Let me be with you (LoFi)

posted in ARHC3 on Feb 03, 2023

I mean - it's Chobits "Let Me Be With You" as a lofi song. The vocals stretched sound scratchy at times... I may do a non-vocal version maybe later? Lots I may change if I get time to work on this some more.

Yakitate!! Japan (Romance Version)

posted in ARHC2 on Dec 02, 2022

So there are already 4 remixes (maybe 5?) for the main theme already in the OST (Samba, Hawaiian, etc) - so I thought I'd make a romance version <3. Happy Thanksgiving!

If I put this on the main site - I'll do a lot more EQ/mastering and probably more parts... just a quickie for the compo =)

Thomas the Tank Engine (Evil)

posted in ARHC1 on Oct 23, 2022

Well - I had fun with this one, it's a little over 2 minutes but I had a request to do an evil Thomas the Tank Engine mix. If I end up putting this on the main site, I'll probably add some more parts to it (likely more guitar - and more polished guitar work). Making this work in a minor key was definitely more challenging than I thought, but not too difficult. I remember watching the original show a million times for my son when he was young - so I definitely thought it was funny as a villainous theme.


Mach 5

posted in AR24CSPDRC on May 12, 2008
I spent a lot of time putting this one together. I literally went through 3 other versions before I wrote this one. I may add vocals if I can find someone to do it later, or perhaps if I get enough confidence to do it. Either way, I plan on making some small changes before I put it up on AR.

Industrial Waltz

posted in AR24C2 on Mar 29, 2008
I started off doing a trance song, which sounded terrible... so I quickly threw some things together for an industrial theme. Yeah - the drum machine is a loop - kinda sucks... I think I spent too long trying to get the actual notes of the original...
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