Rose is Super Stoned

posted in PRC339 on Jan 11, 2017
So I've started my entry project. Are we getting a lot of participation on this one? I'm just gonna leave this here. I hope you guys enjoy my first PRC Remix entry I have been pretty eager to jump in on one of these. I did get a bit carried away with some of my Psychill beats but thats the fun right?

So I got a bit excited and uploaded a bit to early. Here is my final entry if accepted. I used the Psychill part in another tune I'm working on right now. I will attempt to only upload final projects in upcoming comps. Enjoy ::: )

Last one I swea.......
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Round Date
PRC341 Feb 11, 2017
MnP67 Feb 01, 2017
MnP66 Jan 16, 2017
PRC339 Jan 14, 2017