Cyber deer hunting

posted in OHC787 on Nov 09, 2023
yum yum circuits

I'm in sore need of some arrangement practice. Does someone have any good resources or advice? I get lost in the soundscape weeds and want to focus on creating a journey in the hour time limit.

and so he was

posted in OHC778 on Sep 07, 2023

😂 damn this one was a depressing one to comeback to. Haven't done this in a long time--glad to be back, but sad he's on his back

A Gentle Gust

posted in OHC650 on Mar 25, 2021

I got lost in sound design. I really enjoy my piano/bell sound. Problem is the the octave I play it at clashes with some of the other instrumentation and and everything's reverbed to hell (intentionally, yeah ambience!) so it sounds really muddy. The solutions I could come up with was change the instrumentation so that it gave the piano space to breath, bring down the ambient pad to clash less, increase the relative volume (raise piano, lower everything else), and/or eq the surrounding frequencies on other instruments to carve out the space for the piano. If anyone has any thoughts, please get ahold of me on discord or on the vote. Thank youuuu!


posted in OHC646 on Feb 25, 2021

really wanted to change the melody but I wanted to add a chorus, then ran out of time and did neither.

instrumentation was fun to play with tho :)

Grow Little Guy, Grow!

posted in OHC645 on Feb 18, 2021

Opted to stretch for two verses and a bridge instead of just one.  Had to skip mixing/mastering to do it.  Would like to add an part to the second first so it's dynamic but time limit and all.

space is big, dangerous, and cold

posted in OHC634 on Dec 03, 2020

this turned out ehhhhhhhhh but w/e it happens.


the initial idea was to make something similar to the mass effect galaxy theme, but with a complex time signature to highlight how space is cold and inhospitable buuuuut it didn't work out.  Complex time signatures don't lend themselves to short time constraints. :^)


So here's a weird-ass space synth accompanied by moar space synths


one cool pool

posted in OHC631 on Nov 12, 2020

The best thing about jazz is that weird notes are part of the jazz :^) (and not just a result of my first time writing something jazz-y)

now grab a drink, close your eyes, and listen to the water

Credits Will Do Fine

posted in OHC630 on Nov 05, 2020

it's the end credits of something.  I didn't have enough time to explore more than one melodic idea because I really wanted to polish this one.  Consequently, this gets cut off waaaay before I can do anything with it. :(


That's ok though.  I feel pretty good about where this piece could go if I had more than an hour, so educational goal accomplished :)