Monkey Hero - Library (PRC216)


Source: Monkey Hero (PS1) - Library

"My choice for this round of the PRC is Library from Monkey Hero on the PS1. The game was little-known, and the soundtrack was underrated - plus I'm in the middle of doing a piano arrangement of the track, so it was the first BGM that came to mind. Understandably I couldn't find a midi of this track anywhere, so I spent the last few hours sequencing my own midi by ear from YouTube, and uploaded it to VGMusic.

Youtube video:


(Note that it seems to play much slower in the browser. And though it may sound like it's just repeating at the halfway point, a new part comes in toward the end)"

Deadline is April 17th, 10:59 AM ThaSauce Time, which is 6:59 PM GMT Time if I'm correct. Check that at this page.


Start: on 4/5/12
Deadline: on 4/17/12
Voting: on 4/19/12

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