Court Is In Session

posted in FBRC2011 on Sep 01, 2011
I was challenged to remix Cromlech Court from Blast Corps 64. I meant to flesh this out a lot more, but then school started and I'm super lazy. I'll get around to it someday, cause the source is pretty damn cool.

Ill Omens

posted in OHC108 on Oct 28, 2010
Tossing and turning at night, you feel a vague sense of dread.

You don't know why, you don't know where, and you don't know what.

But you know that something is watching you.

Watching and waiting...

days of sadness

posted in OHC100 on Sep 02, 2010
you've just defeated the boss, and now there's peace!
.... and nothing really to do....

queue boredom and depression until GENERIC-RPG-2-THE-SEQUEL comes out
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