Winter the Eclipse

posted in OHC634 on Dec 03, 2020

This is only the intro I was drawing inspiration from Metroid Prime's Magmoor Caverns but with more ethereal spacey sounds (there was going to be more icey sounds, but I didn't get to it in time).

Cavernous Atmosphere

posted in OHC632 on Nov 19, 2020

I didn't get very far, but I figure it's best to get something up. I was going for a dark cave feeling, then it was supposed to build up into fanfare type stuff kind of like if you were traversing the cavern then it opened up to the view of the castle.

Borrowed Time

posted in OHC624 on Sep 24, 2020

The image reminded me of an older song of mine, so I kind of went for a sort-of ethereal feel. Also, couldn't get the idea of expired out of my head, so that went into it as well. Lol!

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