Women's World Cup Compo 2023 (ARHC4)


It's the world cup! We're excited to host the world cup 2023 compo event! The source is pretty simple - soccer video games or animated films. The theme must follow one of the three themes:

Practice (if you've ever watched professionals practice, many times they have some high-energy theme music for practicing)

In-game (in a game - it's tense, so the music here is intense theme music - see https://youtu.be/JzVLfPX-CtY )

Victory (when you win there must be some kind of victory theme no?)

When you submit - make sure you explain what theme(s) you used and how it applies to soccer (or the women's world cup 2023)!



The rules for the compo are simple:

  1. No plagiarism
  2. Songs should fit the theme of the Holiday (as described in the competition)
  3. Songs should be based on a video game or animated film soundtrack that originated in that film/vg.
  4. Songs should be based on content that is age appropriate (avoid adult movies)
  5. Songs will need to be uploaded on Thasauce in order to get votes
Start: on 7/24/23
Deadline: on 8/15/23
Voting: on 8/20/23

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