Memoires Neotron

posted in PRC472 on Dec 29, 2023

Here is essentially the same cover of Memoires (from Space Manbow) that I submitted earlier. But then slightly different. Hear me out.

I got gifted a music cartridge for my MSX computer early December. It's called a Neotron, essentially it's an OPN (Yamaha YM2610) sound chip that was also used in the Neogeo console and in various arcade systems I believe. I figured "hey, Furnace Tracker supports this OPN chip, I have one, let's see if I can make it work on actual hardware". So that's what I did... I converted my original NES + VRC6 track to the OPN chip (and struggled to find some good FM presets), converted it into a .vgm file, loaded that file onto my poor 8 bit MSX computer with the Neotron cartridge and recorded it from that.

So there you have it, a chiptune track recorded from actual hardware, rather than emulated soundchips. Always a neat perk!


VGM file:

Furnace file:

Hope you like it enough, and cheers for running PRC for all this time. Cherish the Memoires of PRC, and on to new adventures!


posted in PRC472 on Dec 25, 2023

When I heard this would be the last PRC, I of course had to participate to give it a proper send-off. I have good memories of participating in PRC years ago, and some of those tracks even made it into an OCR mixpost!

Anyway, I was procrastinating a lot until ~3 days before the deadline. On the OCR Discord I was trash talking with Treyt into doing a tracker battle, just for fun. So stars aligned and that's what happened... we both started working on something in Furnace Tracker (a tracker new to us, nothing like learning a new program with a looming deadline). The rules were simple:

  • write a track in Furnace tracker
  • use 2 sound chips of choice
  • make it an ending theme from a song, to give PRC a proper send-off
  • submit before the deadline

And that's what happened... here you'll find my cover (it's too close to the original to be called a remix) of the song "Memoires" from the ending of the MSX shmup Space Manbow (if you know Gradius/Nemesis/Salamander/Life Force, same thing). I made it with the NES soundchip and the VRC6, and mostly as a fun challenge between me and Treyt.

Follow the Sun

posted in PRC364 on Jan 02, 2018
A symphonic remix of the MSX game Nemesis 3 (also known as Gradius 2) that blends the stage 1 track 'We Followed the Sun' and 'Memories/Prologue 1'.

[BONUS] Under Deadline

posted in PRC283 on Nov 09, 2014
Was playing around a bit with the midi file and tried to make something like Drum & Bass with some wubwub basses and glitch fx. Not entirely satisfied with it, the flow isn't great yet, but here it is for your enjoyment.

Acapella Traversa

posted in MnP24 on Oct 24, 2014
I tried something very different (for me) for this track: an acapella version without any instruments. So only human fingers, hands and whistling were used :) Not the easiest to pull off without actual singers, but it's still an enjoyable tune I think...

Enter The Illusion

posted in PRC282 on Oct 24, 2014
With this MSX source track that has been haunting my memories for (y)ears, how could I not choose to arrange Illusion City? Somehow I never got 'round to remixing it before.

Tried to imagine it as an epic movie style trailer track, with a hybrid orchestral/synth sound. Turns out I got too inspired with it and had a lot of fun. Hope you like it :)

Bone To Pick

posted in PRC278 on Aug 31, 2014
I didn't have much time to do this song, but the track practically begged for a makeover. Initially I wanted to do a guitar only cover, but since there's gazillions of those on Youtube already I halfway decided to do something different.

Ultimately I ended up with a nice prog rock take of the song, Motoi Sakuraba style. The mix could be better, but that's for after the deadline :)

[BONUS] Flying High (Blue Edition)

posted in MnP21 on Aug 28, 2014
Since I couldn't participate this round, I decided to go overboard and play around with the track. Main starting point was the Realivox Blue instrument that does the vocals; I bought that a while back but never used it. Playing around with it sounded nice and the rest of the song more or less took off all by itself. Not sure about the style, I'd like to dub it "Ethereal Italo".

The mix could use a bit more polish and the song screams for a real vocalist, but hey, deadlines :)

If you want the lyrics:

Flying High
Through the sky

Fighting for freedom
Victory for Aleste

Flying High
Heroes of the sky
Raise your battle cry
Aleste will survive

Flying High
Through the sky

Dreamin' Of Them Funky Ripples

posted in MnP20 on Aug 11, 2014
Well, that was a lot of fun! I was looking around for some nice music to remix when I stumbled on MnP20 with Blaine's selection of a Kirby song (a game I never played). It's pretty groovy and was pretty much begging for some funk.

Creativity got out and I might have gone a bit beyond the spirit of MnP, but hey, you can't stop the music :)
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