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Anime Remix is hosting weekly and holiday competitions to remember, respect, and enjoy Animations that we love, hate, or simply want to share with the community. Source material and possible additional resources will be provided. All remixes must be submitted within the time suggested in the description.

Organizer: Xaleph

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Bleach Piano Drama! (AR24C4) 

posted in Anime Remix Compo on 5/21/08
There are several very dramatic piano/violin songs in Bleach, "Never meant to Belong" and "Will of the Heart" are two great starting points. Anyways check it out, I'll give a few weeks on this competition, the deadline will be on June 11th (my birthday).
Start: on 5/21/08
Deadline: on 6/11/08
Voting: on 6/13/08

Yakitate Battle (AR24C3) 

posted in Anime Remix Compo on 5/12/08
Battle to the death - who can mix the best bread?

ok, i loved the Anime Yakitate!! Japan, and now it's time to put together a little tribute!

The song must be from the anime of course, - there are a lot of sites out there if you're interested in watching the anime itself.
Start: on 5/12/08
Deadline: on 5/19/08
Voting: on 5/22/08

Speed Racer (AR24CSPDRC) 

posted in Anime Remix Compo on 4/5/08
May 9 2008 is the Speed Racer (the movie)'s first showing. For those who have never seen this Anime, Speed Racer has this cool car with tons of gadgets that help him through a fun and tough race. I haven't seen this show in such a long time, but I remember waking up incredibly early to watch this on Saturday mornings (reruns in Oklahoma when my Dad was stationed there). All I remember were these ridiculous looking bad guys, some hilariously cliche scenes, and one cool guy on a cool car. I'll be in line to see that movie on the 9th.

This competition allows you to remix anything from this Anime between now and May 9th 2008. More short-termed compos will be on hold until this is competition is over.
Start: on 4/6/08
Deadline: on 5/12/08
Voting: on 5/15/08

Code Geass (AR24C2) 

posted in Anime Remix Compo on 3/25/08

Just finished seeing Code Geass. What a great anime, I would have to say it's one of the best anime I've seen in quite some time. I highly recommend it.

Anyways the song is Innocent Days by Hitome. Absolutely amazing piece, very powerful. There are plenty of ways to download this song, I put up a youtube link, but the chances that it'll be gone/removed by the time this goes up is high.
Start: on 3/28/08
Deadline: on 3/30/08
Voting: on 4/2/08

Love Hina (AR24C1) 

posted in Anime Remix Compo on 3/8/08
(ラブ ひな, Rabu Hina)
Keitaro, Keitaro... What a mess he's gotten into with all the women he falls in love with. Love is crazy and so is the theme song to this wonderful anime. I know Chaz and... well... a bunch of asian girls who loved this anime.

Anyways this is the song, feel free to watch it on youtube and I've provided the midi below.

Youtube: Sakura Saku

(Thank for the midi and wikipedia for the japanese name)

Start: on 3/10/08
Deadline: on 3/13/08
Voting: on 3/15/08

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Name Start Date Dateline Voting Ends
AR24C4 - Bleach Piano Drama! on 5/21/08 on 6/11/08 on 6/13/08
AR24C3 - Yakitate Battle on 5/12/08 on 5/19/08 on 5/22/08
AR24CSPDRC - Speed Racer on 4/6/08 on 5/12/08 on 5/15/08
AR24C2 - Code Geass on 3/28/08 on 3/30/08 on 4/2/08
AR24C1 - Love Hina on 3/10/08 on 3/13/08 on 3/15/08