. This track is composed entirely of vocals samples. =3

Return Again

posted in OHC217 on Dec 06, 2012
Failure is not the end of thy journey, noble warrior. Another chance shall be given to thee... makest sure that thou dost not fucketh up this time. =3

The Deep

posted in OHC212 on Nov 01, 2012
A highly uninspired title, because I spent all my time making the tune. =P
If it weren't for re-opens, i'd have rage quit a LONG time ago =3


posted in OHC209 on Oct 11, 2012
Sometimes, in the face of the S.W.A.R.M. all you can do is soldier on through it, one step at a time.
Never look back!!
Never back down!!
Never Give in!!

The Siren Song of Bitlantis

posted in OHC208 on Oct 04, 2012
Arr, me matey Long John... ye remember him? Well, I'm sad to say he went down to Davey Jones locker... twas the Siren Song of Bitlantis that took him down...

This song is dedicated to my mouse, which decided to die fifteen minutes in, and to Starla, who reopened the submissions. I LOVE YOU STARLA!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Predatorial Dreamwalker

posted in OHC207 on Sep 27, 2012
Sometimes when you dream, you're the victim... sometimes, you're the Predator...

Wasted half of my time making something else, then RAGEQUIT and made this instead.

It's... meh. =P


posted in OHC204 on Sep 06, 2012
- After decades of exploration, the lost city is finally... found? This can't be right, the whole place is in 8-bit! WTF!? And there are WUBWUBWUB noises coming from the bits!! THIS IS FUCKED UP!! >=(

The Abominations

posted in OHC203 on Aug 30, 2012
As you stalk through the ruins of the laboratory you were sent to destroy, you suddenly sense that you are not alone.
As the hair on back of your neck begins to rise, you see them coming for you... and you know you are not going to make it out alive.


posted in OHC187 on May 10, 2012
Use your time in front of an audience to captivate them, and then, when you leave... they won't wanna see you go.

Also, if you're a politician, promise them lots of shit that won't actually get done, and THEN worry about the excuses for why. Some good ones are 'The (previous administration's name goes here) set into motion certain policies and practices that...', 'The (opposing parties name goes here)'s are blocking legislature that would enable us to....'
... blah blah blah, you get the idea. =)
Just go up there, smile, be yourself, and really OWN the crowd. All eyes SHOULD be watching you... make sure that they are. =)

Cousin Swagness

posted in OHC183 on Apr 12, 2012
... I see...
... the darkness within...
... my reflection shows me...
... things...
... a person...
... she haunts me...
... my nightmares...
... and her name...
... her wretched name...

The Tree of Solace

posted in OHC178 on Mar 08, 2012
Hear the wind rushing through it's branches? The sound will calm you and awaken a desire to transcend the ordinary... all you have to do... is listen.

The Shadows of Death

posted in OHC176 on Feb 23, 2012
In the last moments of life, the time you have to reflect will seem like an entire lifetime in and of itself.
It is INDEED better to regret something you did than to have not done it at all.
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