I'ma mo 'f*cking space marine, nigga

posted in PRC300 on Jul 05, 2015
I didn't get round to recording my lyrics for this... although that might be for the best. Allow me to share the chorus though:

I got my security jackets stacked and folded
got my BFG9000 locked and loaded...
going on a mission to Phobos, it's all good
ain't gonna test this nigga from the hood


Xenite Nite Life

posted in MnP37 on Jun 30, 2015
Disclaimer: This might not be meat and spuds. Phew, glad I've got that out of the way early. The project did get off to a good start, essentially the source plus new beat, but then mutated into this house/jungle/breakbeat/god knows what thing before my eyes.

U Minin' Brah

posted in PRC299 on Jun 26, 2015
Hello. :P You might not remember me, I haven't ventured into this neck of the woods since 2011 I think! Anyway, I was glad to see that you're still keeping PRC going, Bundeslang. Nice one, Mate.

Pitch Shifting Gears

posted in PRC206 on Nov 07, 2011
I've really enjoyed doing this, it's been so long since I last participated in a PRC. Here's my take on "Where the Eggs of Dreams Hatch". I've taken the melody from the start of the source and given it to two pianos that slowly shift out of time with each other and creep back in time - until they are at the end of the remix. I've used that second epic source melody in a synth line rhythmically different from the original. I've gone for a chill, trancy sound. Hope you enjoy!

Larry versus Duke

posted in PRC150 on Jul 25, 2009
I wish I had started this sooner before the deadline, but I'm glad I got something written and recorded anyway!
It's scored for Trombone Quartet (me on 4 tenors). God bless the F attachment.

Skanking in the Tropics

posted in PRC113 on Feb 04, 2008
I suppose this is a ska-electronic fusion. The synth parts sort of substitute vocals, but also create a cool and unique sound!

The reason the brass are mixed down a bit is because the samples aren't the best around and I didn't want them to be too exposed and sound unrealistic. But I have mixed them loud enough to be comfortably heard and blend nicely into the mix.

(I think this is the earliest I've ever submitted a PRC entry before the deadline! I just had so much fun making this I couldn't wait to post it. :D)

Enjoy! Cheers,


Strange Dust

posted in PRC111 on Jan 10, 2008
I have attempted to capture an ambient, spacey atmosphere, almost scary in places.

The introduction of the fast-paced bassline and pounding drums signal the start of the adventure on Bryyo.

Watch a fat boy run

posted in PRC106 on Nov 05, 2007
Ok so I've taken the source's rather funky bassline, spiced it up with my own touches and gone on from there. I have stayed true to the funky groove of the original because I loved the sound so much.

As a last note, I realise that the string sample isn't perfect, but this sampled, slightly stuffy string sound is what sounded best for the remix.



Funky Johnny

posted in PRC104 on Oct 09, 2007
Real Trombone! :O. Performed and recorded by me.

I hope you find this take on the theme original and fun!


aled xela

Please note: may be on the quiet side, so please consider canking up your volume a bit. cheers lol

The Mission With Deathly Consequences

posted in PRC102 on Sep 07, 2007
Couldn't think of a decent title, but this will more than do.
Haven't entered a PRC for god knows how long. Wanted to get back in the game with this entry. Funky, dirty bassline... what more could you want? :D
Yeah this is pretty experimental. I'm happy with the result and hope you voters are too.
Take care, mind how you go.

Climin' them Stairs

posted in PRC95 on May 30, 2007
Funk, ska, metal, experimental, Mr Bungle, Primus, you name it - it's all in here. I haven't entered a PRC in a while (formerly under the name "xela") and wanted to return with a bang. Hopefully this is it. ;P Enjoy... I certainly did, putting this together.
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