Duke 3D + Leisure Suit (PRC150)


"Hello, I chose the song as you wanted.

It's from Leisure Suit Larry 3. One of those old sierra adventure games. Anyways, this is the love theme from the game. Something calm, and sweet. Not too complicated too, i think this will fit well in this competition.

Thanks and enjoy."
(Showroom Dummy)

"It's the Duke Nukem 3d theme song...this was originally composed for the game and later covered by Megadeath (I checked this to make sure it complied with site rules). It was quite a cool game back in the day and I wouldn't mind remixing it myself if the rules permitted :wink:.
Let me know if you have any probs as I also have the midi file as well.


Deadline is July 26th, 4:25 AM ThaSauce time.
(It's three weeks instead of one)

Last round winners may participate as well, but they have to remix only the source from the other winner.

Source 1: Duke Nukem 3D - Theme
Source 2: Leisure Suit Larry 3 - Love Theme


Start: on 7/2/09
Deadline: on 7/26/09
Voting: on 7/28/09

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